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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cambodiangoatpatrol, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have an alternate album cover that they use for Speak For Yourself, instead of the official one? I’ve been looking for some fan-made ones, but haven’t found anything.
  2. This thread popping up reminded me how much I love this song:

  3. In case anyone's interested in tuning in tomorrow:

  4. Headlock was playing in my local Home Bargains yesterday and it reminded me of what a work of art that album was. Is it just me that has lost all interest in her recent work, it all seems to be slightly bonkers soundscape stuff?
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  5. I think it's easy to feel that way because a lot of her public appearances have been soundscape-y performances demonstrating the gloves she is developing, and any time she pops up in the media, or at events like the tweet I shared, it's usually improvised music or discussion about the gloves.

    But the majority of her singles (admittedly there haven't been many altogther) released after the Sparks album are all structured songs similar to her usual work.

  6. Thanks I'll give these a go!
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  7. Hmm so I've listened to Sparks album (upon previously ignoring its existence) and all of the singles on Spotify. Unfortunately I've yet to find any of them very listenable, Run-Time is almost passable. Think I'll just stick to the first 3 albums
  8. I do think she's fallen into a gimmick lately. I love her work but Sparks had a lot of lows. Sure, all the tracks are good but they don't feel like an album (and I don't think they should be considered one). Run-Time, You Know Where To Find Me, Entanglement and Xizi She Knows are what I still listen to. Stuff like Neglected Space is a chore to listen to, though I enjoy the latter half of it for what it is. Though having to sit through it in a live performance is not fun. It's a bathroom break song. It's the same issue that happens with sequels to comedies. The people writing it think that one aspect of the humor mad ethe film and go down that path but ignore what actually made it good (I'm looking at you, Legally Blonde). She thinks that the weird sounds and experimenting is what drew people to her work, which it did, but it was also the actual lyrical content too. I think Glittering Cloud is the closest she's gotten to matching both sides without overdoing it.

    I just wish she'd focus a little more and get back to writing songs that were a little more easy to connect to. Speak For Yourself is an amazing album and Ellipse is pretty damn good (Tidal and Swoon being my favorites). I understand the need for the whole Creative Passport/Mycelia, Mi.Mu gloves but it seems to have taken over her passion to actually make music.
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  9. Dddd I kind of love "Neglected Space," but Sparks certainly pales in comparison to the two albums before it. We don't talk about iMegaphone.
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  10. Neglected Space has grown on me quite a lot over the years. It's an interesting song thematically and also quite ambitious in terms of the production even if it doesn't really ever feel like it reaches its full potential. Definitely a toilet break moment whenever she performs it live though, but it hits different when you're able to listen to it in your own time because you actually want to, haha.
  11. Aw I've grown to really love Sparks. It's definitely different from Speak For Yourself and Ellipse but it has an atmospheric charm.
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  12. Ellipse is still my favorite Immy album. I don't even know why. Like, Speak for Yourself has the moments, but something about Ellipse just captures me wholesale.
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  13. I almost completely checked out with Sparks - even had my special boxset (the one for which you could send a photo of your footprint to be part of the cover art, mine's still there somewhere ddd) order cancelled because I coudn't connect with any of the songs that were coming out during the promotional rollout. Since then nothing she put out really grabbed me except for that live recording of Guitar Song which was a Frou Frou b-side I think, and I also feel like she's been so heavily involved in other projects that the music suffered. Hope she'll eventually get her mojo back.
    Was gutted to have my Frou Frou gig cancelled in Paris though because of Brexit...
  14. I am not the biggest fan of iMegaphone... I love Leave Me To Love but that’s about it. I consider Details, Speak For Yourself and Ellipse to be the trio for me. They are all great albums.

    I am bummed that Guitar Song only came out as a live version as the actual studio track is so much better sounding. It’s a shame they can’t put out an EP with all the bonus tracks (A New Kind of Love is big on TikTok).
  15. I can’t even at all this iMegaphone erasure. It’s a great album, I was super into it back in the day, even bought all the singles - there’s a fantastic remix of Getting Scared that I’ll have to try and dig out from somewhere.

    For my media studies class back in 1999 we had to create a band and design their debut single and album campaign and the song I chose for my band was Useless. My friend and I used to drive round our city at midnight playing Rake It In as loud as possible with the windows down just to freak people out when it got to that bit.

    Honestly one of my favourite albums ever. I also remember buying the Frou Frou single from HMV as the cover looked cool and not even realising it was her until I read the liner notes and finally put two and two together from one of her blogs from ages back.

    good times.
  16. I don't think that's for the benefit of her audience nor is it a crutch. I think Immi just genuinely enjoys weird sounds and experimentation and always has? Her penchant for atmospheric, meandering compositions can be traced as far back as her early demos and is especially apparent whenever she does live improv. I can understand the ambivalence or disappointment towards Sparks. It's an anti-album by design, a direct response to her creative process with Ellipse that I think was low-key traumatizing for her at the time. Contextualizing it that way is important as it's better appreciated as an anthology of individual projects rather than a start-to-end album. Something something journey not the destination. I think most of us who followed the process are on the same page on that anyways. Sonically, it's actually not much of a departure from her previous work (which is its weakness–but I digress).

    Her most accessible, pop-y moments (read: Speak for Yourself) feel more like a flash in the pan when you look at the full breadth of her discography. And I'm sure she's acutely aware that that era was her most popular and successful. She simply does not seem interested in being the indie-electronic, capital P pop queen that some fans want from her deep down. I personally would like to see her go more weird and more experimental. Her current sound has lost much of its lustre and it doesn't have much bite to it now, a result of playing within the same soundscape for so long. I'd like to see her collaborate more with other producers, something way left and out of her comfort zone; off the top of my head, maybe Woodkid, Chloe x Halle, or (people will hate this) Arca?
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  17. That’s fair. She did mention that she wanted to work with other producers with her next album but I don’t know if she’ll stick to it. I think she truly loves getting lost in her work and playing with sounds and such. Which I love but I find lyrically, sometimes things can get a little lost. Personally, I like the weird sounds and such... the SFY and Ellipse tours were amazing and I appreciated seeing her build songs out of random stuff on stage.
  18. oh yes agreed, but it's something that should be just for live gigs - it's not something I'd want an album of. = although saying that the songs she'd create live are more listenable than a lot of Sparks...
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