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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. She's back and she's been practicing photoshop so she got a little experimental with this album art...



    ☁️ ALL MY LOVE

    Average: 7.972

    All the rhythms in my heart lift me up and say
    We're just a mess of broken people but we love the game
    I would do anything for us, it's worth the pain
    All the rhythms in my heart lift me up and say

    High: 10x15 (@Sprockrooster @2014 @soratami @chrismoyer @junkos @Mushroom @elektroxx @slaybellz @Slice of Life @Wired Life @138Prince @Laurence @Endothelium @superultra @Blond) 9.5x4 (@livefrommelbs @BreatheBox @RMK @dylanaber) 9x8 (@DJHazey @pop3blow2 @happiestgirl @Vitamin @Holly Something @TwistedInnocence @Ana Raquel @Music Is Death)
    Low: 3.75x1 (@andrewdarwitan) 4x1 (@Serg.) 5x3 (@Butterfly @sapnu puas @fatyoshi) 5.5x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 6x10 (@Sail On @blaze_dave @SlowGinFizzzz @AllGagaLike @WhatKindOfKylie? @Dangerous Maknae @boombazookajoe @aux @VitaminBee @SophiaSophia)
    Total Points: 582
    My Score: 7/10

    'All My Love' sets a record for number of 10s recieved so far. Not every song has that. She is also the silver medalist for the Extras category. Are we surprised? Happy? Sad? There was a period of time early on where 'All My Love' had a solid place in the top 10. Unfortunately she fell from grace but #35 is a valid effort. This is definitely one of the only positive things to come out of the Hunger Games films. It's a dark tinged EDM/Pop track with a positive message about love. While it's not a favourite of mine, I'm not too surprised at how well loved it appears to be. Don't expect a long post here though, because I honestly don't know what to say. That and I'm very scatterbrained today but I wanted to get an elimination out, so here you go.

    Honestly, this is yet another example of a track that just never clicked with me. I don't think it's due to any faults it has. Okay, maybe I find it a little bit boring. It sounds great but I just find myself uninteretsed whenever I'm listening to it, so I don't do so very much. Fun fact though, I once heard this in my local university kid favoured club. I definitely think this could have been a pretty big hit in another world. It's just not for me and it never really has been.

    I do love the production in the verses. There's something so big sounding about it even though it's simple. I think it's that it sounds....spacious? It's echo-y and barren. I guess that fits with the apocolyptic themes of the films/books. The second verse builds on the initial production beautifully. Adding to the experience without making everything sound cluttered. Of course her vocals are pretty here too, especially delivering in the bridge. Everything else though.......underwhelming.

    The lyrics are nice, there's definitely some poetry to them but to me they also feel hollow. Like it's saying a lot but also nothing. I like the message as a whole but I feel no investment in what I'm hearing here. I'm not feeling the melodies either. The verses are alright, just a little dull. It's the chorus that doesn't sit right for me. It's sort of...nothing. I think it wants to be catchy but it isn't and the melody of it sort of just plods along, sounding repetitive pretty quickly. There's nothing to really grab onto, which gets worse going into the drop. On top of the drop being quite unpleasant, the vocals on top don't add any interest to it. It's just a whole lot of nothing to me, which is a shame. There are plenty of times when I can enjoy a drop in a song but this is not one of those. As far as the bridge, it's nice I suppose? But the thing that bothers me is how anticlimatic it feels. Ariana has so many brilliant bridges under her belt and this one falls flat, much like the rest of the track. There isn't really a climax to the song in general. It just sort of ends without much changing. I don't know, I just don't get it.

    I do expect this to be a very unpopular opinion, and writing this has almost made me wish I'd knocked my score down. I'm just not a fan, guys and I'm definitely pleased this didn't hit the top 10 like it was originally going to.

