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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Thanks <3 this rate is... better off without this song i can't stand seeing another negative comment about it!
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  2. Anytime <3
    And we stan looking on the bright side.
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  3. I can't

  4. It better not go before 15...
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  5. That's what I'm saying! But I don't wanna get my Hope's up.
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  6. "better off" deserved top 10.
  7. better off is a decent song, but almost forgot it was still here to be honest too!
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  8. The narrative that thank u, next is being done wrong when it should've lost a few tracks ages ago. It's been doing well, considering! Look at My Everything, that's the real crime so don't expect to feel bad about this nothingness track going now..
  9. 'better off' is in her Top 5, honestly.
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  10. Better Off deserved better, ima light a candle for her tonight.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    @Laura Vanderbooben will return with the next elimination whenever he recovers from... whatever this week has been.
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  12. #25



    Average: 8.366

    Feeling Christmas all around
    And I'm trying to play it cool
    But it's hard to focus when I see Joe Biden walking around the Oval Office

    Santas: 10 x 23 (@Blond, @citoig, @Music Is Death, @Laurence, @Remorque, @Sanctuary, @RUNAWAY, @TwistedInnocence, @livefrommelbs, @Laura Vanderbooben, @Serg., @aux, @ufint, @maikos87, @Ugly Beauty, @Holly Something, @Vitamin, @BreatheBox, @junkos, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @savilizabeths, Chris Moyer from Twitter dot com, @Sprockrooster)
    Grinches: 4 x 2 (@soratami, @elektroxx), 5 x 3 (@Hurricane Drunk, @Ana Raquel, @blaze_dave)
    Total Points: 610.75
    My Score: 10/10

    Sorry I'm late, girls, I was in a three-day BPG planning offsite with @RJF whiteboarding all the stunts we're about to gag you with. Oh and also, you know, my country had this little election thing. Anyway I'm here now! And I've been charged with cutting another adorable BOP that I love, but I suppose when you come for a mod's neck in Random Thoughts once upon a time, they're entitled to make you suffer a biT when the time is right.

    Also sorry that the artwork isn't the same size as the others - yes, this is the type of thing that bothers me - but that's the cover I made for the last rate and I think it's so sweet, I wanted to reuse it. And I do genuinely love this song - I listen to it all year round actually - in all its candy-cane sweetness. A lot of Christmas pop songs just slap some jingle bells on the track and call it a day; this one achieves snow-melting warmth and remains catchy as hell, too. I'd love to see it get an annual push because I think it could become a perennial favorite. When the choir comes in...


    In the last Ariana rate, this placed #14 and even ranked in the top ten at one point during voting. Not a bad reception for a little one-off single! It doesn't have the required oomph to really be a top ten contender now that Ariana has a far more extensive discography, but it's so fun and sweet that I'm not surprised to see it still fare well here. And unsurprisingly, Miss Mimi came up a lot in the commentary.

    @Cutlery says, "I find this to be more less on the same level as All I Want for Christmas Is You, which is about as high a compliment as can be for a holiday track. Mostly the great thing is how, despite the chiming bells and stylings, this can be listened to all year round." What did I JUST say! @TwistedInnocence yells that it's "A Christmas classic for our generation!!" while @BreatheBox just shrieks "YESSSS!!!" almost as if someone is breathing in her box.

    @daninternational says "Can we replace every Santa Tell Me with this instead? It's far superior" and I have no idea what that means, please explain. Perhaps @Sprockrooster can illuminate some other Christmas songs for us? "Underneath The Tree - One More Sleep - Santa Tell Me = perfect trinity of Christmas classics from the last decade. WHEW. THE TALENT." But @Crisp X sneers "Rewrite it a little and it could fit nicely on Yours Truly… or Get Weird" and gives it a 6.5. Sad!

    Taylor's sixth album @reputation. calls this "A modern day Christmas classic. I can see it pulling an All I Want For Christmas Is You and going #1 next decade. I mean it’s already smashing, so." I have planted the seed and I will seek the harvest!!!! @Laurence stans: "I remember when this came out so precisely, and I was instantly hooked - yet it sounds still fresh. I love it so much. Everyone knows I do and plays it its something Christmas and I'm there. It's so joyful and I love message it brings across. Icon Savan Kotecha wrote this? What a bop eh. Also gotta love that Dirty version too. Listen to it a few times now and then." ...Dirty version?

    "The second best Christmas song of the 21st Century, just behind Kelly’s iconic Underneath The Tree," @Blond explains. @Music Is Death gives it the same score but is much more effusive: "A fun little catchy Christmas bop. Had me moving a little bit. Actually, yeah I kinda love the production, and the melody is insanely catchy. WAIT HOLY SHIT AT THE ENDING THE HANDCLAPS THE BELLS THE ACAPELLA GROUP VOCALS I WASN’T READY TO HAVE MY WIG SNATCHED!" Then, @DJHazey graces us with the mental image of his mother fully bald: "A modern Christmas classic I can behind. It's slowly grown into something I'll give repeated listens to during Christmas time. My Mom is a huge Christmas stan, as we saw in the Christmas Classics rate where I sent her Top 10. I influenced her into adding this because she lost her wig when I first played it for her."

