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Industry (HBO series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spaceship, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. New work place drama based in London that follows the lives of graduate interns. Episode 1 is now available.
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  2. jtm


    There‘s.. eh.. one good scene in this and the rest is a bit average and too cliche. I kind of want to know if there‘s more where that came from, but I‘m not really invested in it otherwise.
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  3. I actually found the pilot quite enjoyable, but yeah ... it really depends on where they’ll be taking this. This has the potential to be as good as Succession and Billions if they play their cards right.
  4. Just watched the first episode...
    The Beeb investing in something so full of fit men is a lovely surprise. Of course the plot did draw me in, and it's all shot well.
    Sarah Parish is great in anything, and was utterly utterly awful in this.
    I'll be watching the rest.
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  5. I'm on episode 4, and it's all available on iPlayer.
    It gets better and better, and I'm happy I can binge watch it all this week.
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  6. The final episode was brilliant. No announcement yet on a second season, unfortunately.
  7. I'm still on episode 3, but I love how they really captured the London work life and the acting is quite good. I hope they renew it for one more season at least.
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  8. It’s a really interesting, darkly funny show but also horrific and uncomfortable at the same time.I live for shows were characters are flawed and this has them by the dozen.

    Some of the acting can be a bit Eldorado at times but all in all I have really enjoyed it so far and as others have said it really captures Corporate London in all its glory and viciousness.
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  9. I’ve worked in corporate London for 14 years now and...yeah it’s not quite like that, a lot of it is pretty mundane. It makes for a good drama though.
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  10. Everyone has something grubby about them in it... all of them
    I am enjoying episode 5 though.
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  11. Renewed for season 2! Really interested to see where this goes.
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  12. Loved this. Reminds me of everyone I went to university with. Those dummies.

    I found the pacing of the show quite uneven but that was a minor complaint.
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  13. Episode 6, the Christmas Party...
    BBC2 letting us see cocaine getting blown up Harry Lawtey’s anus, I did not ever expect.
    I am happy about it’s renewal.
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  14. Yasmin is so pretty and charismatic.
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  15. The scene between Yasmin and her manager was one of the most awkward things they've given us... even after a failed threesome.

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  16. Okay, but can we talk about Amir El-Masry as the client who proposed it?

  17. Already followed him,
    He could do anything to me
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  18. When he asked where the dark room was about five seconds after they entered the cig club in episode 3...

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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Harper and Yasmin are fantastic! This is so addictive ff.
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  20. This final episode was superb, Priyanga Burford really gave us layers
    What a wonderful series, let's hope they don't tone it down, but also give us growth in S2.
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