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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Oxygen is rocking my world. It's got this understated hook in that "OOooxygen" bit in the ends of the chorus, an earworm and I am so happy because of that.
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  2. Oxygen is definitely one of my faves from this album. Breathless also gives me some life!
  3. I struggled with part one, but I've easily gotten into part 2. It's not groundbreaking but at least there is a little variety on the album. Part one was the same song 8 times. Part 2 at least has some tonal shifts and the production on every track isn't completely identical. Next album I'm hoping for more variety though.
  4. UP has become a cute hit for her on Spotify. combined the two versions have almost 40 million streams.
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  5. I love how she always gets some success somewhere.
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  6. Her last two albums were kinda bad but she releases songs all the time, I’m sure I’m gonna love some of them.
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  7. I've kind of stopped following her after the recent mediocre output but just checked her latest Instagram story and she's still recording with David Ciente. Maybe that follow-up to YO is still happening.
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  9. Wait at this being better than all of Dance Queen's House combined.
  10. Was exposed to In Your Eyes last night at a gay club in Santiago....and I got my life.

    My god, how have I lived and not heard this basic pop perfection before???

    Going to be ring a ding, dinging all the way back to London.

  11. Tell me the truth
    Tell me you wanna be bad
    Cause I wanna be bad all the time

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