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Bebe's out. It sounds a little basic after the curveball of YO but it's still pretty good.

In other news, it looks like they've cleaned up her discography on streaming a bit in the UK at least. A bunch of songs that were previously inexplicably geoblocked are now available, including Nirvana, Me Gusta and No Help.
No news yet on any new single at all?

'Bebe' ended up doing pretty well in her home country according to Wiki. Apparently it hit #3 on the Airplay chart. It isn't her most exciting release but she really deserves more success.
She keeps recording and recording and recording. She also filmed something a long time ago and recently as well. Not quite sure what she's up to. I'm guessing something is coming soon anyway.
There used to be but it shut down for financial reasons I believe. Imagine all of the records she would have if they hadn't shut down.
Exactly! Also, her Nirvana and Yo albums could have charted there but due to the absence of an album chart in Romania, they didnt chart anywhere, which is sad.
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She’s doing amazing, sweaty. Truly even tracks like ‘Bebe’, that I don’t think are as creative or impeccable as she’s shown she’s capable of producing, are slick, clean, and major bops with their own style.

I love her character arch and that she’s still grinding and constantly churning out all of these freaking great tracks. It’s so random and gratifying. She’s still a total hottie too, which... yes, still fits the whole vibe haha.
I know she is doing really well. But I was just saying that if only she could get recognition in her home country via charts, it would be amazing.