Agreed. I also thought the same about 'Heartbreaker' but that had some bops to go with it and some songs that broke the mold just a tiny bit.

In other news, Wiki tells me 'Up' is smashing in certain countries and is also her 5th #1 in her home country.
The album is alright, but agreed that it does sound samey and dull. I feel like a lot of these tracks sound like Nirvana outtakes.
I love Hot (album).
Her best album!
I'm actually surprised it's coming so soon, I really thought later next year would be later in the year. Glad we're getting more music, but I have low expectations. The last DQH honestly sounded like it catered to fans from the Hot/IATCR eras who want that specific sound only. Those were great records at the time but I don't feel they've aged well. (Hot especially)
I know we don't subscribe to Inna for any mind blowing artistic vision but these albums are really just her on autopilot huh.

DQH2 is more boppable at least.
Whew, DQH 2… it definitely is an album with songs on it.

I liked 4 out of the 8 songs so it’s not terrible but definitely uninspired and can agree with the autopilot comments.