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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vignesh, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Heart on Fire is full stop amazing. It's like the spiritual successor to Robyn's With Every Heartbeat.
  2. 2014

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    Her interview on Digital Spy is very endearing. Really hoping we will get an album, Solo Dancing and Heart On Fire are incredible
  3. Someone needs to sort the promo out - it keeps saying the album is out tomorrow in interviews and the press. They should just release it now - Heart On Fire is tanking and I doubt radio will give her another push after this to give Sony the hit single they want.

    I like Heart on Fire but it would be better if she actually sang the verses rather than spoke them in a kooky way.
  4. Heart On Fire charts at #89. Ouch.
  5. A two-star review in the latest Mojo which absolutely slates her :

    "Tailor-made by a focus group with the sole purpose of getting editorials in fashion magazines - there's still precious little here that's not been said before with more originality."
  6. Damn, we're not getting this album are we?
  7. It's listed on iTunes with one of the tracks already available to buy - or does that mean nothing and it could mysteriously disappear? Ironically that headline of her digital spy interview says "I have to sell records now". Guess she ain't.

    I do fear the album might get pulled - all the key places seem to have reviewed it already so all that promo is now negated. Unless people hit pre-order.

    For those who like Indiana, you might want to check out a singer called NINA who released a stunning track "We Are The Wild Ones" last year - she seems like a better version of Indiana to me (prepares to get slated).
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  8. It's now been moved back another week to the 20th...
  9. I adore that she's actually referenced Mortal Kombat!
  10. Album release delayed until January 2015...
  11. Dag


  12. And probably never to be mentioned again...
  13. Not surprising, the label threw Solo Dancing at everybody it could. Heart On Fire barely got a fraction of the same promotion.

    This feels like Jess Mills' album all over again.
  14. A&E


    I have no words for this except...

    I hope it leaks soon.
  15. Oh for god's sake why does this keep happening to all the new releases I'm excited about. At least January 2015 is looking good...
  16. First this, then Charli and then this again... those damn push backs.
  17. So when the album finally gets released, what happens to all the press that's already reviewed it? Do they have to re-review it or will it be a case of all those extra press/column inches/ promo for the album release not happen?
  18. The press won't review it again, it'll just come out to no fanfare or not get released at all. It's a big shame cause it got pretty favourable reviews across the board.
  19. What happened to Heart on Fire? When it first appeared on Soundcloud it has a far more rhythmic, upbeat feel to it. Then when I heard it on the radio, it felt like the life had been stripped out of it. Did they make it sound dull for the single release? Confused. Now I can't find that early version I liked :(
  20. Ironic interview title:

    To be honest I can barely make out a word in the chorus of Heart On Fire. It's like she is lazily trying to sing "I'm for ya, it's gonna be, I'm for ya..."

    This album isn't gonna get released is it? At least back in the early 2000's if a Sony act flopped pre album, their album would at least get released on Minidisc...
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