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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. One of the few times your opinion was correct xx
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  2. And the Dangerous Woman tracks are really falling now...



    ☁️ SOMETIMES ☁️

    Average: 8.246

    Is it love? Is it lust? Is it fear?
    But it's hard to breathe when you're touching me there
    Hard to breathe when you're kissing me there
    Hard to breathe when you're not here

    High: 10x15 (@savilizabeths @Dijah. @RMK @boombazookajoe @junkos @Vitamin @Mushroom @Ugly Beauty @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life @SlowGinFizzzz @superultra @Butterfly @Mirwais Ahmadzaï) 9.5x2 (@OspreyQueen @Music Is Death)
    Low: 5x2 (@GimmeWork @WhatKindOfKylie?) 6x5 (@Sprockrooster @2014 @fatyoshi @ysev @blaze_dave) 6.5x3 (@lemonsqueezyy @aaronhansome @citoig)
    Total Points: 602
    My Score: 10/10

    Maybe it really is time for the Dangerous Woman cull after all? And as you can tell by my scores, I am NOT happy about it. 'Sometimes' is on the chopping block today, Upon relistening to it, I was really reminded how special this album is. Every song takes my breath away when I revisit it. Almost every song at least. This one really hit me hard today. It's a truly special moment in her discography and I looked forward to celebrating it today. Stay tuned until the end for a cover I did four years ago on my SoundCloud. I hope you all like it!

    Checking the writing credits on this, I was honestly shocked that Ariana herself wasn't involved. Why? Because this song always felt so personal. Perhaps it's just the lens I viewed her life through, but I always saw so much of Ariana in this. Lyrically it has the energy of the "never been with a boy more than six months" lyric from 'Forever Boy'. The sentiments line up very well. In 'Sometimes' Ariana sings about being in a relationship where, for the first time, she's all in. Nobody is taking her attention away from who she's with and leaving isn't even on her mind. I suppose that's just how I saw her early dating life. Not in a way where I judged her decisions, but it always seemed like commitment wasn't one of her strong suits, and pretty soon after the relationship ended there would be another boy. Perhaps like she didn't have the greatest attention span for relationships, so finding somebody she saw a future with was a big thing for her. Honestly, the lyrics are just lovely. They're interesting, they're emotive, they're sweet. I love them! I was thinking about the "I used to be cautious, a little too reckless" lyric earlier and how those sound like very contradicting statements, but how that ties into the story so well. It's like, she was cautious with her heart and not getting hurt, and reckless with her relationships, like moving on quickly and getting distracted by the next shiny thing. I don't know, for a lyric that sounds strange, it makes so much sense. Some of the lyrics are just really good in genereal. Particularly "We're collecting moments, tattoos on my mind." Because that really is what relationships are, and why they're so beautiful.

    And god, this production! It starts as such a pretty, acoustic guitar moment which is not something Ariana has done much of. But beneath it are deep, full sounding beats and then lush synths. The atmosphere of the chorus! I don't even know how to describe it besides beautiful! The synths are so powerful and large, the hints of the acoustic guitar sound gorgeous mixed in, the beats are strong and grounded! I don't even know, I just love the way it sounds so much and sometimes that's all you can say. It's so detailed and huge. I love how light the verses feel in comparison to the deepness of the chorus. They're more simple and softer, while the pre-chorus works as a perfect bridge between them. Something I'm learning while writing these posts is how frustrating it feels to not know how to describe something in the music. I don't know how to express my love for an aspect of the production added to the second chorus and it's driving me insane! So let's talk about the BRIDGE! I feel like we've heen discussing a lot of iconic middle 8s lately and 'Sometimes' is no different. It shifts into something so haunting. The beats throb, the atmosphere sounds hollow and glitchy. And Ariana's vocals are initially left to shine alone for the first line, then they add a second vocal singing the same melody before that EXPLOSION OF VOCODER HARMONIC EXCELLENCE! How did you all feel when you heard that moment for the first time? Because I got chills, and continue to! And the delicacy of the final lyric before we burst into the final chorus! Lovely! The adlibs on the final section are otherwordly. She is ascending and so are we honestly. The part after the chorus where everything feels so floaty and all of the production elements are together including the "lalala" part!

    Honestly, I think I just don't have the vocabulary to describe this song the way it deserves. I just want to emphasize how absolutely mindblowingly stunning it is. There was a few times when I looked at the score and wondered if I'd been too generous but then I relisten and realise that, no, it's perfection. It's more than a simple pop song throwaway moment, and I'm glad a lot of you feel the same way.

