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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. XXX


    I take this back. I love 'Papa', I love 'It Don't Matter', I love 'Up'. Keep throwing things at us queen.
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  2. XXX


    Guess I'm back again.

    I'm looking for an Inna ballad which was maybe just a demo. I am 100% that it didn't appear on an album and 99% sure it was on YouTube at the time she released her first album so it's old like all of us. Does anybody have a clue?
  3. Up is my favorite in a long time and Papa was good as well.
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  4. Music video for 'Up' is out, with a Sean Paul collaboration.

  5. This?
  6. XXX


    No that wasn't it, but I found it just now after the name of the song popped into my head!

  7. Maza is on Vogue's best songs of 2021 list!
  8. 'Up' is so catchy. Loved it!
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  9. XXX


    And I didn't spot a single lie!

    She deserves to have a bop smash all over Europe every few years. 'Diggy Down', 'Ruleta' and 'Flashbacks' should've been big.
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  10. Pre-save is up for the project, it’s called Champagne Problems - out January 7th.
    8 songs, though the title says #DQH1 so maybe this one is split into two volumes?

    1. Always On My Mind
    2. Champagne Problems
    3. Lonely
    4. Love Bizarre
    5. Baby
    6. Fire & Ice
    7. Solo
    8. Ready Set Go
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  11. RMK


    Up isn't on it? Odd.
  12. XXX


    Not unsurprising because with the last album she had also been throwing songs out left and right and none of them were on it.

    I wish it was more of a full album instead of just 8 songs but I hope there's a part 2 coming sometime later next year.

    Perched for the 'Club Bizarre' sample!
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  13. Not another addition to the Champagne Problems multiverse!
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  14. This better be a 'Club Bizarre' sample.
    Are we sure it's just not a straight up cover of 'A Love Bizarre'?
  15. Well it's... here. I'm confused why it's hashtagged #DHQ1? Wasn't Heartbreaker a Dance Queen's House album? She is so confusing.

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  16. It's the first part of the album.
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  17. It's all very same-y and not in a fun way. Lonely is the best thing on there.
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  18. Agreed. Yawn. Where is the Spanish album sis.
  19. Every song sounds the same. It's only 8 tracks but it loses all steam by the end. Hopefully part 2 offers something different.
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  20. I love Hot (album).
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