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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Me not giving "Everyday" a ten is a plot twist that I wasn't expecting. It was one of my favorites from Dangerous Woman, but I inexplicably only gave it a nine.
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  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh, and I’ve updated the poll at the top of the page to include Positions. Feel free to change your votes if you want!
  3. Lowkey I might. I want a couple more days before I decide, but I think it has surpassed Dangerous Woman for me.
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  4. One thing I wrote in the Everyday write up I never finished was that the beginning sounds like a chainsaw to me, which always makes me think “fuck me gently with a chainsaw” bc..........reasons.

    Anyway, I’m not overly fussed about it’s exit. Thank you @Laura Vanderbooben for the write up! You are exactly the person who should have done it. And thank you for helping out!
  5. The only thing I hate about Everyday is just the video!
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  6. Just realized I severely underscored Everyday and several other Dangerous Woman tracks

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  7. Before Be Alright? That's all I can ask.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Y'all did this one wrong.



    ☁️ BETTER OFF ☁️

    Average: 8.34

    Steering clear of any headaches to start
    And if we're being honest
    I'd rather your body than half of your heart

    High: 1x11 (@BreatheBox) 16x10s (@dylanaber @savilizabeths @pop3blow2 @Dangerous Maknae @happiestgirl @Espeon @Mushroom @aaronhansome @Crisp X @Slice of Life @reputation. @Petty Mayonnaise @Laurence @superultra @Music Is Death @Butterfly) 8x9.5s (@AllGagaLike @Dijah. @RMK @andrewdarwitan @138Prince @ysev @Cutlery @sapnu puas)
    Low: 4x5s (@DJHazey @daninternational @aux @Ana Raquel) 1x5.25 (@VitaminBee) 3x6s (@GimmeWork @RUNAWAY @blaze_dave)
    Total Points: 609
    @savilizabeths's score: 10/10

    I said y'all did this wrong, but honestly I'm not surprised. Sweetener overall has had a bad showing in this rate, with only 6 songs in the top 30, and now this falling before top 25, when it actually deserves top 20. I mean, I know y'all really dislike the album, but it didn't deserve what's happened here, and this song specifically is one of her best as well.

    *Sigh*. Anyway, better off is a gorgeous, smooth R&B/pop ballad, and if I'm being honest, I can never get enough of this kind of sound, especially coming from her. I just think she shines the most over songs like this. The production is so rich. The way it starts with those key-like beats and the not exactly a siren but not exactly ringing noise just prepares you for a quiet, reflective, emotional journey. The addition of the beats and the shaker in the pre-chorus, and the shiny synths in the chorus just add to the magic of it all. The finger snaps and other additions coming in for the second verse help keep your focus and stop it from being repetitive and boring, and it feels like something new is added for the second go-around in the song in general. I don't know if I'm making sense but I hope so. The outro with the strings is an actual "we're ascending" moment. It's just a beautiful song musically, and is honestly a pre-cursor to the dreamier moments of thank u, next. And it's really the only BALLAD moment of the album.

    Actually, I feel like this song is a pre-cursor to that album lyrically as well. The verses and pre-chorus show her dismissing a boy's affection and feelings for her, telling him she's not interested in much more then sex, and would rather not be in a relationship, which continues in the pre-chorus, including the lyrics I highlighted above. It's already really fucking sad and lonely at this point, but then we get to the chorus and honestly, I'm ready to cry. I mean, "I'm better off without him. I'm better off being a wild one. On the road a lot, had to keep it a thousand. So that I'm better off not being around ya". You probably don't need to be an Ari expert to know this is about Mac. She's telling us she's better off without him in her life, and just in general better off not being in any relationship because her work gets in the, so she has to be honest with him and herself. It's apparently a very old song, but she wanted to include it on the album, so it was most likely written before she met Pete. But the real pain of the song comes from what happened after the album was released. I don't think I need to say what it is, and I honestly don't have the emotional capacity to talk about it right now, but I can't imagine how she feels about the song now, and the way it feels like a prequel to ghostin' on the next album...seriously I'm about to cry so I think I'm gonna stop there.

