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Insecure (from Issa Rae)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Leopold, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. I agree with a lot of the sentiments shared here - this being the final season it kinda feels like it has only just got going and we have one episode left! I too wanted more for Molly, but I guess the bigger picture is that she's found peace within herself and now can share that with a partner who supports her. It's lovely but yeah. Also, why was Dro even there?! Such a pointless nod to her past.

    I have everything crossed that Issa doesn't pick either of them and realises she is better off on her own focusing on her career and herself! I hope the documentary special gets aired here in the UK, if not I'm gonna need someone to help me watch it!
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  2. I want Issa to end up alone, none of these men are doing it for me
  3. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A lot of the tweets are suggesting that this the ending that they see, and I think that makes the most sense. They're teasing us with the mess this week and the almost playful back-and-forth with Lawrence and Nathan, but I hope that they allow her to have her open ending. I'm hopeful but that's a conclusion that would spur so much.
  4. The most recent episode was excellent. Finally!

    And I'm fully ready for her to leave both these men behind.
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  5. I am loving this so much. Ugh not ready for series ending blues especially so close after Pen15.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  7. I have so much wine & tissues at the ready for tonight.
  8. I bought a good bottle of Merlot as well. I know I’m gonna be a hot mess and then the documentary after? I’m gonna call into work out of grief.
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  9. This scene had me in my feelings hard.

    Overall it was a solid finale and mostly incredibly satisfying. I think I just wish they'd told some of these stories throughout the season rather than cramming it all into these final 40 minutes. I'd have loved to see Kelly fall in love + decide to get pregnant, Molly mourn her mom and plan the wedding, etc. Issa and Lawrence reuniting was inevitable but still felt abrupt here.

    Regardless, I love that they gave most of the spotlight to the Issa/Molly friendship and I had a smile on my face the entire episode.
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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I am literally so heartbroken. This show has carried me as a Black person from the countryside of Ohio, to Columbus, to now living in Manhattan. Realizing how much we as Black people need and have needed images of us as not only successes, but also as flawed individuals who deserve to be human and fuck-ups...Christ above. I am so blessed to have been able to have this show as almost a pilot to being an adult. Probably gonna cry now.
  11. I have mixed feelings about the final season and the series finale. It felt like they were spinning their wheels this last season and, weirdly, that made it easier to let go of the show.

    But, I don't have mixed feelings about the series overall. A total gem. One of the most consistently entertaining and engaging shows of the past decade. It was also a love letter to parts of LA I spent a good deal of my late 20s and early 30s in -- parts of LA that aren't usually centered in TV and film, which was really gratifying to see.
  12. The finale was really satisfying. I’m so thankful when a series wrap their stories neatly, and doesn’t disservice their fans, so that we can get some type of closure.

    Completely agree with the comment above that says the biggest disappointment was how this season dragged its feet only to give us all these storylines they had been saving in the final 40 minutes, it would have been good to start some of those early. But again, this series always underutilized their supporting characters.

    Overall I have no words, I already miss this series so much and it hurts to know it will be a long time before something means this much again. Thank you, friend
  13. I've quietly enjoyed this show by myself over the years. Sadly, no one I know watched this.

    The finale felt so bittersweet to me... some really good moments, some a little rushed. Just like Issa, it was far from perfect which kinda makes it perfect in its own way? I'm OK with Lawrence being the end game.

    I'm going to miss this messy awkward mess so much.
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  14. What a last episode!

    The girls all happy and glowing. Greece getting a look in! 'He's looking pipe-y'. 'The plot had some holes'.

    And NOT Issa dragging Jah 'it says Issa' 'Is it?' / 'Mm I love desert before dinner'.

    Glow, Pen15 and now this - why do TV shows ending hurt so much.
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  15. Also Broken Pussy getting a full circle moment! I remember buying the whole season 1 soundtrack off iTunes because they had made the song album-only. It worked dd.
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The scene between Molly and Issa at Molly's wedding was everything.

    I have a lot of thoughts. I feel sad mostly, because I'm going to miss this show so much. As flawed as it may have been, it always just hit the spot somehow. And as we've discussed before, it's one of the most beautiful shows on television, simply in terms of cinematography, lighting, location, fashion, etc. Molly's wedding alone was a feast for the eyes.

    However, I just wish the show had realized at some point that the main draw all along has been the four women. I keep thinking about all of the wasted screentime that Lawrence got, when we could've gotten the development of Kelli's relationship or Tiffany struggling in Denver. I mean, even this picture they posted last night, while being a stunning photo obviously, highlights the issue that they never saw Kelli and Tiffany as anything more than secondary characters.

    The finale overall was satisfying regardless of the rushed storylines (Molly getting the phone call about her mom and then it immediately jumping to Lawrence's birthday was a true wtf moment). I'm going to miss these characters (not you Lawrence) immensely and I feel sad more than anything so I think they've done their job.
  17. Will miss this show and think this show will be missed. It just struck me how much it really changed the way TV looked and the other stories that you can tell that don't need to have their roots in trauma to be significant.

    Broken Pussy coming full circle was a moment.
  18. Bossy being the closing song, nyas. More like Boppy, am I right?
  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I get that with Kelli, but she's been incredibly present in structuring the series, so that may have been intentional on her part to remain as a supporting character

    But with Tiffany? Amanda Seales's been widely known across Hollywood to be a bit...difficult and her coworkers made clear how much they didn't fw her back in 2019

    And you can see how people sense it even over social media. Issa is actually fairly respectful for not killing her character off or completely reducing her role, but even so, Derek and Tiffany's roles suffered as a result, and kinda added to this season only finding some solid direction in its last few episodes.

  20. fffff
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