    @RUNAWAY channels Billicent Eyelash with a "duh. An iconic classic that was a cultural Christmas reset. The video is honestly one of the best things she’s ever done too." Never took @superultra for a Christmas gal but I love when I'm surprised. "Ahead of its time!!! An instant classic!!!" In a display of how commentary and scores can diverge, @Holly Something gives it a 10 - one point more than superultra - but says "Not quite All I Want For Christmas Is You level (or even Underneath The Tree) but still, a solid modern Christmas staple." And @Milotic, eager to fit in, coos "This is the kind of Christmas music I like!"

    "A pretty good one. Doesn’t quite scale to the height of ‘must play every year’ but a holiday song that I do really enjoy," says @pop3blow2, and joke's on you, I play every single Ariana Grande song at least once a year. Taste! Chris Moyer tweets into the ether, "Her best Christmas song! Also one of the best Christmas songs this past decade! It’s a cheery, fun, and warm holiday classic!" And sometimes that's all we need, right @Dijah.? "A Christmas classic that bops from start to finish."

  13. Her best Christmas song this!!
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  14. Biden and a fan "<3"
  15. "Santa Tell Me" did not deserve Top 25. It's a cute Christmas track, but Top 25 in her entire discography? It's not even her best Christmas track!
  16. ddd I'm a mess. I meant replace 'Santa Baby' with this. In all versions of its existence.
  17. My god...finally!
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  18. Hey girls

    Did you know

    That uhm...

    We're gonna be alright



    ☁️ BE ALRIGHT ☁️

    Average: 8.527

    In slow motion
    Can't seem to get where we're going
    But the hard times are golden
    'Cause they all lead to better days

    High: 11x2 (@Ana Raquel @Blond) 10x16 (@GimmeWork @WhatKindOfKylie? @Vitamin @daninternational @aux @TwistedInnocence @RUNAWAY @Sanctuary @slaybellz @Slice of Life @Vixen @SlowGinFizzzz @Remorque @ysev @superultra and Yours Truly) 9.75x2 (@ufint @SophiaSophia) 9.5x5 (@Dijah. @stoicist @Milotic @Music Is Death @Sail On)
    Low: 3x1 (@Wired Life)
    4x1 (@savilizabeths)
    4.75x1 (@AllGagaLike) 6.5x1 (@BreatheBox) 7x4 (@christmoyer7777 @fatyoshi @happiestgirl @Serg.) 7.5x6 (@RMK @elektroxx @Robsolete @Petty Mayonnaise @japanesebonustrack @OspreyQueen)

    Total Points: 622.5
    My Score: 10/10
    Host's Score: look at it highlighted in shameful red

    Might this just be the song that, through its lyrics and theme, best embodies the cloud emoji ilysm thank u (ꈍᴗꈍ✿) aspect of Ari's public image and social media presence? I just can't help feeling myself at least a little with this house-lit grade A banger that, under more favorable conditions, is just fervently ready to be playlisted between the occasional bop, and blasted through the speakers of a Zara or H&M dressing room (for the gals that were expecting better department store references, sorry!) as the cute clerk is handing you some risqué potential additions to your wardrobe to try on. Suddenly the ad music is over, and surely enough, that xylophone comes on from nowhere. Could it be? Yes, the knee-high boot, ponytailed chanteuse is uplifting you with a wave of positivity and a delicious beat to carry it.

    Let's have that conversation actually. Or rather, let me make my way through this monologue as I'll go and wait for you lot to react to this elimination and then have a back-and-forth with the song's dissenters. I think some might have brushed off the track as its material that is undoubtedly of its time. The pitched down vocal samples, the lower key piano, the synths, the near chorus-less chorus. However, as we should all know by now, the force of her ad-libs, her harmonies and overall effervesce of the vocals that transcend the audio form is more than enough to highlight 'Be Alright' in what's already an album full of them. And, look! It managed to make it into the upper half of the Dangerous Woman tracklist, as far as eliminations go.

    Would anyone call its message one dimensional or unearned? Other eliminations have highlighted, in bits and pieces, how Ariana is a celebrity that, in a short span, had really been through it. In her personal life, with her fans, I'm sure I don't need to list the events to make clear where I'm coming from. So in a way, as time has gone by and many of us have struggled with mental health due to isolation or on the opposite end, from the relentless pace of life that never went on lockdown for some, 'Be Alright' in all its straightforwardness, has stayed relevant. It is like a honest hand wiping away the tears on your cheek, helping you up and giving you back a bit of the ability to hope for the future, and keep trying for it another and another and another day. That's power.

    Let's get the negativity out first, and maybe hear if members of the audience give us valid reasons for that. For instance, I hope we get some input in the future from our host, who I think I had never seen in the lowest scorers section before today. Gasp.