    I think it's time to hear from you guys as I'm sure you're sick of my unsavoury opinions. For once I'm siding with @Milotic (6.5): "It's cool, but the screeching production during the chorus is kind of grating." I have a headache right now and I'm pretty sure this song was to blame. It's been awhile for @reputation. (7): "This is a cute bop but I don’t like the drop that much. Haven’t used it in ages though." It's not a great drop. @Dijah. (7.5) makes a point: "This is the only joyful thing about The Hunger Games." That's how I feel about 'Yellow Flicker Beat', which is FAR superior to this. This is a new one for @daninternational (7.5): "New to me, it's a nice experiment." Have you used it since? I'm curious. @Crisp X (7.5) got a disappointment: "Nooooo this was going so well until that unnecessarily noisy chorus. A shame because everything else is great." While I don't 100% agree with your positive thoughts here, I still relate to this commentary.

    We actually didn't get too much commentary despite the high number of 10s. Interesting. I'd like to hear everyones thoughts in the thread. @pop3blow2 (8) seems a bit 'meh' on this: "Pretty well done & catchy pop. That drop is a bit, umm, abrasive… but it’s different. So, it’s fine." Abrasive is a good word for it. @RUNAWAY (8.5) praises fellow Aucklander, Lorde: "It feels kind of basic now, but Ari’s vocals completely save it from being forgettable. This soundtrack really was something. The good sis Lorde DID THAT." Ella really snapped on 'Yellow Flicker Beat' especially, which I have on repeat right now! @DJHazey (9) made me laugh: "I still don't really know what Ari is singing even if I look it up, I just bop my head and mumble something incoherent along to the beat of the crazy bird chant. Tribal Bops From Epic Film Soundtracks That Should've Been Huge Hits for 100 Alex." I don't know if this SHOULD have been a hit but it definitely COULD have been. And finally, our two commenters to give 10s! @chrismoyer (10) likes this: "A very underrated blast of a song, so energetic, fun, and a banger! This could of been a hit with a dope music video." Clearly it's not too underrated here so that's fun. And now @Sprockrooster (10) has high praise: "Honestly still one of her best. WHEW. A crazy beat she can work so well, cause this lady has some damn power that overpower every loud beat." She definitely has that power!

    So that's that. 'Quit' is our final Extra. How long until it falls? Hm, I wonder. Sorry for the wait for this elimination only for my write up to be kinda awful. I'm just very distracted lately. I hope you enjoy the Baby's First Attempt at Photoshop album art haha. I'll see you after the weekend! I love you all and stay safe!

  2. Thank you. "Quit" lives on for another day.

    Every time I hear "All My Love," I think of this post:
  3. This did pretty good! Not one of my favourties exactly, but fair play.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    HOW is All My Love not top 20 smh.
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  5. Quit wins the Extras? Meh. All My Love has always been that bop, just never quite a 10/10 for me so I'm not terribly upset by this. The Hunger Games centering around the call of a mockingjay and this anthem centering around some crazy bird chant in the chorus. That's cohesion, ladies and gentlemen.
  6. As it should.
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  7. zzz.
  8. Had no idea this one was still there and now I'm perplexed it outlasted so many great songs.
  9. Literally never heard that song before and it's quite a racket, isn't it? No idea how it made it so far.
  10. Eh. Not bothered by this.
    However, The Hunger Games were amazing y'all, what are you talking about?
    Oh and shout out to this underrated bop!

    Should've been fucking HUGE.
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  11. Hello hello hello! That sweet depression had me gone a few more days than expected. Let's get back to it with an elimination coming up soon!
  12. Today someone loses their 11...

    And an entire section falls.


    ☁️ QUIT ☁️

    Average: 7.993

    When you said: "Baby, I just want you to lay me down and we'll fuck the pain away"
    Cause skin on skin, I feel nothing but the burning of desire
    And that's just foreplay

    High: 11x1 (@elektroxx) 10x9 (@chrismoyer @andrewdarwitan @CorgiCorgiCorgi @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life @Wired Life @reputation. @Laurence @Cutlery) 9.5x1 (@ufint @dylanaber) 9.25x1 (@Vixen) 9x13 (@Dijah. @junkos @BreatheBox @Vitamin @Ugly Beauty @daninternational @Milotic @aaronhansome @livefrommelbs @Crisp X @Music Is Death @Butterfly @Sail On)
    Low: 3x1 (@WhatKindOfKylie?) 5x2 (@VitaminBee @lemonsqueezyy) 6x8 (@blaze_dave @ysev @Petty Mayonnaise @SophiaSophia @Ana Raquel @Hurricane Drunk @happiestgirl @GimmeWork)
    Total Points: 583.5
    My Score: 7/10