    Speaking of, let's start with the commentary! @daninternational (7.5) just doesn't get it: "Nice but out of its depth on this album." How can you not hear the magic? @BreatheBox (8.25), however, does get it: "That bridge really is something." Yes. Another completely accurate comment comes from, shockingly, @Milotic (8): "I really enjoy the melody and the guitar twang in the background. The production in the chorus is absolutely lush also." You may not have given it a 10 or even a 9, but I appreciate this. @DJHazey (9) makes me laugh a little: "It has slipped a bitsy since the early days, but we still have an amazing bop, yes we do. The wave-like melody we find Ariana surfing on throughout is still so damn special to these ears, even if the 'la-la-la' has started to wane on me especially because it reminds me of that damn 'lalala' song they play on all the damn commercials these days." I have no idea what commercials you are referring to. Is that because I'm from NZ? I do not at all agree with @pop3blow2 (7.75) who says: "This song feels a lot longer than it should." No! Not at all. Unlike me, @Crisp X (9) ALWAYS has the vocabulary: "The contrast between the organic acoustic guitars and the more atmospheric synths works in favor of the song." Perfect description!

    @chrismoyer (9.5) is collecting moments: "This beautiful laid back jam is one of my absolute favorites, and one of her best. It is so beautiful and the production, and guitar, and especially the laid-back feel to it is excellent. The song became even more beautiful with the balloons after Manchester, the bridge is so good, just so many moments on this one." Now this song is one I got to experience live as well! Magic! Post-Manchester as well. Watching her perform 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' was heartwrenching. @Dijah. (10) has some impeccable taste: "This is one of my favorite Ariana songs of all time." As it deserves! Another bridge shout out comes from @superultra (10): "Absolutely gorgeous. Just because the production isn’t as bombastic as “Into You” or “Greedy” doesn’t make this song any less worthy, nor any less divine. The bridge is one of my favorite moments from her ever." THIS! @RUNAWAY (10) appreciates the guitar: "This song is such a departure for Ari with that guitar. I fucking love everything about this song, and I have from the first listen. It feels timeless to me. Her last chorus adlibs are fucking ICONIQUE. I wish I had her talent." I wish I had her talent too, my friend! And lastly, this almost snatched an 11 from @SlowGinFizzzz (10): "I was THIS close to giving my 11 points to Sometimes! This song just speaks to me on so many levels, and I could literally put it on repeat for an hour without getting tired of it. Probably my favourite Ari song as of now. Underrated masterpiece!" I would have supported this 11 choice more than the one you chose...oops? But yes, this song is underrated and magical!

    Well, that was a sad farewell! Speaking of potential 11s, next we lose one of mine and the thought makes me very very sad. You all did this one dirty, so check back soon to read me crying about it. I love you all! My country just elected the gayest parliament in the world and I am thriving! Stay safe and I hope you're all having good days/nights. ALSO STAN LOONA BECAUSE THEY HAVE A COMEBACK TOMORROW! Until next time...

  3. What an amazing voice. I love your tone. Someone sign this girl!
  4. Imagine and Sometimes are cute girls.
    Lovely cover too!
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  5. Oh thank you! This was pre performing arts school actually so I have definitely improved a significant amount in the last four years, especially just technique wise.

    Imagine and Sometimes are both 10/10 girls! And yet I still love the next song eliminated even more. I'm not surviving well over here.

    And thank you so much!!!
  6. This is a pretty satisfying top 30 to me. x
  7. One Dangerous Woman era song that has always passed me by somewhat.
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  8. Ugh. Sometimes is SUCH a special song. One of the most haunting bridges over her career.
  9. Sometimes is a discography staple. It should’ve made at least top 15 here.
  10. Either way there's something in your voice itself that was always going to instantly sound incredible to my ears, I feel.
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  11. A mediocre christmas cover surpassing all these exponentially better songs is tragic.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Santa Tell Me isn't a cover??
  13. Oh oops ddd. I was confusing it with Santa Baby. I don't even remember how Santa Tell Me goes so my point still applies!
  14. A brilliant top 30, but I feel like Break Free and Everyday, and probably Santa Tell Me could depart right about now...
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  15. The Sometimes cover... I hear sumn!
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  16. WHAT. THE. FUCK ??????