    I am glad I got to do a write-up for this song, since I didn't write any commentary for it. But a lot of y'all did, so let's get right to it. Let me just get the low scorers out of the way, starting with the ever tasteless @DJHazey (5): So forgettable. Forgettable? Re-evaluate your life choices Hazey. @daninternational (5) certainly has...an opinion: That typical album low point. In what world?! And @RUNAWAY (6) must have listened to the wrong song: Again, another song that goes NOWHERE. Like...75 percent of this album is a pass for me. What the fuck. The building of the production. The heartbreak of the lyrics. The beauty of the outer. And you think it goes nowhere. Okay.

    Now! On to the people with taste. @Milotic (8.5) and I are happily on the same page: This is quite beautiful, isn't it? Yesssss it is. I don't think Twitter icon @chrismoyer (9) is going to be happy about this placement: This song is gorgeous and SO underrated. It’s a beauty to listen to and it’s so mysterious, love it! Yes yes yes. So underrated, especially on here. @superultra (10) calls out her enunciation: When she said, “You keep me in your armpit,” I did not feel that. 1.) Thanks for the laugh. 2.) I also did not feel that.

    A bunch of you basically say what I did, but better. @Crisp X (9.5) and I will be dreaming together tonight: Now that I think about it, this foreshadows the dreamier direction taken on thank, u next. Sweetener walked so thank u, next could run. Like me, @reputation. (10) is in pain: This song fucking hurts. So beautiful. So heart-wrenching. I haven’t listened to it much since Mac passed away. I honestly cannot even imagine how she feels about it. :( It's an extremely tough listen. I do not recommend putting it in repeat, even to do a write-up. @Cutlery (9.5) might not be as heartbroken as the rest of us: Tender reminiscence of feelings long gone. And, perhaps most importantly, set the precedent for Ghostin. Although this track does have a silver lining to it. Please share what you believe is the silver lining below. @pop3blow2 (10) could probably write a whole essay on how this and ghostin' are connected, and honestly I would like to see it: This song was already a brutally beautiful listen. After hearing ‘ghostin’, it’s even more so. I’ve almost head-canoned this as the prequel to that masterpiece. I've definitely head-canoned that ddddd.

    And finally, we have @BreatheBox (11) who should honestly tear the forum down for letting this go so soon: My absolute favourite song from her. So nonchalant yet melancholic and sad. Whew yes mama! Hope you aren't too upset and if you are I'm sending hugs!

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  9. breathin, God is a woman, no tears left to cry, goodnight n go and everytime are all going top 15 or something in all likelihood though?
    The layers when this plays out exactly the same with NASA:
    Keep me in your armpit and you know you'll drag me under

    The final strings have now revealed themselves as a strong precursor to them being a focal point of positions! better off wouldn't sound out of place there sonically, and moreover thematically it is part of a trinity along with ghostin and pov
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  10. Honestly, I can see some of y'all kicking out goodnight n go and everytime before the top 15. I don't trust anyone.
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  11. ...low point?? In the same album that houses the light is coming, sweetener, successful and borderline??
  12. Bop bop bop bop.
    (But agreed.)
  13. I actually don't remember what I was thinking about when calling for a silver lining to this song. Maybe I was trying to say that though you hear it now with grief that the song is a touching tribute of sorts??
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  14. Ahhh okay. That makes sense, I think.
  15. 'better off' : an Ariana rate commentary reaction haiku.

    'goes nowhere', they say.
    'forgettable' 'low point', too?
    much to think about.

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  16. I am too exhausted to read the write up just now. But I will send @Music Is Death the artwork I made because I must have not added it in time.

    Honestly, I'm just stoked that such incredible humans are contributing to this rate. Also a fun fact: even if I don't fully return beforehand...I will still be providing a couple of eliminations coming up...

    for songs y'all did incredibly dirty.
  17. Your artwork is much much better. The one I found didn't even look like Ari to me dddd.

    So curious as to what songs you're doing.
  18. i'm fucking upset 4real!!! Would need that hug!!! some people's refusal to recognize its brilliance is BAFFLING when it's one of her most beautiful songs, the song embodies the word "bittersweet" so perfectly (shrugging with a sad smile realness)...everytime i feel some type of fucked up i just put my better off playlist (better off, the instrumental, live in london + ghostin and its instrumental + baby love intro just to balance things out) on repeat and let the sadness wash away the sadness.
  19. Here's your hug sis.
  20. I'm still pissed about Sometimes leaving WAY too early.
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