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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Still got! Gives me serious early 90's Mariah vibes, which if course, is a good thing!
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  2. I am going to attempt to post tomorrow. I literally slept until 7pm yesterday and then had tickets to the BTS virtual concert and stayed on call with my friend for five fucking hours. And somewhere in there my monthly asshole friend showed up and therefore today I feel absolutely garbage!

    Which more recent album track do you think will be leaving?
  3. Something off sweetener, I imagine... *sigh* 'Better Off', perhaps?
  4. Yes, think something of sweetener, been a while now.
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  5. I'm kind of surprised "Fake Smile" is still here, so maybe that?
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  6. Did I wait until one of you guessed the next result? Maybe so.



    ☁️ FAKE SMILE ☁️

    Average: 8.092

    I know it's the life that I chose
    But baby, I'm grateful, I want you to know
    I'm happy for the love and all of the above
    If I'm being honest, I done been through way too much

    High: 10x19 (@soratami @WhatKindOfKylie? @pop3blow2 @Dangerous Maknae @fatyoshi @junkos @myblood @Espeon @Holly Something @maikos87 @Serg. @TwistedInnocence @138Prince @Petty Mayonnaise @Remorque @sapnu puas @Music Is Death @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Blond) 9.5x2 (@Sanctuary @savilizabeths)
    Low: 5x2 (@happiestgirl @Wired Life) 6x9 (@Sprockrooster @GimmeWork @DJHazey @lemonsqueezyy @Laura Vanderbooben @VitaminBee @Ana Raquel @Slice of Life @Laurence) 6.5x5 (@Aester @boombazookajoe @Hurricane Drunk @elektroxx @OspreyQueen)
    Total Points: 590.75
    My Score: 9.5/10

    We return to thank u, next today to eliminate our favourite relatable bop with a stupid bridge. It's 'Fake Smile' everybody! This track really takes a look at how Ariana was affected by the events in her life preceeding this record. It explores her anxiety, reactions to her life in the spotlight and the need to be honest about her emotions instead of faking happiness. Despite not having gone through her specific situations, this song still manages to be universally relatable. It also samples Wendy Rene's song 'After Laughter (Comes Tears)' from 1964.

    Upon hearing the album, this was an immediate standout for me. Great production, interesting lyrics, catchy, relatable. I loved the honesty and of course, it made me think of Paramore's 'Fake Happy' so points for that. Since the release, I have continued to love this song. Even when I forget to listen to it for awhile, coming back to it reminds me of how damn good it is. We'll talk about the reasons I love it soon, but we're going to discuss the bridge first to get any negativity out of the way. It's just...not good. It's trying to be a Moment but it really doesn't get there. Instead it comes across sounding sort of awkwardly shoehorned into an otherwise well written song. The "neck roll" lyric just makes me uncomfortable whenever I hear it. Therefore she doesn't get full marks fro mme, but she beat the record number of full marks so she has that going for her! In addition to the lyrical content of the bridge, I'm in two minds about the harmonies on it. I can't decide if I think they sound interesting or...ugly. I think I can tell what they were going for but when I focus on the top vocal line I sort of get a headache, so that's not good.

    I want to move back to positivity though! We'll start with that sample, which is absolutely lovely! A lot of songs on thank u, next begin with little intros and I think this one might be my favourite. Not only does it fit the theme of the song but it flows surprsingly beautifully into the production. And god, that production! It has such a powerful moodiness to it with the muted sounding bass-y beats. I love how low and grounded this sounds! The bass in this song really is the focal point of everything and fits so perfectly. I love how open and floaty the pre-chorus feels and I especially love the contrast of the way the production sounds in the chorus paired with what she's saying. It sounds happy somehow while she's saying she isn't going to smile because she doesn't feel like it. It's got a fun groove to it and just sounds brighter than the rest of the track. Along with being a cool contrast, I also like that it could also represent the feeling of freedom in the words "fuck a fake smile". There is a lightness to being honest about your feelings and I like how the production there captures that. We also have to talk about Ariana's performance here because it's REALLY good. There is a quiet sadness beneath her delivery that is honestly gold! But also just...the "ooh" run is so absolutely lovely!

