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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. As a Romanian... we don't have an albums market at all and most major artists barely release albums anyway as I imagine they're not a lucrative affair at all. An albums chart would be the most random looking chart ever and the sales would be deplorable.

    The metrics we're using to determine an artists' success as of late are radio airplay (we love our radio stations dd) and the Youtube trending chart. We barely got Spotify about a year ago to put things into perspective.

    RE: On Inna... I had no idea Bebe did that well since I barely heard it anywhere here. I fear a little that the Spanish album was a bit of a poor idea on a commercial perspective because the singles didn't do much here either except for Iguana (a bop that was really everywhere) and Te Vas which did decently. Other than that, since Ruleta, for most of the GP she... exists. She's in an interesting place right now career wise here but not a place that one would necessarily want to be in. New girls are on the rise, we have some trash trap artists doing well also; most of the women from Inna's generation have been struggling a bit for a while now (see Delia).
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  2. She literally hashtagged carantINNA on her Instagram nn.
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  3. QuarantINNA is releasing a new song this Friday.
  4. Quarantine QUEEN, this is amazing

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  5. Its a banger!
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  6. Oh this is one of the best things she's released in a while.
  7. It's a cute basic bop but just like Bebe underwhelming coming after YO. I know she's been recording more interesting stuff so hopefully we'll get to hear that soon.
  8. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Yeah, it just sounds like one of her bogstandard EDM collabs, only not a collab. It's fine for the moment but I need something less generic.
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  9. It was produced by the same guy who produced Little Mix's Down & Dirty and Private Show. Also Nothing Else Matters. He also had a hand in producing Lush Life for Zara Larsson
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  10. XXX


    I hadn't listened to it since it's release but even though it's super basic I'm kinda bopping now.
  11. Another new song incoming.
  12. Wow quarantine has her feeding us!

  13. This preview sounds amazing and she's serving aesthetics. Another summer bop incoming.
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  14. It sounds good, but I loved her fun sound from the past few albums a bit more. The last couple of tracks sound a bit on the safe side.
  15. This video is how I picture myself looking while socially isolating in quarantine.
  16. Hopefully at the very least these basic bops will shut the Little EDMsters up until she unleashes her next Spanish opus.
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  17. The full song and video is here, very deep house. Another serve!
  18. Its quite good. No, it doesn't have the personality of Yo, but given the reaction Yo got I think her heading back into a dancier direction is a smart move.
  19. Her best song since Iguana, for me. It is a shift from YO but it's not exactly sonically similar to her beginnings either. I feel like this will be big here in Romania and she could kinda use a hit.
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