Insecure (from Issa Rae)


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Girl? Wtf this is your series, you will LIVE, close the UO page and start watching this. It's so so so so so good. I'm in love with Issa, her mind, her body, her choices, her raps. She's the queen of 2016.

I'll watch it when I feel like it - especially considering that she's made AIDS jokes in her past series. It's on my list but it's nowhere near the top.
Amazing. What a great, great show, we're truly #blessed.

Vas, please watch the web series - it's sufficiently different that it won't spoil the show for you past episode one, but still the same brand of humour I think you will appreciate.

Also - what was he saying when they were doing it again in her kitchen?
I recall Issa citing a long list of artists who had wanted to guest on the web series, including Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. I can't recall if Solange was on the list (it was pretty long) but probably.