    Of course, they lyrics here are very important. They are so honest in a way that is personal yet universal. Ariana went through so much in such a short period of time. Not just minor things either, really big things that absolutely nobody wants to experience. From the bombing in Manchester to Mac's passing. I can't even imagine the pain she must have felt during this time, while still being expected to maintain a public presence and persona. Celebrities are put under a microscope and to have that whilst dealing with grief must have felt like so much expectation. Everybody wants to have their say and share their own perspective on a celebrities life and actions. It must be a lot to deal with at any point, but especially after going through what she did. Yet these feelings of expectation are relatable for everyone, especially those with anxiety. You are expected to present as 'completely okay' publically no matter the real truth. When someone asks how you are, you aren't supposed to be honest. The question is simply meant to be polite and the polite response is that you're okay, you're fine. Being open about your emotions is not socially acceptable. In fact, depression and anxiery are hardly socially acceptable. You are supposed to keep it quiet, not talk about it. Fake a smile, pretend your happy and cry once you are alone. It's painful, lonely and isolating. There is so much power in not conforming to that. There is power in your honesty about your mental health, not faking that smile, saying "actually I'm not doing so great" instead of "yeah, I'm good, you?". It takes great strength to not care about people's perception of you and simply say how you feel without fear of judgement. Because people will judge if you defy social norms, but they are simply afraid too.

    This has derailed a little but I really want to stress the message to people. Because the socially acceptable thing to do is keep your darkness quiet, we learn when we're young to push everything down. We learn to pretend we are happy and functioning and not show the side of ourselves that isn't. So many people don't reach out for help because they are taught that sharing our feelings is oversharing. We feel like we are expected to suffer alone, that our mental health struggles and pain mean we've failed, that we have to be okay in order to be a worthwhile member of society. This social construct is so damaging. I have watched so many poeple try to fight on their own, scared to open up to people because they feel like they're not supposed to. Faking being okay until they can't handle it anymore. Please don't suffer alone. There are people who will listen to you, who will be there for you when you need it. You do not have to be okay, it is perfectly okay if you're not. Whether you have gone through life altering events or have no idea why your mental health has been so low, be honest about how you feel. Especially in the year 2020, we are all going through things we never expected. Make sure those you love know that they can be honest with you. When you ask someone how they are, don't just mean it in the polite chit chat way. Really ask them and care about their answer. And next time someone asks you, be honest. If you're not doing okay, say that. Ariana saying to fuck a fake smile is a symbol of emotional honesty and something we all deserve to take to heart and implement into our own lives.

    If you need someone to talk to or share with, my inbox is open. I'd even really love it if you shared a little bit of how you're doing in the thread. Just something small, good or bad. I'm sure we'd all be happy to listen and give love and support to each other!

    My distracted self has been writing this all day, so we finally get to hear from you guys! @daninternational (7.5) isn't really into this: "Cute but forgettable." Hm, perhaps we aren't listening to the same song? Once again, @Milotic (7.5) and I don't agree, this time about the brdige: "Love the vocal delivery on this. Also, the bridge is a moment. But, there's better on the album." The bridge is a moment that brings down the rest of the song if that's what you mean ddd. @Crisp X (7) also isn't a fan: "This feels a bit too samey next to NASA and Bloodline. I like the sample but the song sounds underwritten regardless of it. I don’t know." I don't see this much if I'm honest. @RUNAWAY (7) shrugs: "Idk this song is fine? I don’t really come back to it often at all." HONESTLY, I don't come back to it that much despite loving it. Which is interesting. Two of you are with me on the brdige. @Dijah. (8.5) is just going to ignore it and hope it goes away: "I’m just gonna pretend she didn’t say “neck roll with the attitude.”" I'll be right there with you. And @superultra (8.5) adjusted their score: "I deducted a point for the “neck roll with the attitude” part." I didn't knock off a full point but I get the mood.

    @chrismoyer (9) relates: "Besides I Don’t Care, this is the song that I dedicate to the assholes in life lmao. I like how laid-back, no-fucks-given this song is. It’s just so relatable and it kind of sounds like how i’ve been more than ever, not caring to show a fake smile anymore. It’s all just facts." Well, you know I'm always there to listen to you xx. @Cutlery (9) shades a previously eliminated track: "Love her facing public image with a bit of a middle finger sticking in the air. Björk and Britney taught her well. The sample is the best use of one throughout the album, too. Poor a certain single with a lot of words in its title." Iconic! @TwistedInnocence (10) hits the nail on the head: "Struggling with anxiety, this song really is relatable!" LITERALLY THO! @pop3blow2 (10) has a lot of thoughts as usual: "After ‘Ghostin’ this might be my second fave song here. The sonics are very interesting. It both has an old-school ‘Motown’ flavor, but ver much filtered through some modern pop/r&b sensibilities. Can you tell I stan her sound? The lyrics here, though, are what make it. They successfully venture into that arena of how our culture commodifies & dehumanizes pop stars & artists. There’s both an acceptance & rebellion in her attitude in the song. While she comes at it from a celebrity POV, it’s also just relatable to anyone who suffers from social anxiety, etc." How are you so eloquent! I love this!

