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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cambodiangoatpatrol, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. I casted a vote for "Miel".


    "Deal With It" not making the ballot because it hasn't been officially released yet... I'm bereft.
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  2. The funny thing being... we’ve heard 97% of Deal With It already... I don’t understand why it gets ignored.
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  3. Ready to slut drop to the The Listening Chair!
  4. Between that song and Neglected Space...I don’t want to hear them live... especially Neglected Space, which was on the setlist for her last tour.
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  6. The 6 song Royal Albert Home performance is happening in 6 minutes!
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  7. Well "Hide And Seek" was a riot ddd.
  8. I was really impressed with the variety in which the songs were performed. I love How First Train Home, Headlock and Goodnight and Go were all handled... her multitasking is insane!
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  9. That was thoroughly entertaining! I'm not too surprised by the songs that were voted, but I loved her interpretations and all the sets up.

  10. I posted this in the ionnalee thread just now - there's some overlap between the fanbases, so just sharing this in case anyone wants to contribute to this fan driven initiative to have Imogen Heap cover an ionnalee | iamamiwhoami song during one of her upcoming live streams. Imogen is raising funds for her Creative Passport project at the moment and will cover songs by other artists for a set price as part of this, so this will support Imogen (an artist so many of us love!) and get some well deserved recognition for Jonna from an established artist.
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  11. Not sure if anyone here was a big fan of her vBlogs for Ellipse or not but she dropped a bunch of the rough demos on her Imogen Heap app. To be specific:
    - Canvas early demo
    - Early Tidal demo
    - Tidal piano demo
    - First Train Home early version
    - 2-1 (Demo submitted for Narnia Sequel)
    - Bad Body Double (before being organized)
    - A-ha with different lyrics and piano
    - a section of Swoon with a different kind of production
  12. Have you heard them @VitaminBee? What do you think, any major differences? I might have to re-subscribe for a bit.
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  13. I have. If you are a fan of her work, there’s a lot to enjoy. I’m a Tidal stan and am happy that she put two versions out in this batch. One is the original piano demo from her writing trip in Thailand and the other is one before Ashwin Srinivasan came in and recorded his vocals. It has quite a different production that is more gameboy-ish. I assume it's from this era of the song. A-ha is more like this version with different lyrics. 2-1/Polyfilla is this one. Oh god, I can't believe I know which blogs these came from...

    Probably the best early birthday present to experience right now. If you enjoyed the album, I think you’d enjoy this a lot.
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  14. I'm a bit of a Tidal stan too, so those two demos being available swayed me - although I ended up enjoying First Train Home most out of them all. It's always interesting to see where songs start and where they end up and I hope she'll share more from Ellipse, as well as her other albums and scrapped ideas, if she can.

    On another note, you might have been her tweets, but the fan who was behind getting Imogen to do the iamamiwhoami cover has set up two more funding pools - one for Imogen to do a Tori Amos cover and another to do a Kate Bush cover. Both are just over half way to reaching their total. If you want to contribute you can do so here:


    I believe Zoe Keating has also said if Under Ice is chosen as the Kate cover she will do the cello section too.
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  15. Imogen has added some more demos to her app.

    Two extra demos from "Ellipse":

    Bad Body Double (First Demo)
    Wait It Out (First Demo)

    Three demos of unreleased/discarded songs:

    There Was No Fear Then
  16. Happy to hear! I donated to her GoFundMe and thanked her for sharing the demos and she said more were coming.... and there’s 10 track list numbers but #9 is missing... hopefully some more come! Give me another version of Tidal with those lost Ashwin vocals.
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  17. It seems like Thinking, Charming and There Was No Fear Then are all post-iMegaphone, pre-Frou Frou intended for a second album that never materialised at the time.

    Exciting to hear about more coming... seems it was definitely the right moment to re-subscribe!
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  18. So cool that she's doing this! Just signed up and excited to listen to the new stuff today.
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  19. Looks like a Come Here Boy demo (and other demos) will be coming once they've been approved by whoever had a hand in them.
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  20. Latest Demos in the App

    93 Feet
    Holiday Apart
    Come Here Boy (Demo)
    Chrismukkah (Demo of Just For Now)
    750 V DC
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