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Inna Discusión General

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. "Lights" and "Dream About The Ocean" are my faves from the lot.
  2. I'm here for the "Bad Boys" love. My fave from the self-titled.
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  3. Dream About The Ocean is so pretty and a bit of a bawp
  4. RMK


    All the iTunes credits have the composers listed as "Inna & Inna". Queen did double the work when making these songs.
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  5. It's a shame barely anyone will get to hear this album, Dream About The Ocean especially.
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  6. "My Dreams" is one of her best songs.
  7. Does the version everyone downloaded have 12 songs, or 15? I found two versions but only the 12 track would work

    Dream About the Ocean is a bop but I think my favorite so far is My Dreams. What kind of banger?
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  8. “My Dreams” deserve massive single treatment.
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  9. It sounds like a song that should be in the background of a massive advert campaign, kinda like Sax was.
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    Dream About The Ocean is my favorite. The pre-chorus alone drives the song and feels massive.
  11. I don't understand why Nirvana isn't available? I can't watch the video and it's not on Apple Music?
  12. I am listening this right now, on track 4 at the moment, it's quite nice isn't it?
  13. I don't have the patience for the last three tracks. Especially when "Heaven" and "Say It..." should have been there instead. I mean even the G Girls songs would have been more acceptable instead of those collaborations. The first nine tracks are all killer no filler though.
  14. The album’s out in the UK but songs are missing for some reason. What a bizarre mess.
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  15. Nirvana isn't available to stream in the UK either. It's really bizarre.
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  16. I think it will be available in the expanded international edition.
  17. Do u think the album would be able to chart in any country? Her Last album managed to chart in Japan and Mexico
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  18. This album rollout has been a mess. Are we meant to go to Lidl to get it?
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  19. *looks up flights to Bucharest to cop the album*
  20. I'm sure they're planning an international version for next year, they were probably just looking to cash in some Xmas coin from our beloved romanians. They're stocking the physical edition tomorrow.
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