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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. WOOHOO FINALLY CAUGHT UP IN HERE! Love you and your amazing write-ups @savilizabeths!
    I wish Break Your Heart Right Back had made top 30. I forgot to add it to my commentary, but I've always read the male character as bi rather then gay, as it seems like he wants her back after losing the boy he cheated on her with, and there's no point in pretending to like her if she "knows he's gay." So yay bi representation! Boo cheating though. And your explanation for Don's verse makes perfect sense, thanks queen! Also, I don't really read the song as problematic. It probably depends on your point of view. The most problematic thing about it I guess is that it could technically be seen as perpetuating bi male stereotypes, especially with how they're perceived by straight females, but I don't think that was Ari's intention, as it was something she personally had experienced. Some guys are just cheating jerks.
  2. Hiii bestie just wanted to let you know I changed my username! Also, I'm going through our old PM from when you first messaged me, and whew the memories.
  3. I relate to this song on a very personal level...



    ☁️ NEEDY

    Average: 7.910

    Sorry if I'm up and down a lot (yeah)
    Sorry that I think I'm not enough
    And sorry if I say sorry way too much

    High: 11x1 (@ysev) 10x12 (@savilizabeths @WhatKindOfKylie? @Vitamin @Espeon @aaronhansome @TwistedInnocence @Sanctuary @Crisp X @Slice of Life @Wired Life @SlowGinFizzzz @superultra) 9.5x3 (@Music Is Life @138Prince @chrismoyer)
    Low: 4x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 5x4 (@Sprockrooster @DJHazey @Milotic @Ana Raquel) 6x5 (@happiestgirl @Holly Something @SophiaSophia @reputation. @blaze_dave) 6.5x2 (@daninternational @Sail On)
    Total Points: 577.5
    My Score: 10/10

    Yeah, this one hits home. Today we say goodbye to a track from thank u, next for the first time in awhile, but did it have to be this one? This is 'Needy', and it could literally be my autobiography. My sister and I once joked that I am 'Needy' and she is 'NASA', which is honestly way too accurate. Anyway! 'Needy' is a song in which Ariana sings about the way she acts in a relationship, especially after all the trauma she has been through. It is backed by very simple yet impactful production and even comes with a glorious string outro! This is one of my thank u, next highlights and it deserved to go further than this.

    Let's talk about the song itself before we get into my personal relations to it, shall we? Starting with production. I adore the simplicity here. It doesn't distract from the lyrics but it's also exceptionally unique. The instrumental notes are detuned and almost unpleasant to the ears in such an interesting way that I completely love. It's not exactly pretty, but I think that's the point. Especially paired with the lovely harmonies throughout the song. It's a contrast that I feel represents the complexity of the feelings Ari is singing about perfectly. There is something about being needy that is ugly and painful but having so much love in your heart is also a beautiful things. The instrumental really does a gorgeous job of conveying that. The only other major production details are the snaps and the bass-y, buzzing synths that sound almost menacing. It's unnerving and low, panning around a little bit. I'll continue doing the "english teacher reading more into the book than the author did" thing by saying that I think that represents the anxiety of being a 'needy' person. It definitely sounds like the way I often feel and it's a really cool aspect to the track! And god, the harmonies are on point as usual! They're simple yet have some twists at the same time. I especially enjoy the parts that include both low and high harmonies. It's absolutely lush and beautiful!

    CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT STRING SECTION?!?!?! I don't know how much there really is to say besides the fact that it gives me goosebumps every time. It's so smooth and Ariana's adlibs are so sweet over the top. I especially love the plucked parts. How shall we analyse this? I will talk it as the way it feels to have somebody who loves you for everything you are, flaws and all. The relief of finding that somebody who doesn't treat you like you're crazy for having these issues that Ariana sings about in the song. There we go! Production analysed!