    Poor Extras! Today we eliminate Ariana's final Cashmere Cat collaboration and the final extra in the game, 'Quit'. Are you surprised? Honestly, I am a little bit. This is actually my least favourite piece these two have made together, though I'm not sure why. I suppose we'll figure that out together as I write this post. However, I don't think it's bad at all! 'Quit' is an odd little soft moment. It feels very emotional and intimate and features a lot of interesting production flourishes.

    Okay, I want to start positive especially considering how negative my last write up was (sorry about that one guys). The production on this is absolutely immaculate. I've said this before but Cashmere Cat can really make something exceptionally special musically. His work is consistently interesting to listen to, even if the song isn't a favourite of yours. I am so drawn in by his prodction choices and have loved using this rate as an excuse to really focus on them. I suppose it's time for me to explore his music further. Anyway, back to this song specifically. I can't even describe the way the atmosphere makes me feel. There's a calm to it. It feels like night time and beaches for some reason? Like I'm staring out at the ocean at night fully overtaken by my own emotions. The muffled piano, the echo-y effect on her vocals, the slight electronic manipulation of her voice in places, the way the harmonies don't sound entirely human....God, and that's only the first verse! The chorus begins with a strange fluttery effect that makes me think of birds for some reason, and that flute! Is it a flute? I'm not sure but it is absolutely stunning and is the centerpiece of the track for me! The way all of the sounds are manipulated and warped together just...I don't know who to describe this track other than hauntingly atmospheric.

    The song even includes a drop of sorts, but it's such a pretty one. It's got a bit of a tropical beat to it and that little musical melody is very happy sounding? Even as Ariana sings about how she's going to regret it, it's the brighest sounding part of the song which is an interesting contrast. The second verse continues that tropical beat but muffles it to bring the focus back to Ariana and her vocals. The build to the second chorus is so gorgeous and when it hits and the music falls away...it sounds like flying! Okay, at this point I'm just rambling incoherent thoughts so I want to specifically talk about the ending to the song. This is my favourite part. It sounds goddamn angelic. I want to close my eyes and drown in those harmonies and vocal manipulations. The flute sounds so gorgeous paired with it all and it's such a delicate way to end the song. It honestly gives me chills and I wish I could bump my score up JUST for this part alone.

    I actually don't have a ton to say about the lyrics. They're nice and definitely carry a heavy emotional weight to them. You can tell though her delivery how vulnerable she is. I just honestly don't feel as if they flow very well. Not just the lyrics but the melody as well. I can't put my finger on why but something has always felt off about the verses to me. I didn't even have a standout lyrical moment in mind to share at the top of the post so I just sorta picked one at random. And the chorus doesn't have much to it lyrically. Which is fine. It's a statement and it does what it intends to. The message of the song is conveyed perfectly in the two repeated phrases in the chorus and post-chorus. But despite Ariana's emotional delivery, I just don't get as much out of this as I'd like. Of course her vocals are also lovely. I don't know, I think I prefer Cashmere Cat's work here than Ariana's. However, I wouldn't put a single other artist on this song because she fits perfectly here. And I doubt that outro would have come from anyone else.

    Speaking of other artists, resarching this post helped me figure out my issue with this track. I had no idea of Sia's attachment to this song until today but the second I find out, everything clicked into place. Aspects of the melody just sound like something Sia would write. Maybe it doesn't sound as much like one of her songs as other things she's written (Rihanna's 'Diamonds' and Pink's 'Courage' immediately come to mind) but there's just enough of her in that damn melody that it just puts me off. There's this quality to her work that just always sounds the same even while sounding different and it just grates on me. Is it a minor gripe? Yes, but it's nice to have figured out the thing that's been bothering me for some long. Still, I do wish I'd scored this slightly higher due to the production being absolutely stunning!

