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Inna Discusión General

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. I didn't know Inna worked with RedOne back in 2014. There's pictures and everything (except music).
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  2. Looks like her album is now fully up on iTunes and Apple Music. I thought it was weird the first two tracks weren't able to be streamed or bought together.
  3. Snatched two extra CDs from my local LIDL, if any european PJers are interested (PM, first come first serve, I guess?). I would have gotten more, but that's all I could afford now. I'll see if they have anything left after the holidays, if there are any more of you looking for it.
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  4. It's so weird that this album is up on Spotify in the UK, with the title track missing.
  5. XXX


    How come 'Nirvana' (the song) isn't charting in Romania?
  6. From Wikipedia:
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  7. That’s a shame it’s a super album! Although not as good as the last one.
    So... time to get Play & Win back in then?
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  8. It's baffling, she promoted the singles on the voice. I wonder why it didn't chart?
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  9. I sometimes go to Lidl just to hope that I find a physical of the album.

    I'm so surprised the album hasn't done anything. I thought the singles were hits?
  10. Maybe because the places where her singles charted doesnt have album charts...Even her last two albums charted in Japan and Mexico
  11. I hope the album gets a wider release with "Say It With Your Body" and "Heaven" added on. She's become one of my favorite artists, and I'd love to have a physical copy of Nirvana to play in the car during summertime.
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  12. Was the album handled as horrendously elsewhere as it was in the UK?
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  13. So Me Gusta is getting released next and will be the lead single from Nirvana part 2.
    Why can she not just have a normal album campaign? Props for the dedication, the big pop girls could never have this work ethic.

  14. Nirvana part 2? Oh Inna I love you. Kind of makes sense I guess as the first part felt too short.
  15. I’ve seen a few of you mention an international release for this year. Has this been confirmed? I really hope so as I was hoping the UK could get a proper release with Heaven and Say it With Your Body!
  16. I agree! Her work with Play & Win was amazing.
  17. Being an Inna fan is the most gratifying experience, new song (and video) is out:
  18. Ruleta got released on Spotify but that was it for some reason.
  19. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Her videos have been consistently incredible, it's quite something. Me Gusta's cool, ticks all the same boxes as Ruleta but isn't as good.
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