    Average: 8.260

    I kiss his fingertips
    As I'm wishing he's all mine
    He's giving me Elvis
    With some James Dean in his eyes

    High: 11x2 (@Butterfly @Serg.) 10x20 (@dylanaber @2014 @savilizabeths @WhatKindOfKylie? @fatyoshi @myblood @Vitamin @Holly Something @CorgiCorgiCorgi @RUNAWAY @Sanctuary @Slice of Life @SlowGinFizzzz @reputation. @Petty Mayonnaise @sapnu puas @Music Is Death @Sail On @Blond @chrismoyer)
    Low: 3.5x1 (@daninternational) 4x1 (@Wired Life) 5x1 (@elektroxx) 6x7 (@slaybellz @Ana Raquel @Hurricane Drunk @Espeon @lemonsqueezyy @boombazookajoe @Sprockrooster) 6.5x1 (@Laura Vanderbooben)
    Total Points: 603
    My Score: 10/10

    If 'Tattooed Heart' didn't exist, this would have been a frontrunner for my 11. The original third album title track, one of Ariana's most beautiful moments. Today we say goodbye to 'Moonlight'. I would personally like to thank the two of you who awarded this your 11 when I couldn't. You are the epitomy of taste and I would like to request that we team up to destroy the group of lowest scorers. Watch out, guys.

    A little bit of background to get us started. 'Moonlight' was the original title for the album, and is a song about Ariana's ex-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez. According to Victoria Monet, the song is about the night of the couples first kiss and "moonlight" is something Ricky called her that night. According to Ariana's Twitter, the night this took place was also a blood moon. Even more beautifully, the song was recorded during a spontaenous midnight recording session. The combination of all of these things is the absolutely stunning track we are celebrating today. For a period of our relationship, my name for Dani in my phone was 'Moonlight' and watching Ariana sing this live together was such a romantic and special moment for me.

    Onto the actual song now because what a damn song it is! There is something so achingly beautiful about it. It definitely implements a doo-wop type vibe reminiscent of debut era (particularly 'Tattooed Heart' so it's no wonder I love this!) I mentioned a couple of posts ago how Ari loves to open her albums on a softer note and this song did that so well! I don't know how it does it but it sounds like late night to me. It sounds like moonlight captured in music. I just want to listen to this while looking at the stars in the darkness, I just sounds like that. Or being cuddled up with your partner in the dark, kissing occassionally and a little sleepy. There is so much romance to this, not just in the lyrics but musically as well. The second the intro starts I get chills. It is so delicate and sweet, I just want to close my eyes and listen. A weird little detail that I like is her sharp inhale right before she starts to sing. Almost as if she's just catching her breath enough to put her feelings into words. And god, the strings are so lush and beautiful! Especially the plucky strings throughout. They're so light and dripping with sweetness. I just feel so warm, cozy and happy whenever I listen to this. It makes me want to wrap Dani up in a huge hug and never let go. Or just dance in the dark together under the stars.

    We absolutely have to talk about Ariana's vocal performance here. She sounds otherwordly. You can literally hear how happy she is and how much she cares about him in her voice. She pours so much love and emotion into the vocals that it just elevates the song to another level entirely. I cannot get enough of her delicate delivery in the verses. She sounds so pretty, I can't even describe it! She sounds quiet and hushed and a little breathless and incredibly sweet. You can hear the soft smile in her voice when she says "I've been crushing on you, baby" and it's so ridiculously cute! But those chorus vocals! Unmatched! Her tone is so rich and full as she belts and I'm absolutely in love with it. The part I love the most is how she seamlessly switches from her belt into her breathy falsetto to the belt and then to the falsetto again! IT SOUNDS LIKE MAGIC! And let me tell you, it is not easy to do and sound as brilliant as she does. Of course the post-chorus is absolutely breathtaking as well. She just sounds so damn pretty, I can't! It sounds like she's sighing dreamily! The harmonies are on point as well. They have that 'swaying back up singer' feel that her doo-wop moments tend to and they're beautiful. I love listening to them. They're honestly not too complicated in comparison to some of her other harmonic parts (until the final moments) but I like that because it puts the focus on Ariana's main, stunning vocals. But god, that final section! Just the snaps and plucking strings with all of the warm harmonies just enveloping you!

    I am also always crying over the instrumental leading up to that final section because the strings give me literal chills!

    The lyrics here are so fucking sugary sweet! If you're not a romantic then this song just isn't for you. It paints the most lovely images and really captures the overwhelming feels of new love. She's looking at him like he's the only person she's ever thought about. You can feel the energy, the nervousness, the adoration. The need for more. The excitement that comes with not knowing what's going to happen next. We're about to get sappy and personal, this is your warning. My first kiss with Dani happened underneath the moonlight. I have honestly probably talk about it here, I have no idea but this song really makes me feel that night. The house we stayed at for my twenty first birthday had an actual tower and the two of us were in there together. It overlooked the beach and it was late at night. I knew I wanted to kiss her but didn't know if I had the courage. I remember every look and every touch and the nervous, blushing energy I felt. And when I finally grabbed her right before she went back downstairs and kissed her...it honestly feels like a blur now. A blur of excitement and dreaminess and moonlight and giggling because we were drunk. And a week or so later she asked me to be her girlfriend. So this song is special to me. Also "sweet like candy, but he's such a man" is a LYRIC.

