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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Moonlight really is a great song objectively as I know why a lot of people stan for it, but my love for it is a lot less passionate, hence the 8. Sometimes and Moonlight going before Be Alright is a little questionable, even though I gave the latter an 8 as well.
  2. Dangerous Woman is dangerously out of its depth now! Especially with these cuts from the same album
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  3. I have a soft spot for You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Dangerous Woman, but it could go soon and I wouldn't necessarily shed tears over it.
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  4. "Be Alright," "Greedy" and "Thinking Bout You" should all leave before "Dangerous Woman."
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  5. And we thought some of the songs I was asking for were bad...
  6. I’ll probably get dragged but both Dangerous Woman and Thank U, Next are among my lowest scores left so they can go at anytime.
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  7. I didn't realize that "Greedy" was such a fan favorite. Y'all aren't going to be happy with my score for it.
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  8. I know I wasn't.

    Today we celebrate the release of Ariana's showstopping new single 'Positions'!!!

    I hope you've all listened to it!

    If not...

    This post also comes with an update. I'm not going to lie, I thought about stepping down as rate host. As much as that breaks my goddamn heart, it's become something where I've put so much pressure on myself that my brain just shuts down and opening the forum gives me a sense of overwhelming anxiety and guilt. I certainly don't think all of you deserve the mess that this rate has been. The stopping and starting. The length of it all. I know I should stop apologising, but here we are.

    I got some news yesterday that is really the cherry on top of this year. We have been given an advance eviction notice from our landlord. As three mentally ill people with no jobs and two animals to look after, this is incredibly scary and the future is incredibly unclear. We have time to sort things out, but it's going to be a lot of stress and I feel a bit sick just thinking about it right now. It also came after three days of full on mental health breakdowns, so the timing isn't ideal at all. Then again, when would the timing be ideal?

    So I have been wrestling with what to do. Whether to step down and hand the rate over to someone else. Ask if it was alright to put the rate on hiatus for a month or so. Make my posts shorter and put less pressure on myself. Honestly, I have reached no real conclusion. You have all waited long enough, so the second option seems unfair. The first option breaks my heart but might be best. And the third...I have no idea. Perhaps it would work and allow me to finish while still having less stress.

    I suppose this is me saying I have no idea what to do. I apologise to the mods for not managing to pull my weight here. And I apologise to the voters for just how chaotic this has all been. I love you all so much and am so grateful to everyone who has been on this journey with me. Thank you.

    Love, Sav
  10. So let me be the 'Baddie' as my Dad always put it...

    First of all let me say that say that getting evicted is a horrible thing and I wouldn't wish it on anyone and nobody should have to be put in your family's situation. I am truly sorry to hear that.

    However, as it pertains to the rate, this is why the 'backup host' rule is in for queueing rates. I am not sure whether that was being enforced when queued this rate and if you have a backup host or not. If not, someone should be chosen who can post results. You can always come back and post reveal if and when you can too. However she is also one of my favorite artists and I have been looking forward to how the top end of these results would go. So I personally am not down for the hiatus option and the last option, I think you have tried that a few times but I think you have a certain self-expectation of how you want your reveals to be as far as a length, which is fine because your writeups are great. Unfortunately, it puts pressure on you as you stated which you don't need in your life especially now. Think of yourself first and let somebody help out.
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Much love to you, unnie. You will get through this shit, I promise.

    I suggest you send a copy of the spreadsheet and the commentary doc to a mod (so maybe @ohnostalgia?). And you can agree that if you haven't posted any result in, let's say, two weeks, that means you give @ohnostalgia the power to pass the hosting duties to someone else.

    Please stay well and I'm rooting for you.
  12. Thank you for informing and thinking about us despite this terrible situation you are in privately! I have no idea how one deals with that. I wish you all the best. You are amazing! Hugs!
  13. Much love and best wishes to you @savilizabeths. You have been a great rate host and however long this rate takes, we'll be here waiting for it. Thinking positive for you xx
  14. What a terrible situation to be in, even on top of everything else that has been going on. I wish you and your family, household and girlfriend lots of strength through these already though times, and hopefully today's positive thing is positions.

    I feel like I really got to know you through these eliminations, your wonderful stories and what an amazing person you are. Stay strong! I hope your situation improves and one thing I remind myself of; whenever there is e a downwards trend in your life, it will get back up again, someday. You might not see the day on your calendar yet, but it will come.

    Please know that we support you here on PopJustice and if you ever feel the need, my PMs are open.

    My opinion is I don't mind a hiatus of a month or a slow unfolding of results. Are there ways you could make it more easy for yourself? I wouldn't know but try finding out what takes most energy and delegate that or do it differently or not at all?
    Or maybe let a back-up host continue and you can pop-in when you have the time & capacity, in whatever form is needed.
  15. So sorry all this happening for you right now.

    Let me offer a creative option that is a mix of the above.

    > Give yourself (& us) two weeks like @Slice of Life suggested. You have a lot going on.
    > If you still haven't been able to make an elimination... move on to just posting shorter reveals, so that the rate can complete. You can either do this by yourself or with the help of someone.
    > Since we all love your write-ups, you can always circle back around to some of the shorter reveals at any time and do some 'savi-revisited' type posts, where you can write some longer thoughts on the certain songs (or even all of them if you want!). Especially, since Ariana has new music coming, interest in her is gonna be more active than normal of the forum (I mean, she's always popular on here, but y'all know what I mean)... so I think many will be revisiting her music. As such, your wonderful thoughts & write-ups, even if delayed, could contribute to that 'forum energy'.
  16. Ddd, I'm guess I'm going to end up looking like a jerk in comparison.

    I guess my only thing is that we've had rate hosting guidelines in place to help prevent these situations by having backup hosts step in and I guess my only 'frustration' is that option was never used for any of the delays we've had throughout the reveal process. The old rule thumb was reveals posts were supposed to be within a one week from each other or you'd have co-hosts/backup hosts/guest hosts help bridge the gaps. We've not had that luxury. I just don't want to set any bad precedents going forward with rates where we continually get very slow reveals without alternative methods used to keep some consistency. It hasn't happened with this rate, but with a few others, where I personally become 'unattached' or lose some interest in the rate reveals because nothing happens with a rate for long periods of time.

    To me, as a 'veteran' rate host, I can say that reveals end up having a narrative build as you go though the countdown and you lose that quickly if you don't have the consistency.
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  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I can’t approve putting this rate on further hiatus. @londonrain and I have been extremely generous on the rules. In our last conversation I asked @savilizabeths to let people do guest eliminations for times like this, when life outside of the forum makes it too difficult to host. If she still feels like she cannot give up the rate, I see this as the only way forward .
  18. Not exactly sure what I can do to help but let me know if I can be of any assistance @savilizabeths. x
  19. I can see both sides. Personally I join and enjoy rates more for the host and the passion they put into the writeups, than the actual results themselves. For this reason I like the suggestion of delivering the results more efficiently for those who care about that, but circling back for full write-ups when things get better.

    Hope they get better soon, hugs! <3
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