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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blayke, Jan 9, 2015.

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    Ina Wroldsen is famously known on here at the "6th Saturday" lending her song writing skill and vocal efforts to many of The Saturdays hits. She also had a brief stint with her duo band Ask Embla who gave us the amazing (forgotten) song Father's Eyes.

    Ina has now decided to kick it solo and last October brought out the brilliant song Aliens (her er jeg). I remember downloading it and listened to it a few times, but only today I saw that the music video came out and I wanted to share it with you all. The song has just under 2 million streams on Spotify, heaps of radio support in Norway, and it’s not left the upper reaches of the Norwegian iTunes chart since its release. I really hope she tries to go international with this, she's fantastic!

    You're welcome!
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  2. Re: Ina Wroldsen - Aliens (her er jeg)

    Ina also wrote and had backup vocals on "He About To Lose Me" too. Ina is just great.
  3. At first I thought "The 6th Saturday" was part of the song title.
  4. The song is amazing! On repeat for me at the moment.

    She really is so talented.
  5. She was the 'Sia' to The Saturdays (lending her vocals but never showing her face as 'part of the band'). I've always loved her demo of My Hands.
  6. I love this track and have played it a lot since it was released last year, Would love a whole album from her but would also love a new Ask Embla album too.
  7. She's obviously catering to Sia fans with this particular sound. I want an album full of those gems.
  8. Yeah, what I like about Ina's song is that it is geared for that Sia approach, but for me it comes off a little bit more genuine and believable than the Sia we have today. I really would love an album full of Ina's pop jams. She's one talented songwriter and singer.
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  10. Background vocals for "He About To Lose Me"? Doesn't she sing the whole song?
  11. Ina is one of my favourite pop stars now. How is everyone on PJ not LOVING her?!
  12. **shameless bump** but Aliens was chucked onto US Spotify this week - plans for a US release perhaps? I wish more people knew she was the voice behind How Deep Is Your Love.
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  13. Oh. My. God. My mind is blown.
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  14. I wonder if she asked to go uncredited, or if Calvin just gave her dem coins to keep her name out of it.
  15. Because her surname sounds like a throat being cleared! But I suspect she'll do quite well for herself now that she's ditched The Saturdays. She should be solo. And get out there.
  16. As this is the most recent Ina Wroldsen thread, I thought I'd use this to mention that earlier this month, another Ina-vocalled song hit youtube:

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  17. Ina, like most of her fellow Swedish pop writers, has such an ear for melody. I want her to give Zara a song!
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