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Insecure (from Issa Rae)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Leopold, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    Yeah that had to be intentional. Also if you look at Amanda's last post about the show, it's only pictures of herself, and I think they say she's not in the documentary about the wrap-up about the show, which I haven't seen yet.

  2. Oh I had no idea about the Amanda Seales drama. Kudos to everyone for keeping things professional.
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  3. Amanda is actually pretty well featured in the doc, I thought, all drama/animosity aside.
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  4. This might be my memory being bad but it wasn’t really til season 2 or maybe even the coachella episode that Kelli and Tiffany became such integral parts of the show - otherwise they just popped up for comic relief every now. The main friendship was Molly and Issa and they were just extra (like Issa’s brother) that they sprinkled scrnes with when it was needed … might be wrong though.
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  5. Amanda seems like that friend who takes a lot of energy from you to deal with.
    Like, you love them, but sometimes it's just too much and you need a break every now and then.
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  6. Just watched the finale episode here in the UK. Gahhh, I really loved it. It wasn’t perfect but Issa did the whole show and it’s characters a proper service by giving them all them all nice and realistic endings. I’m going to miss this show a lot - it was, especially this year, a great respite from all the chaos of the world.

    Also, Kelis ‘Bossy’ being the final song of the endure show was just PERFECT!
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  7. I think that still might be my favorite episode.
  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    When Kelli got tased and wet herself...

    "remember me different"

    Natasha deserved every award
  9. Insecure means so much to me. Despite the final season having weird pacing—especially with the rushed storylines in the finale—the show in its entirety reflected the journey of an unsure and flawed (yet affable and real) Black woman who just wanted better than what she had. And it really helped me through my own journey as a Black fem navigating college and early adulthood. I couldn’t ask for a greater show. I’m so glad Issa Rae is getting her flowers for this. She deserves.
  10. She WILL get her well deserved flowers in the near future. She's an absolute delight.
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  11. I saw the series finale two times back to back, just so I could consume everything. I lowered my expectations like I've told y'all before, because of Issa's last minute re-write regarding the ending. But all in all, Issa Rae delivered the goods and it tied up most loose ends. So in that regard I'm content how it all came together. The only thing I was truly over after about 10 minutes was celebrating everyone's birthday. I know it's symbolism for change but it got tired after a while.

    I'm going to miss this show so much. It taught me so much self-acceptance as a biracial person. Like, wait? So, I CAN embrace my Black side although I've been surrounded by so many Caucasians my entire life that I still tend to forget I'm half Black?! Therefore this show learned and showed me to be my authentic self and for that very fact alone I'll always be grateful.

    Issa was also my main inspiration coming up two years that I decided to dye my hair in her beautiful warm chestnut color. She's just an individual I look up to in so many ways. The way she hustled for years and just watch her right now. Absolutely THRIVING. A real effing boss if there ever was one.

    I will miss my 4 Queens. They were the true heart of the show.
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  12. Lawrence/Issa endgame BORINGGGGG

    But what a great show regardless. The ladies’ friendships really had me giggling for five years.
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  13. "Maybe it's really rough,
    Maybe it's had enough,
    Broken Pussy!"
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  14. I’m so sad nn.

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  15. Apparently, we don't need to worry about Natasha, she is doing well. I'm excited to see what her production deal with Disney/ABC brings us.
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  16. Wait I hadn’t realized who that was!
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  17. Yeah and his now-grown daughter. I was sobbing. The moment she started driving past all her old haunts (including the now-remodeled club from the Pilot) and seeing the people who used to be in her life, I lost it.
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  18. Yes, that moment was incredibly moving.

    This is a really interesting look behind the scenes on the music of Insecure. I had no idea they actually commissioned a lot of the music heard in the latter seasons.

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  19. Mr.Arroz

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  20. RainOnFire

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    I keep thinking about the Molly/Issa scene and getting teary, and it didn't help watching the documentary and seeing that that scene was actually Yvonne's final scene. Devastating.

    I know this final season wasn't all that great but I'm still gonna think it's ridiculous if they don't pick up a few Emmys next year.
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