    Hm, didn't think I'd have so much to say about this going in. So let's move to you guys! @blaze_dave (6) gets shady with some quotation marks: "A bit repetitive the "chorus"" Well, yeah you're not wrong. It's a valid critique. Wow, most of the commentary we got for this was positive. That's literally the most negative thing here. Moving straight on to @daninternational (9) who is surprised that he's into this: "Subtler than I normally like but this really works." The subtle nature of it is perfect! @Milotic (9) says: "Sooooo much better than her other song with Cashmere Cat. You can really feel the emotion in her voice here." Poor 'Adore'. I'm assuming you mean 'Adore'. @Crisp X (9) provides some stream of concious commentary that made me giggle: "I can sing "Too late apologize" to this, One Republic found suing. Sia's delivery reminds me of Shakira in the "You're going to regret it" part, which makes me improve the score a little bit. Okay, I've heard the wrong version dd. Ariana sounds great over these more out there production flourishes." I don't even know what to say, this was just so funny to me!

    Now to hear from our 10 scorers. @elektroxx didn't comment on their 11 but I'm sure we'll hear thoughts in the thread. Starting with @reputation. (10) who gushes: Absolutely gorgeous. "This one hits me in the feels. Ariana and Cashmere are like magic together. They do no wrong." Unlike their other collabs, none of the commentary here is begging for a collab album so I'll be the one to do it! GIVE US A COLLAB ALBUM! Even overplay can't kill this for @Laurence (10): "I love this song. Overplayed it to death." I haven't actually played it much. Oops. @Cutlery (10) makes a comparison: "My favorite of their collabs, maybe because I can hear a lot of Charli in it, and I think Ari finds herself surprisingly at home in this type of sound. It's such a warm song." Well, I'm so glad you hear Charli instead of Sia. I don't know Charli's music enough to agree or disagree. Warm is a good description of this though. @RUNAWAY (10), like me, is living for the flute: "So beautiful. Her vocals paired with the synthesized flute(?) in the background is an incredible choice in production. So gorgeously written too~ I love this duo." It really is though! And finally, @chrismoyer (10) is fully welcome to drag me for my score: "Underrated as hell. The vibes in this song are powerful, and a mix of love and sadness. This combines so many great things. Sia’s lyrics, Cashmere’s otherworldly sound, and Ariana’s gorgeous vocals, it gives me chills. This is Cashmere and Ariana’s best song together, easily. I like how she displays her deeper voice here and she should use it more on future songs. It’s 2020 and this masterpiece is still underrated." I should have gotten you to do the write up! This commentary was so lovely!

    So that's that. Check for the Extras roundup when I have energy again and be prepared for tomorrow....someone else loses their 11. I told you guys! They're dropping like flies now! I love you all so much and please stay safe! And vote! I'll be voting for NZ Prime Minister soon! See you again soon!

  13. After the amount of times that I thought that I'd lose my 11, I'm glad that it made it as far as it did, although I would've loved if it made it a little further. I honestly don't know why I love "Quit" as much as I do, which is why I wasn't able to provide commentary for my 11 at the time of voting. The amount of times that I've watched its lyric video. I swear that I'm responsible for at least a quarter of its 32M views.

    Cashmere Cat's 9 soundtracked a transitional period in my life, so maybe that is part of the reason why I'm so fond of this song. The opening notes always send me into my feels without fail. The chorus, though quite repetitive, really does convey a sense of melancholic longing, while the drop almost feels like a euphoric catharsis in contrast. Apparently, Sia originally wrote this during writing sessions for Pink, but I am so glad that Ariana was the artist who recorded and released it. It's such a shame that it never received an official single release.
  14. @savilizabeths I'm so mad I just now noticed that we actually agreed on something!
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  15. This one hurts.



