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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. So she's premiered a new track 'Say It With My Body' and it's been confirmed it's the first new track from her new album. She really is the gift that keeps on giving. It's a shame other popstars these days don't have the same work ethic.

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  2. Love this! When's it out? So Heaven wasn't the first single from the new album then?
  3. much better than the new songs that stalled out the international release of her last record
  4. It's amazing how frequently she puts out new music and then sees her campaign through with lots of great videos and sometimes repackages. She's so consistent and firing on all cyclinders, it's really admirable.
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  5. Say It With Your Body is a smash. Her pocket is being damaged to no end with all of these videos, though (and it shows, since there is a quality dip since Heaven). Perhaps trying out US once again to keep her afloat might work?
  6. Alot of the videos are usually just Inna in a bikini on a beach somewhere, surely can't be that hard on a budget.
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  7. I adore Inna so much. I gather Alexandra is the more popular Romanian pop girl on here, but Inna just murders anything she does (in the best possible way).

    Bring it Inna, my body isn't ready but take me anyway
  8. Inna is far bigger, though.
  9. Inna and Alexandra Stan are so amazing. All of their albums are great, not to mention that they're both stunning as all hell. I'm glad they're so prolific. I'm loving "Say It With our Body"!
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  10. Her last album was one of the best records of 2015.

    I am not really that keen on this new song though but maybe it is more of a grower than an instant liking.
  11. Inna is very consistent. I loved her international album she released last year, so many great tracks.
  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    This is really great, I'm keeping tabs on this next album coming out now.
  13. I legit think Inna has been the most consistent pop girl of the past decade. BOP after BOP, shame she isn't an international superstar!
  14. The Summer Days EP is better than The Fame Monster to be quite fucking honest. Most of the new tracks on Body And the Sun haven't really stood up to the older ones, but I'm excited for what she's got up her sleeve.
  15. RMK


    New song coming...
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  16. Sounds AMAZING.
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  17. Here for another summer smash. Serve me coconut bikini, mami.

    On a related note, she serves bops aplenty but god her discography is a m-e-s-s. Different tracklists, deluxe versions, orphaned songs, video versions... one of the hardest to keep up to.
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  18. I was just thinking the exact same thing listening to the clip, which sounds amazing!

    She never really has a defined "era" or sound for a campaign. Even though her first album has a sound that's different to her second, it could be simply to do with changing trends. It never really feels like a progression. But at the same time she produces bops galore so I can't be mad.
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  19. I mean, I love Summer Days, but COME THE FUCK ON.
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  20. Body and the Sun is, in my opinion, her best song.
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