    First off, a simple statement from @BreatheBox (6.5): "Honestly quite boring to me." No! And then we have @Laurence (6), who has had their gay license revoked: "Even tough it is one of the gayest songs ever with the vogue stuff and everything, it aged particularly badly and never connected with me that well. It feels a lazy this will do (like all her collabs too). Just dunno. I'll probably be one of the few lower scorers here." Never missing an opportunity to come for 'Don't Call Me Angel', 'Focus' and 'Bang Bang's? Okay I'm digging it. Our last dissenter is @Wired Life (3), who explains: "I have never clicked with this song like everyone else seems to. Everything about it just bores me. The lyrics are whatever, the breakdown was uninspired even for the tropical house trend it was apart of... It's like a bad Little Mix album track. Why listen to this when No Tears Left To Cry is right there?" Real talk, I never listened to a Little Mix album, oops. But I get your harsh criticism of the blunt trend chasing at display.

    Some voters gave a good score but where a little ambivalent on the final product. Such is the case of @Crisp X (8) and @pop3blow2 (8), who write: "This is cute but lacks something to make it really pop off, and I don’t know what exactly." and "Cute, but kinda generic & forgettable to me." respectively. As far as maybe a bit of a lacking hook I get it, but I don't feel that way when I listen to 'Be Alright'.

    Turns out that , sometimes, it's... gonna be... alright, no @fatyoshi (7)?: "Somewhat similar energy to that “Carly Rae Jepsen: don't lay down to die. Me: okay” post. Maybe things will be Alright." Okay but talk about a massive, soaring chorus there, whew! @Dijah. (9.5) knows one thing for sure: "Invented optimism." Yeah. The equal parts old soul and Glee fanatic in @Music Is Death (9.5) jumps out to type: "A BOP. The melody at the beginning of the first verse always reminds me of Don’t Stop Believin’ for some reason. But this always makes me wanna dance." It's the piano-backed, drawn out emphasis on some syllables to me. And I feel that, I can't listen and stay still at the same time!

    Unsurprisingly, @superultra (10) just gets it, as far as nailing down the influence of contemporary producers and what makes the song work so well goes: " love that this sounds like a Mura Masa song. On a serious note, this song has cheered me up during rough times, especially when my mental health is on the decline during midterm or final season at school." Yes it just works as a comfort song and that is its field. Simple songs call for simple joys, as @RUNAWAY (10) says: "now THIS song is what I love about Ari. It's such a MOOD. And I love how it's kind of become a mantra. It honestly never fails to make me happy. It's such a feel good moment of a song." Like it's a mantra? Yes stan Allie X - Need You, girl! It was a grower and not a shower
    sorry for @Milotic (9.5): "I love this. I remember not really caring for it when it came out, but I warmed up around the time Sweetener came out. I adore the low-key production and her lyrical melodies. Fun to sing along to!" I felt that because even though the albums were two years apart, I've had those moments in which a song only clicks until much much later. @daninternational (10) gets urban from the sound but I don't hear it?: "It's perfect lyrically and sonically, when Ariana really hit that sweet spot between 'urban' and 'mainstream'." Think there are other clearer examples of urbariana [sic] in Dangerous Woman alone but I'll take your word for it!

    Other PJunties couldn't help themselves from referencing the choreo routine in performances of 'Be Alright'. Twitter gal Chris Moyer (9) states: "This one is so much fun and catchy! The dance is now iconic and I loved when they performed this at SWT!" Likewise, @GimmeWork (10) talks about a different outing: "The SNL performance made me stan this song. Still irritated that it didn’t become a single. WHAT A BOP!!!!" Considering where 'Everyday' peaked post-'Side to Side', maybe it was for the best. Remember how great she looked suited up for those SNL promo pics though?

    It's come down to our two 11-givers. First up is @Blond: "So usually I would have given my 11 to ghostin, No Tears Left To Cry or Into You. HOWEVER, I gave ghostin and No Tears Left To Cry my 11 in their respective Big Pop Gurl rates, and Into You is likely going to win the whole thing. When Dangerous Woman came out I was obsessed with this song as a pre drinks bop, but seeing her opening her One Love Manchester set with this and seeing her do it in person at Manchester Pride, the song took on a whole new meaning for me and holds a special place in my heart. That and the fact that the production absolutely slaps." I would've felt so much joy hearing this live at that moment both in One Love and Pride, as they hold different yet similar sentiments of hope in the face of tragedy. Thank you for your tasteful pick!

    I close off with @Ana Raquel, whom I may have taste differences but can always count on stanning for a stone cold bop: "Hm it's kinda hard to explain why is it my 11. It's the first (and maybe the only) Ariana song that I could... connect with? It excels on its purpose. I actually listen to it and start thinking everything is gonna be alright. It's relaxing somehow. She really did it."

    I hear she's so into voguing right now, correct? Rejoice below, especially with the opening Dangerous Woman Tour performance as the extended mix, and backdrop it used were just *chef's kiss*.

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  19. I feel Be Alright has that timeless Ari vibe I think it could have fit on the three albums that followed this? Maybe that’s just me.
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