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Imogen Heap - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cambodiangoatpatrol, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. It’s been a nice little “Christmas” the past week or so with Imogen. So great getting to listen to these. Hoping she drops that The Walk demo with the alternate ending.
  2. Are the demos only available to stream on the app or are you able to download them?
  3. Tidal is her best album, don't @ me.
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  4. Song? Or do you mean Ellipse is her best album?
  5. Oop, you know what I meant! Yes, I do mean Ellipse. I need coffee.
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  6. It's all good. I think Tidal is easily one of my favorite tracks but I flip flop between Speak For Yourself and Ellipse. I liked a decent chunk of Sparks but it wasn't cohesive (for obvious reasons). Run-Time is still the best song off of it.
  7. Sadly, only available to stream.
  8. That's what I figured.
  9. According to her SupaPass site, she’s supposedly a new song of hers is coming out this week titled “Last Night of an Empire”.
    With truly questionable cover art....
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  11. I hope ones coming... This seems to be the beginning of a new era. She’s switched up her fonts for it. You can hear the track (and evolution of it) if you join her site (along with lots of demos... They just posted a version of The Walk with a different ending to it.)
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  12. It was pushed a week. You can see the cover art though below.
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  13. I've been listening to various versions on the app over the past few weeks (or months, however long it has been!) It's a great song, so glad she'll be releasing it outside the app too.
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  14. It really is a good song. Hoping she keeps going with the song writing... though I don’t know how I feel about her wanting to give some of the production work to people other than herself. Hoping she goes back on that as I appreciate her work more that way. Though I’d love for her to hire an artist for the art and ditch the person she’s been working with lately.

    I wish she was more popular here to get her own rate.
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  15. I was going through old paperwork files and found a couple of Immi setlists from the IMegaphone era, or just before. Probably from some gigs in Camden.

    Interesting or old tat? shall I dig em out again and upload a photo?
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  16. I’m sure they’d love that on the app discord.
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  17. Is that pay to post or can I just pop along?
  18. If you join her site/supapass app, you get access. The app is a treasure trove for anyone that loves her work though. Demos from Ellipse, Speak For Yourself, discarded songs that never made it past pitches, instrumentals, demos for new ideas, etc. She talks on there often usually too... I don't think it's too pricey.
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  19. I really like it.
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