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Inge van Calkar - new single

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  1. Dutch singer Inge van Calkar has often been compared to Kylie Minogue, but she likes to describe her music as "Kylie meet Garbage". She stared out in the singer-songwriter genre, but in the past few years, she's evolved more and more into an electronica/synthpop artist.
    Some of her song titels might suggest she covers Kylie a lot, but rest assured, her material is all original! Her latest single is a post-lockdown ode to life:

    Other recent singles:

  2. Her EP "Full Color" has very Kylie-esque song titles, and her best bop, in my opinion, "Touchdown"

  3. Her second album, "Reset", was released in 2018, featuring a darker/rockier sound, but still top notch songs:

  4. In 2013, she participated in season 2 of talent show The Best Singer-Songwriter in The Netherlands, Inge's debut album was released in that period, too, and is not available on streaming, unfortunately. Three singles were released from this album: Too Late Now, Amazing and Leave This Town

    First single under her own name was released in 2012:

    Debut single Where Do We Go? was released in 2011, but under a moniker: ZaZa

    Before going solo, Inge was part of the trio Ysis, together with Miss Montreal/Sanne Hans

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  5. Some music video's:

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