    Alright, I'll stop rambling now. I'm literally blushing thinking back on that. Let's hear from you guys! @Laurence (7) promos one of my ult kpop groups by accident: "A good intro. Me likey." Seollenda Me Likey / Me Likey Likey Likey / Me Likey Likey Likey / Dugeundugeundugeun Heart Heart to you too! @138Prince (8.5) references the former title: "RIP the original Moonlight album tho." I feel like that album would be way more romantic than it wound up being. @DJHazey (8) and I agree on another ballad, mostly: "The best album opener yet upon release. I was dazzled by it at first blush and carried away, but my love for it has settled down a bit over the years. Still a beautiful song." My love for it has definitely not settled down. @BreatheBox (8.75) is emotional: "Another great 60s track, I love this. The outro makes me cry every time." The damn strings make me actually cry! @TwistedInnocence (8) can feel me judging: "I'm ready to be judged for not giving this a 10! I do love it but just not enough for a 10." You do you!! @Milotic (7) is complimentary: "She sounds gorgeous on this, and I appreciate the production." @superultra (8.5) loves it but docked points: "While I don’t think this song inherently fits with the rest of the album, it’s so lush and dreamy. She nailed that throwback Motown vibe with this one. Yup. (Or should I say, “Yuh”?) I’m deducting points for the Elvis reference though, dddddd." Okay that's fair.

    A couple of you don't think this belongs on the album, starting with @Dijah. (8): "This is one of the cutest songs ever recorded but it doesn’t belong on Dangerous Woman." It IS one of the cutest songs ever recorded! And @Cutlery (9) agrees with that but doesn't mind: "When I say this is the debut throwback I needed... It doesn't fit anywhere else on the album really, and I love it for that." Honestly....it kinda fits for me but I can't explain why. I get why it doens't feel like it for some people though. @Crisp X (9) compliments this while dragging other things I love: "A throwback to her doo-wop days but make it actually good this time? I still can’t believe she did it." Hmm....Well, before we hit the 10s we'll hear from our lowest scorer, @daninternational (3.5): "I don't like the retro 'moonlighty' songs. A bad opener to a great album." This comment, and this score, hurts!

    Onto my favourite humans! The ones with taste! Starting with @chrismoyer (10): "Gorgeous. In every sense of the word, this is so gorgeous. This song is so dreamy and in the clouds and floating, and just magical, really. Her vocals are amazing on this. I remember how bad I wanted this song under the moon on tour, everyone wanted this gem live, its perfect and i want to call my future girlfriend moonlight cause she’ll be beautiful just like this song." CUTEEEEE! I love this description honestly! @fatyoshi (10) says: "On this evening we are craving Tenderness." Yes. Yes we are. @reputation. (10) understands the emotions: "*weeps* A gorgeous opener. The 'I never kneeeeew' part is so cute." We can weep together. @Music Is Death (10) appears in our commentary section: "Love the guitar in the production on this. This is such a cute little ditty. So enjoyable." The word 'ditty' always makes me giggle a bit, dunno why. @Blond (10) says what we should all be thinking: "One of her best vocal performances ever." THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING! @RUNAWAY (10) understands me: "W
    hat an opening. This is one of her most timeless songs, and I feel like it's gonna be that way for a long time. This is just such a feeling that I feel like everyone can relate to, but I want a boy to call me moonlight too~" I hope someday one does call you moonlight! And @Holly Something (10) REALLY gets me: "Kind of reminiscent of Tattooed Heart which means I of course love this too." Are we the same person? And finally, one of our two 11s gave a line of commentary: "I’m still somewhat bitter this was canned as a title track." Can't argue with that!

    So that's that. I am completely gutted but at least she made it this far. You can bet I will be mourning. With out next elimination I don't actually lose a 10 for the first time in a bit, so that's fun! It's another single...any guesses? It's time for me to go listen to 'Moonlight' a few more times and cry. I love you all and hope you're doing well! Thank you for your kind words on my cover, it made me smile. Stay safe!

  17. Oops. I just can't with doo-woppy stuff.

    On another note, your cover of Sometimes is *chef's kiss*
  18. Wow a bop! Thank you for sharing.

    And, as always, such a beautiful post. Moonlight is a great track, I could give it a higher score now if I did the scores over, but alas. Sweet.
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  19. Moonlight is glorious and gives me serious Underneath The Stars/Forever vibes from Daydream, not to mention her very own Yours Truly references.
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