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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. There have been a few on eBay the past week, but Global Records put up a preorder here:
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  2. "Fuego" is such a vibe. The way she says "quiero, quiero (?)" in the background is so adorable. I love this album so much.
  3. So, uhm, she's going hip-hop next?

    Queen of reinvention.
  4. Hmm it was taken down. What did it sound like?
  5. She was just performing Bebe Rexha’s verses from Hey Mamma. (I don’t remember if she covered Nicki’s rap)
  6. I love how INNA has just quietly been more interesting and polished than everyone else for the past year or so. ‘Si, Mama’ hits and the video is gorgeous.
  7. Yo is a hard album to beat for me. Its on brand for her, but its also interesting and quirky. Its also good from start to finish. She really pushed herself with this project.
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  8. There seems to be a new reggaeton smash playing on Innaspainofficial's Instagram story. I think it's possibly a track she did with David Ciente and Tainy (J Balvin's producer). It sounds really good.

  9. The comments under the video ugh.

    Please sing in English again.

    Please have long hair again.

    Please have songs like Hot again.

    Please work with Play&Win again.

    Just shut the fuck up already. I hope her next album will be even less commercial.
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  10. And the final music video from YO
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  11. So many Romanian singers sing in Spanish. I swear about half of them do. Why is she being singled out?
  12. She's already teasing new music.
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  13. It's time for her to release a Romanian album full of Oares and Cum ar fis to spite all her fans stuck in 2008.
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  14. Today she’s posting pictures of getting her hair cut in her Instagram story and saying that she doesn’t care. The amount of suffering the little club rockers are in for the foreseeable future ugh I live.
  15. She's currently shooting a music video for a new single called "Yo Sigo Aqui". It sounds very laidback, a bit R&B. The new era is upon us.
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  16. Does Inna even have eras at this point?
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  17. New (English!!!!!!111) bop coming on Friday.
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  18. XXX


    Yellow Claw? I think she can keep it.
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