    And finally, a really touching piece of commentary from one of my all time favourite humans. Take it away @Music Is Death (10): "Okay so, this is very clearly about her struggling with and deciding not to put up a front in the public eye, especially with everything she’s been through. But I relate to this so damn much, because I’m someone who, in my personal life, likes to put up that same front and act like I’m okay and I’m happy, and I’m fine. Because I don’t want the people in my life, the ones who care about me, to know that I’m struggling. And sometimes, I’m really struggling. So it can become exhausting to put up that front and to smile, because I just can’t. And I’ve started to move away from that, and be honest about how I’m feeling, and what I might be going through, so whenever someone asks how I’m doing, I don’t lie anymore. Which I think is a great start, and something that I hope will lead me to actually being able to discuss it more with the people in my life. Weird how it’s so much easier to talk about on a forum full of random people all over the world. (Also, to lighten the mood a little tiny bit, I like to pretend the song was at least slightly inspired by Paramore’s After Laughter album. The intro helps fuel this delusion.)." I am so proud of your growth and I love when you share your feelings in commentary. It's so absolutely beautiful and I love you very much! Always know I'm here for you!

    Well that's that. Tomorrow we lose an absolute bop with the iconic bridge that 'Fake Smile' wishes she had! For now, I just love you all very much. I'm sorry for the long gaps between posts. Thank you for your patience. We are getting there slowly but surely. Please tell me how you're doing in the thread and what you want to leave next. Stay safe, loves!

  7. I didn't expect that my 6.5 for "fake smile" would make me one of its lowest scorers, tbh.
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  8. Fake Smile. Who doesn't do that just go get through life day by day to be honest?
  9. I understand the connection with the lyrics for Fake Smile, it's just the sister-song mentioned "Fake Happy" does it for me on another level entirely musically (and has the same lyrical impact) and this is just boring in comparison.
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  10. Please eliminate these:

    Honeymoon Avenue
    The Way
    Santa Tell Me
    Be Alright
    Knew Better / Forever Boy
    Better Off
    Goodnight n Go
    In My Head
    Thank U, Next
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  11. Who hurt you?
  12. Those songs still being in it.
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  13. Excuse you???
  14. Excuse me nothing, they've all been here too long at this point.
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  15. Honeymoon Avenue deserves to go top 10, Knew Better / Forever Boy too.
  16. Of that list.....I honestly wouldn’t mind Be Alright of Knew Better / Forever Boy leaving.....just to drop some unpopular opinions while I’m meant to be sleeping.
  17. Then they'd be overrated.
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  18. Hello you beautiful angels!!

    My lack of elimination today is not an indication of no progress. Instead, I have implemented a new strategy to get this rate done in a timely manner (before the Winners Rate is the goal!) It has involved some behind the scenes work but ones that is done we should run smoother. I am honestly so sorry for how long this has dragged out. I wish I had done better, but this year has been a lot for everyone. I hope those who have been following along have found something to enjoy and that those who haven’t enjoy catching up if they choose to.

    I have learnt a lot over this rate. I have been in a very bad place for a few years (doing very little, no real purpose, barely leaving the house type stuff) and when I started this project I was terrified I would fail. Scared that I would let myself down yet again, while unfortunately letting other people down. And yes, things haven’t gone very smoothly. I’ve dropped the ball in places. I am trying not to punish myself for that, or compare myself to other rate hosts.

    Finishing this rate is honestly going to be one of my biggest accomplishments in quite awhile, which likely sounds rather silly. But finishing it despite everything will prove to myself that I can. I’m going to be proud of myself and the work that I’ve done. Because I have poured my heart into these posts. Ariana has meant so much to me in my life and getting to ramble and celebrate her with you guys has been such a bright spot in my year.

    So the goal is to finish within the next few weeks. If not, I’ll try not to beat myself up but I believe I might be able to pull it off if I change up my routine and strategy a bit. Thank you so much for your kind words and patience. I hope you’ll stick with me until the end. I really do love you all. See you tomorrow!

    - Sav
  19. I'm more offended by you not bolding In My Head to be honest. It's easily top 10 material.
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  20. Due to the Ariana related news, we’re all just gonna pretend that I knew this was coming all along and timed ending the rate perfectly! Right?
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