    ☁️ BABY I

    Average: 8.075

    Straight up you got me all in
    How could I not be I sure hope you know (I sure hope you know)
    If it’s even possible
    I love you more
    Than the word love can say it
    It’s better not explaining that why I keep saying baby I

    High: 11x1 (@slaybellz) 10x17 (@2014 @soratami @savilizabeths @WhatKindOfKylie? @boombazookajoe @myblood @BreatheBox @happiestgirl @aux @RUNAWAY @Crisp X @Slice of Life @SophiaSophia @Wired Life @Petty Mayonnaise @japanbonustrack @Music Is Death) 9.5x4 (@Butterfly @superultra @Cutlery @andrewdarwitan)
    Low: 4x2 (@Dangerous Maknae @Holly Something) 5x3 (@GimmeWork @DJHazey @SlowGinFizzzz) 6x4 (@Sprockrooster @blaze_dave @sapnu puas @citoig) 6.25x1 (@ufint)
    Total Points: 589.5
    My Score: 10/10

    While I am incredibly sad to see this go, I have to appreciate that it made it this far. Not only that, but it's the first song to have an 8+ average. Gotta take the wins. Today we lose Ariana's second single from Yours Truly, 'Baby I'. This is baby Ariana at her most bubbly, most 90s, most Mariah (people tell me). 'Baby I' is just a feel good R&B track that radiates happy summer energy. How can you not smile while listening to this song? The wide eyed love and optimism of it is infectious and the beat and horns add so much to the experience. So let's talk about it!

    This is another go-to karaoke song for me. It's something I can pull out when I have no idea what else to sing and know I'll do a good job. Because of this, I know it's a goddamn hard song to sing. It takes a ton of breath control and knowing how to belt comfortably and with healthy placement. It's a monster of a vocal which Ariana manages to make sound so breezy and effortless. Her performances is so sweet and joyful and she soars through the difficult parts with a beautiful ease that really proves she's one of the strongest vocalists working right now. And those adlibs??? Some of my favourites on the album. Because the chorus is so simple, the adlibs in the final stretch of the track really get to shine center stage and they deserve it. Those high falsettos!!! Stunning! I guess what I'm saying is that the vocals here are a complete A+ for me! The background vocalists are also really fun. We're so used to Ariana doing all of the harmonies and extra vocals herself so this is something a little different, but it really adds to the 90s flavour the song gives off.

    As for production, that opening THX-esque intro is iconic and grabs your attention instantly. I honestly don't have a ton to say about the production so I won't be picking it apart this time. It's really strong! I feel like everything about this track works together so well that I wind up not focussing in on any one thing. It all just flows. The bouncing, snappy beat is so much fun and gets me bopping along every single time. The production is just so bright and youthful. And how can you not love the horns? And the subtle use of strings! I am just here for the infectious energy, yes I am! It's the kind of song that can always cheer me up no matter what mood I'm in, which is nice because I've been in a very low mood as of late. Thank you baby Ari for sponsoring my happiness!

    The lyrics tie so perfectly into a) the vibe of this song and b) the themes of the album as a whole. We've talked about how innocent and daydream-y Yours Truly is in both production and lyrics, and 'Baby I' is another example of that. Ariana sings of loving somebody beyond the description of love. She doesn't know how to describe her feelings, so she always breaks off after "baby I...". It's so ridiculously cute! I feel like it captures perfectly what it's like to be in love. Sometimes words can't express how you truly feel. Nothing about these lyrics is too complex but they're beautiful and expressive all the same. Somehow they express not being able to express your feelings perfectly. It's another example of me not minding the somewhat repetitive chorus because it just works perfectly. Also, is it weird to say this song sounds....vibrant and colourful to me?

