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Inga (Humpe) - Planet Oz

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by type:epyt, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Anyone else have any love for this early 90's gem?

    One fo the few decent albums to have tracks from several writers/producers (Trevor Horn, Beloved, PSB, Fischermann's Friend) and it hold together.

    She also did a cover version of More, More, More produced by The Beloved that I've never even seen or heard anywhere (hint, I want to ... badly) ...
  2. I have the album, thought it would be better than it was - I recently finally got the cd single of 'Do I Have To?' which I love, maybe even better than the PSB original? and I have a lovely mini cd single of 'Something Stupid' remixed by the Beloved I believe, a lovely pop curio.
  3. I have the Do I Have To 12" somewhere but not the something stupid cd ... Does it have mixes on it?
  4. Yep, by Adam and Eve who I think are the Beloved??
  5. pdf


    I also have Do I Have To? on 12". Must look it out. Minor PSB sonsg turned into major electro-love song.
  6. Just playing this album again, I'm going through an early 90s phase today! I love her voice, so smooth, so euro......not a million miles from Annie at times. I love these forgotten albums so much - I always think its sad that a team of producers, writers etc all got together to produce really great pop albums like this and probably no one else in the world is listening to it at this moment besides me!
  7. Oh I remember her version of Do I Have To; I may even have a vinyl of that lurking around somewhere.

  8. She... is... amazing... she co-wrote Kylie's 'Automatic Love' and appeared on Chicks On Speed's cover of 'Wordy Rappinghood'. I have her cover of 'More More More'. Missing CD singles, however... grrrr. We need to just LOOK at her artwork.


    Her album is very pan-European, synth-pop... it's very similar to Claudia Brucken's solo album, actually. It has that wonderful fresh, ambient vibe - crystal clear, cutting edge tech-pop, produced simply yet effciently. Good call.
  9. It just struck me earlier..............very Sally Shapiro-esque, not Annie.
  10. I've got this, and very good it is too. I seem to recall that I bought it on the strength of the artwork alone, figuring that if it sounded even half as good as it looked, then it was going to be special.

    I must dig this out.
  11. Just got RITB cd single on discogs, hurrah!!! £12 not bad. The Goddesses of pop are smiling down on me today, I knew praying to Madonna would achieve something in the end.

    As I was typing this her backing vocals came on while listening to Nick Kamens Tell me 12" , no lie!!

  12. Ghostsloversland from the album should've been a single - the chorus is so........umm........ glamorous and shiny with a pounding early 90s house beat with a touch of Roisins 'You Know Be Better' sparkly gorgeousness. And the 'Do I Have To' (PSB cover) gets better and better with every listen, its better than the PSB version and again sounds so shiny, glossy and glamourous.....I was thinking today that this lush sound is whats missing from pop today - think Lizas Results.
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