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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. XXX


    Wasn't 'Bebe' big in Romania? I only go by Wikipedia which tells me it was a #1 Airplay hit dd.
  2. Oooh I love this! And the sound is quite unexpected too.
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  3. Looks like she has a new collab coming this week, I'm intrigued to hear what it sounds like.

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  4. Shes put out so much music recently. I love how much we are being fed.
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  5. I've been on an Inna & Alexandra binge this week, so more new music is very welcome! I love the trio of Bebe, Not My Baby and Sober a lot.
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  6. Good for you guys xx
  7. Wow, another song already! I'm still hooked on Sober.
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  8. Well this is much more like it. These track lenghts in 2020 though I just.
  9. Fuck. This is amazing. The beat... UGH.
  10. SICKOTOY is turning out to be a fresh new force on the Romanian dance scene. Loving all of his offerings.
  11. I feel like this finds the perfect balance between the moody YO and the "EDM" sound. First song since YO I actually want to listen to more than once.
  12. This has ripped the hair right off my head. Banger
  13. Wow somehow I missed listening to this one upon release but goddamn! Her career development to me, as a Romanian, is pretty surreal.
  14. And another single, out tomorrow. I'm loving the regular music!

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  15. Love it. Everything she has recently released is quite good.
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  16. Its so good. This new album (if there is one) will be very constant.
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  17. I love it! She’s consistently bringing the goods.
  18. Lyric video. Her work ethic is something else.

  19. These new releases go so well together!
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