    Now we'll talk about the lyrics, which will lead to my own personal emotions and experiences. This is an incredibly honest and introspective song. It takes a lot to admit and acknowledge these things about yourself and share them with the world. And it's really special to have a song like this to connect with so you don't feel alone. Ariana sings about the anxiety of waiting for somebody to reply to you in the first section. She can't promise you how she will respond to the way this makes her feel. She will automatically go into panic mode and believe that she has done something or is the reason you aren't responding. A painful mood honestly. I immediately read something into every single time someone doesn't respond, which is stupid because I'm terrible at responding myself. It's hard to remember that there usually isn't some big reason you aren't getting a response and it is rarely your fault. She does say that she will wait for you though. She won't give up on you. She continues on to say that she has recently been struggling to handle her own emotions, comparing it to being on a rollarcoaster. It's up, it's down. There's anxiety, there's sadness, there's joy. And yikes...same. I have been finding that lately my emotions are pulling me around with them and I can't control it at all. I've had days where I'm overwhelmed with anxiety. Not even for myself, but for other people. I had a full on panic attack worrying that one of my friends was feeling excluded. This anxiety wasn't even mine to have? Yet it took complete control of me to the point where I was unable to think of anything else. Mental health can be really hard, and Ariana has expereinced this. All that she knows is that she needs this boy close to her to feel better.

    We then move to the pre-chorus where Ariana shares some things she understands about herself. She will be loud about what she loves, and passionate too. There isn't any subtlty to her feelings. If she cares about you then she will make it known. She says that she can admit that she's messed up, which I relate to. I can admit that I have terrible coping habits and responses to things based on the way I've been treated in the past. It's the second part of the pre-chorus that truly hits me. I would also consider myself a little obsessive. It's all or nothing with me, including in relationships. And I definitely love too hard, to the point where I feel like I give way more than I get in a lot of relationships. "Overthking with my heart" is a gorgeous lyric and sentiment too, one that I feel way more than I would like. I feel it perfectly describes me in an almost painful way to admit.

    But it's the second verse that twists my stomach into knots due to it's relatability. Ask Dani how accurate this is to describe me. That first part sounds like words I have actually said and I almost feel like I wrote these lyrics myself. I am up and down so much it gives me whiplash and I feel so guilty about it because it's Dani who has to deal with my ever changing emotions. We both suffer from the same mental illnesses but I can't hold it in like Dani can. I feel my emotions in a very open way and it's really exhausting. I also think I'm not enough. I constantly don't feel worthy of anything, especially love. The self hatred I feel is overwhelming at times and I wish I could see myself the way other people see me because all I see is a walking failure, and it sucks. Then we come to saying sorry too much........I apologise for everything, but especially for the way I act and my own emotions. I can't help it. It just spills out. God, it's probably so annoying. Ariana says that she can't help the way she is after all the damage she's gone through, and I think that sums things up perfectly. I am constantly connecting the way I react to things to how I grew up. I won't go into details about my emotionally abusive father, but my childhood has impacted so many of my current behaviours. I just can't help my reactions to things like people slightly raising their voice at me, or needing constant validation.

    All of this to say that this song is relatable on a painful level but it also helps. It helps to not feel like I'm alone in these feelings. It's such a special thing to hear lyrics you feel like you could have written. The first time I heard 'Million Years Ago' by Adele, I just balled my eyes out. Never had I felt more seen by a set of lyrics. Music really has such a power and I think that's why we all love and connect with it so much. One persons 'meh' song could be another person's absolute favourite that makes them cry. It's sort of beautiful. I know not everybody loves 'Needy', but I hope I explained why I do.

    What about you guys? Clearly this song isn't for @DJHazey (5) who is...waiting: "Still waiting for this to literally do anything as it kind of stays on the same plane, production and vocals, throughout." Well, I suppose that's not untrue. @reputation. (6) is taking a nap: "A snooze zzZZzzZZzz." I hope you wake up for the next elimination. @Milotic (5) has not being enjoying many of these songs lately: "This song is just boring to me." To each their own I suppose. Remember how I said the instrumetal notes were unpleasant? Well, @Holly Something (6) agrees: "That repeated noise annoys my ears, I don't know what instrument it is, it's just so loud." This made me laugh honestly. @daninternational (6.5) also makes me laugh: "Neeedyy ooh, you know that I'm needy for love. Oh wait. Bit too on the nose." I'm sure we've all had that happen in our heads. Thankfully @Cutlery (8) gets it: "This is so minimal and it works like a charm. The beat has something of an element of urgency to it, while Ari begins to show us just how this is her most personal album, as much as that phrase loves being thrown around meaninglessly." There is such an honesty to so much of this album. It's really special. @RUNAWAY (8) is on the same page as me: "This song is a MOOD." That it is!

