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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cambodiangoatpatrol, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Any news on the new album?
    I ordered Frou Frou the other day and it just arrived this morning, have it on now - AMAZING

    Do we all remember Britney Spears feat. Imogen Heap - "Over To You Now", released on the Chaotic DVD, meant for In The Zone
    Its supposedly on Brit's new album, well, a re-mastered version
    I read that on a forum somewhere
    Highly unlikely, but I think it's a cool idea

    So.... no new Imogen info?
  2. She's recording one now. Or starting to.

    Britney does not have a new album anytime soon dude. She is just trying to stay alive first. But yes, that song did like and Immi was involved.
  3. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Robyn was also involved! It's like a wet dream come true - Guy Sigsworth, Imogen Heap, Robyn, Robyn's songwriter companion and Britney - all on the same song!

    In addition to recording a new album, being nominated for Grammys and just generally being all round busy (and fabulous), Immi is also scoring a Disney movie about flamingos!
  4. Flamingos :|
    How very..... Imogen

    It's a real pity she never will "conquered" the British Charts
  5. I am sad that there were no more single releases from Speak For Yourself after HEADLOCK

    That album rocked.
  6. mattsy666

    mattsy666 Guest

    i can''t reccommend seeing imogen heap live highly enough ...

    she does all the sequencing live so although the sounds are pre recorded it is actually a live show (i''ve done some electronic music stuff in the past and she doe sin 2 mins what it woudl take me days to do)

    think of it liek a mad scientist with a bunsen burner and you''re halfway there .. if u get the chance deffo go see
  7. mattsy666

    mattsy666 Guest

    has anyone else been watchng the v-blogs?

    the more i see of them the more i like them ... they really echo the madness of her live shows (which always gonna be good)
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  8. They're a bit odd and a tad lengthy but I do love her and I'm glad to know the new album is starting to take shape. I can't wait for her to release something new.

    What are her live shows like? I've never seen them.
  9. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I love them, she is so endearing and warm.

    I literally CANNOT WAIT for "Not Now, But Soon"! The dark, twisty beat is fantastic!
  10. mattsy666

    mattsy666 Guest

    its basically a bit mad scientist ... she records her voice for the backing vocals live infort of you and then runs around 5 or6 diffrent digital instruments building the sound.

    if you uderstand how electronic music s put together it is very impresive as you know howlong it atkes to get it right .. but she gets 1 or 2 takes on the initial set up and the rest i live ... she only stopped one song midway through when i seen her in edinburgh.

    basically if you get the chance you have to go see her ... hell save your kylie ticket money and travel if you have to ... it is that good.
  11. If the v-casts or whatever they're called are any indication of the live shows, I'll be there. I love it when artists "lift the veil" and show how a song is put together. For someone as talented as Imogen, itd be truly jawdropping.
  12. i love her!

    she took it back to the oldskool with the itunes festival and did all her songs from imegaphone with just her & the piano.... and a dog.

    would lover her to do more work with mich gerber - she did three songs on one of his albums, he plays bass & loops it to build up tracks - it's genius.

    and she worked with nick kershaw on her first album?! WINNER xx
  13. I hope she gets some more recognition and a bit of a chart success with the next album
    wouldnt want her to go mainstreem , i think it would spoil her
  14. Steve

    Steve Guest

    She actually did really well in the USA with "Speak For Yourself," despite no airplay; the one or two TV shows and TV placements worked wonders. I believe it's at 250,000+ there now; it had done 100,000+ in a few months!
  15. Sweet lady. When she launched her last album she did a contest where she cooked for the winner. She also did handmade cards for the first 75 (at least) people who bought the CD from her site - this was before it got wider distribution.

    She has an interesting profile in America because she's at once pop and indie. The fact that she's sort of a self made artist helps. She does it all.

    Her next record will be the highlight of ... what? Fall 2008? zThe song for Heroes souinds great. Love the funky opening.

    PS Her live shows are great. You think How can she do this? but she pulls it off- and she sounds the same live.
  16. i've been super sick recently. I've had a horrible rendition of the flu that has forced me to stay on my couch unable to move. This is all foreshadowing.

    I love Imogen Heap. A guy I used to date got me on her, and then he dumped me (tear) and I forgot about her. Then one day I was watching LOGO and I saw the music video for Hide And Seek and was blown away because that was her!

    So after running and getting her albums and listening, about eight months later, I was in my friend's car, the back seat, and him and our other friend were up front. Someone decided to play Frou Frou. They asked me if I had heard of Frou Frou and of course I had not.


    So I ran out an bought all of the Frou Frou songs I could on Helio Marketplace. The first song that really jumped out to me was "Hear Me Out" because it samples the soundtrack from 28 Days Later -really. 28 Days Later is my favorite film of all time because of it's use of music (as well as storyline and such).

    So today I am sitting in bed, or rather, my couch, with some symptoms getting better while others march further ahead in, destroying my will-power to eat, sing, or even move (yes the flu sucks), spending the whole day watching the American version of Queer As Folk through viral videos.

    I had previously already seen seasons 1-3.5 but after that I hadn't seen a single. So upon watching Episode 12 of Season 4, I began to hear familiar music.

    And that's when it hit: The music playing was Frou Frou "Hear me Out". For some reason, it lifted my mood for the temporary two minutes it played.

    Frou Frou and Imogen Heap have this amazing power to bring you into such an emotional state. Their lyrics drive me crazy because they are written so well, not to mention their melodies and music. I know it sounds cheesy but I believe that some music has the ability to really draw you in and encompass your life. Sure, it may not be the same group for everyone, but for me?

    For me, it's Frou Frou.
  17. mattsy666

    mattsy666 Guest

    Not Now But Soon has been released on the Heroes OST this week ... What do people think? I'm not 'wowing' over it I have to say ... but then i don't think Immi's tracks stand alone too well, they work best as an album.

    It's not on itunes but where there is google there is a way ...
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  18. Will this eventually be on her new album? At least based on the preview, it sounds okay I guess (it is on itunes US but album only). Unfortunately all I can think of when she repeats "Days of Our Lives" is the soap...
  19. Off the (I believe) iTunes only Tibet charity album. Stripped down, vocoder-less version of the song. It's quite lovely. Reminds me of her collaboration with J.P. Schwalm, "P.I.N."
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