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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Zar-Unity, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. A previously unfamiliar territory of delightful female sung pop with real charm..and I'm not just speaking of the wonderful "Anggun". Up until five months ago, I had never heard of Anggun, or any other Indonesian I have been enlightened and rewarded by some truly wonderful music!

    Let's start off this thread with the Indonesian version of "Rose in the wind", which I love, by Anggun..

    So, I decided to create a thread on just interesting Indonesian singers, since there didn't seem to be one already.

    I've been inspired since last week to discover some other special Indonesian pop artists, since I did a search on Anggun for her rateyourmusic album entries, and another Indonesian pop singer came up instead, with the name "Saskia Anggun Chairunnisa"

    Apparently, she was a Indonesian pop rock artist whom only had one album released in 2008 titled "Ke satu", meaning "The one" or "One".
    Also, Saski (Saskia Anggun Chairunnisa) has a pretty beautiful song called "Diatas Sajadah", that I was able to track down. Sadly it is not on Youtube to hear though. However, I did find her opening song to her album and lead single "34 jam" (43 hours)


    I have yet to hear her album, as it seems incredibly rare to track down, even in Indonesia!

    However, in the process of trying to find out more about this mysterious "Anggun" of sorts herself, who simply went by the name "Saski", I have also discovered a few other very nice female Indonesian singers whom I thought some people here might enjoy..

    The first of which I have just stumbled upon while doing a search for a few more female Indonesian singers that I found on a old Indonesian pop music blog..

    She simply goes by the name "Audy", and she does seem to have a very nice voice and good quality production to her music. Here's one of her songs..

    Then we have a female Indonesian singer that has quite the voice and charming persona, who goes by the name "Gita Gutawa", who I have just discovered yesterday! Her music is largely based on moving pop ballads, similar to how most mainstream Chinese pop artists operate by their main choice of selected singles, however Gita also adds in her own quirky attitude on certain songs to delight her audience.

    At times, her music seems to mainly showcase on just how much her voice can easily fill any lavish orchestration or big arrangement of strings and slow playing acoustic piano. Her voice is "stunning', although for me, it still lacks a certain something extra, but it is quite adequate nonetheless.

    I was almost going to say when I first started listening to her music, that she sounds like the female Indonesian version of Emma Bunton, in the way that she sings so.."broad" and how her voice effortlessly captivates one's ears over stringed instruments. Take a sample from her music right here..

    Gorgeous right?
    Please excuse the fan made video, the next one's official and shows off Gita's quirky persona..although to a very strange video of sorts..

    I think my favorite Indonesian singer I have discovered since Anggun has been Gita Gutawa so far. Gita has several albums to her name, and she seems pretty popular over in Indonesia. I can see why!
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