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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. I'm so glad she's found a sound she seems to be sticking with and progressively perfecting down to a tea. I love me some early INNA occasionally but most of her pre-self titled music is... kind of awful dd.

    She only keeps getting better and better with the tropical house sound.
  2. Her debut album is basically one song 14 times. You only need to keep one track in order to get the gist of the album. She took cohesivity way too literally with that one.

    I revisted Yo today and was blown away by it. Its truly an overlooked gem in her discography. It has so much personality.
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  3. nn for the longest time I somehow didn't even notice Hot, Amazing, Deja Vu and Love used the same beat. I only found out when I watched an "Inna Music Evolution" video and heard them back to back to back.
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  4. I love all of those songs but they are basically all the same song. Its so funny when you think about it.
  5. This sounds like fire.
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  6. She is killing is during quarantine. This new track sound incredible.
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  7. Absolutely obsessed with this.
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  8. INNA can do no wrong.
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  9. And another one...

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  10. She's also a judge on Masked Singer Romania for the 2 people that will watch that dd.
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  11. None of these new songs are clicking with me aside from the SICKOTOY one.
  12. Song is pretty good. Nothing she's releases this year stands among her best releases but its all been consistently good. I could see this project coming together nicely.
  13. I've loved everything shes put out this year so far. Its not forward thinking but its been good.
  14. She's uploaded a solo version of Good Time to her Soundcloud.

    "Club Rockers, As the 5th anniversary of my self-titled album is coming up later this month; I'm excited to present to you the solo version of Good Time - exclusively on SoundCloud! ♥️ Peace and love, INNA."

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  15. I’ve no idea why but Good Time has always been one of my favourite songs of hers. It sounds the least INNA but I love it. It’s nice to hear a solo version.
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  16. And another one!

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