    I don't even know. I just love this underrated bop so much and I'm glad it at least made it this far. So let's hear form you guys! @Holly Something (4) doesn't get it: "Never cared for this, no idea why it was a single." I am interested as to what Yours Truly track you would put as a single instead? @blaze_dave (6) forces me to admit that another reference is going over my head: "This so sounded like the beginning of Sugababes - Get Sexy." FUCK I JUST LOOKED IT UP AND YOU'RE RIGHT!!!! @Milotic (7) and I agreeing clearly didn't last long: "I've honestly never been THAT huge of a fan of this song... but it's cute." I guess this isn't a completely awful opinion. We have a first Mariah comparison with @daninternational (7): "Feels a bit Eternal with the yeh-yeh-yehs... I like the drive and Mariah vibes." I looked this one up too and I see the comparison. @TwistedInnocence (8) is feeling nostalgic: "An oldie but a goodie! The intro is just gorgeous. I loved going down memory lane and being reminded of the sounds of this album." Honestly, me too! Yours Truly stans have true taste!

    @superultra (9.5) makes a POINT: "Muffy, sis, the key change… A cultural reset." Whoa, wait! How did I, of all people, forget to talk about the DAMN KEY CHANGE! ACTUAL MAGIC! @138Prince (8.5) makes a really cute connection: "Baby I got love for thee? Amazing opening line for a song. I also want to believe this is where the whole My Everything album's name began." Aw, wait that's adorable! I love that narrative! It is also an iconic opening line, I agree! @pop3blow2 (8.25) has a bit of a critique: "Kind of an old school sounding bop… which makes sense since Babyface wrote it, I suppose. The mixing on the start of this album so far is not great though & is brining out my phobia. Luckily Ariana has a strong voice and sing over some real production & mixing choices." I guess I can hear what you mean but eh, I never really noticed. @fatyoshi (8) says it: "THX ass intro." Yes. We get our second Mariah reference from @reputation. (9): "This song is Ariana at her most Mimi to me. I looooove it so much." Someone tell me which Mariah album to start with!

    The lovely @Dijah. (9) screams: "UNDERRATED BAWP. The middle 8 is everything." ISN'T IT?!?!?! WHAT A MOMENT! This time I will drag @chrismoyer (8.5) on his less than obsessed opinion: "An old school Ari classic. All the Yours Truly songs are very nostalgic and this one is one of the most, it’s still a fun song and she has great vocals on it and really addicting production that just fits and sounds like the early days of her! Good song." Haha, I'm teasing but like I said in our chat...BABY I IS BETTER THAN RIGHT THERE! @Cutlery (9.5) exhibits good taste: "I'm always obsessing over the THX sound intro, leading into the Mii Plaza strings and the classic R&B bop afterwards. The album's most essential single." I LOVE THAT THIS IS YOUR ESSENTIAL YOURS TRULY SINGLE! TASTEFUL ICON!

    And now for our highest scorers! @Crisp X (10) completes our trilogy for Mariah comparisons: "My introduction to Ari chan, very reminiscent of Mariah, especially the background vocals and those runs, and that key change. An early classic." Ari chan! And @RUNAWAY (10) completes our trilogy of THX references: "The ICONIC underappreciated single that should have been just as huge as The Way. Her vocal performance on this song is fab, and that THX intro and sample that's used throughout was an incredible, ICONIC production choice." I also wish it had been as big as 'The Way'! And finally, I hope @slaybellz (11) isn't regretting switching 11s this time around: "I chose "Knew Better / Forever Boy" as my 11 last rate but I figured I would switch it up this time to honour the song that made me start stanning all these years ago. Still one of my favourites!" It really is a song deserving of an 11 so I'm thrilled you threw it one! Thank you for your excellent taste!

    Only one more Yours Truly single left in the game, but how long for? Tomorrow we cut back into a more recent album, any guesses? What would you like to leave next/before the top 30? Share your thoughts in the thread because every reply goes towards a short burst of happiness on my end! I love you all so much and stay safe! Now I'm going to go and get lunch because I am SO HUNGRY! Byeeee!

  16. Goddammit! I got a tag so I knew it was my 11 but I had completely forgotten I had given it to Baby I and not Knew Better/Forever Boy like the last rate ddd. I'm sad it didn't even crack the top 30 this time but I don't regret my choice. I love it, in all of it's 90s Mariah glory.
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  18. Baby I is such a delicious slice of pop perfection. RIP to a classic.
  19. Baby I not even Top 30??? What is wrong with you people...
  20. For 90s Mariah?

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