    Sweetener stan @pop3blow2 (8) discusses the album as a whole: "I’ll be blunt. I like this album a fair amount less that Sweetener. That said, I love the weird, hazy keyboard & synth sounds that are over the album. They are often modulated, adding a unique, creepy, broken music box sound to many songs. There’s a weird, haunted vibe to album, in that respect that I enjoy. Even 7 Rings, which I really can’t stand, I think was still trying to tap into that vibe (right down to using a sort of vintage sample) Ariana certainly knows how to work with people who create a mood on her albums. That is exciting and points to her strong artistic sensibilities." While I don't understand liking this less than Sweetener, I love your take and thoughts! Of course, @chrismoyer (9.5) knows how I'm feeling: "My most relatable song by her! This song describes me really and honestly makes me cry, it’s so emotional because it makes me think of my own insecurities/feelings and things that people say about me. The song is so fragile and I love how simple it is, the simplest songs by artists are sometimes their best. I'll always like this." Sending hugs because we're both messes! @superultra (10) is a long time fan: "I’ve been a stan since the snippet that she posted way before the album’s release." I love that for you! And finally, because @ysev didn't submit commentary for their 11, we'll hear from @Crisp X (10): "The 8bit-y keys that seem to… go out of key made it an immediate favorite. It builds on Imagine’s dreamy vibes so perfectly, as well as harking back to the undertones found on the Christmas and Chill EP. I have to mention the background harmonies and the stunning string section at the end too." A perfect summary to end on!

    So, that's it. Sorry for being a bit extra and emotional with this one. I'm a mess, but hey, so is Ari. Also thank you for being patient with me. More things came up with that project I was working on but hopefully we're back on track now. Tomorrow one of our final extras will fall. But which one? Is it 'All My Love' or 'Quit'? For now, stay safe and I love you all! Time to get drunk and play Among Us!

  4. The utter lack of taste some of you have! Needy is top tier but then again most of what left is. This stings though.
  5. At this point of the rate, everything is becoming a big loss! Yet another strong track to be eliminated.
  6. I regret not giving needy a 10 now, one of her very best.
  7. I'm shocked I didn't give it a 10 as well.
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  8. Needy, the ultimate Cancer anthem... She deserved better!
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  9. It really is. Definitely one on the album I go back to alot.
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  10. I also relate to Needy a lot on a personal level but that's its only saving grace for me. It's a bit boring compared to the rest of the album production-wise.
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  11. Beautiful write-up @savilizabeths! I realize I underscored it in the BPG rate, so I'm glad I was able to make up for it here, cause good God damn is it relatable, the haunting production is everything, the melodies re catchy as all hell (THAT PRE-CHORUS) and it really is one of her best.
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  12. Great write-up @savilizabeths. I'd probably give needy a slight bump in my score now. I really forgot that I went on a little tangent with my commentary... oops.
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  13. Needy should've have gone ages ago, I know it's a personal song for some of you but I'm all about what songs do for me from a sound point and Needy does absolutely nothing. A 5/10 was being kind.

    It better damn well be Quit, All My Love deserves Top 30.
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  14. I gave it my 11 because it was the first album track off TUN I heard thanks to this lyric video. And it kinda stuck.

    Maybe I would’ve given In My Head my 11 if I were to do the rate now. Wtvr

    It‘s a cute monotonous moment, almost like a trap ballad. I can relate to the lyrics as well as I really love to be needed by needy people. <3
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  15. Out of these two, I need "All My Love" to leave. Ideally, I'd like both of these to stay around for a lot longer, but it is what it is.
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  16. Oh how life has gotten in my way this week. I am very very sorry. I am going to try and do more than one elimination today because you won't see me until next week. It's my four year anniversary with Dani tomorrow and we are going to stay at an Airbnb. We've never gotten to do something nice for an anniversary so I'm going to focus on having a romantic weekend away. I'm sure you guys understand. Next week I'm going to try and do everything that I can to improve my mental health which includes posting eliminations.

    See you soon!
  17. Ahhh so wonderful! Happy Anniversary to you both! Give Dani my best and have fun you two!
  18. So happy to hear real life is giving you something awesome to look forward to my dear @savilizabeths !! Give an Anime Heart Emoji Congrats to @Dani also! XXX
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  19. WAIT YOU GUYS ARE REALLY SWEET!!!! Dani says thank you and damn, I love you all. Also if this elimination takes a little longer it's because Blackpink have taken over my brain with their new album.

    Stream it!
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