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INFINITE + Sub-Units

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Menboong, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Actually, this thread resurrection is good timing - I've spent a little over a month falling down the INFINITE rabbit hole, and my singles tier list has started to solidify:

    Last Romeo
    The Chaser
    Man in Love

    Be Mine
    She's Back
    Tell Me

    The Eye
    Nothing's Over

    Come Back Again

    ... something like that, anyway. Of course, the bottom two are in the 6-7 range, so it's not like they've ever put out a bad title track.
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  2. They didn't...when I did the bside rate for the forum, I was like, well I HAVE to pick 2 Infinite songs and when I started thinking of my favorites I was like, damn they are all title tracks, which never happens for me with any artist of any genre. I hate Woolim for a lot of things, but they got title tracks right. I could never rank my children officially, even though I admitted to having a holy trinity, but the rest of the songs really change up all the time for me as to what I like more than others. My heart hurts a little seeing The Eye that low, but by a strange series of YouTube events, it was my first...and you never forget your first, hahaha, so I think that's why it's always so high for me.
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  3. The Eye would be higher, except they did pretty much the same thing with Back, and I like it a bit better! Still, like I said, just about everything they've put out puts other groups to shame.

    Yeah, I've been thinking about the B-sides rate... trying to narrow it down to two is proving difficult! Woollim did consistently choose the right titles, but their discography is pretty much bulletproof on the whole. Every album has at least a couple contenders.
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  4. Did I just find my Popjustice best friend? LMAO. Yes, it took me forever to pick 2 for them and once I sent it in I immediately went damn it, I should have picked this. The whole thing I think I at best maybe picked 3 out of my 20 songs that might get another voter besides me, okay maybe 4 (Red Velvet has so many to chose from I think everyone that listens to them will pick different ones) but I’m expecting to stand tall on my lonely island with my choices.
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  5. Since it is L’s, my beloved Myungsoo’s, birthday I had to make a post about it. Oh if I was like 5 or so years younger, and in South Korea, and he was you, this would be my future husband. But since I live in reality, I stopped by the bakery, bought myself a cupcake and went about my day. LOL

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  6. Happy Birthday to Hoya (it's the 28th in Korea so that's what I'm going by, LOL). I don't care what any "fan" says Hoya will always be a member of the group in my eyes. I hope to one day seeing them all together again. Obviously an OT7 reunion to release music is a blue sky dream, but hell I'd settle for someone taking a photo of the 7 of them out to dinner together would make my heart happy.
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  7. Hmm...


    Might be at the point in my stanning journey where Sungkyu sleeping socks & pillowcase seem like reasonable purchases.
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  8. You know what...just between us handful that even look in this thread, you do you boo and get your socks and pillowcase. I had one of L made that had a picture of him I like judgment here. And that fact NEVER leaves this thread!
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  9. It looks very nice and how practical!
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  10. It has been clarified that Myungsoo’s release in February will only be a digital single and not a full album because he is still a member of Infinite. This made me happy and still a little sad at the same time. Also Hoya is doing a musical? I’m glad to see him doing things post enlistment. I still hold out hope to one day see the 7 of them together just one more time.
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