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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Inland Empire, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    That was so good! I always enjoy their more narratively experimental episodes, and this was like 12 Days of Christine plus Cold Comfort - two of my favourite episodes ever. The camera gimmick gave it such a wonderfully uncanny feel before they even introduced the serial killer.

    They kinda got off on the wrong foot with those first two episodes, but I do think this series will end up being worthwhile once I look back on it. Tonight's episode and Misdirection are already set to become two of my faves.
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  2. That was the first episode this series that I've loved. So well constructed and acted by all concerned (even if Steve's American accent did leave something to be desired!)
  3. I’ll be watching this tonight.

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain last week’s episode to me!
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  4. I'm still waiting for an explanation for the Anna Windass episode!
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  5. I forgave the accent once all became clear where the serial killer actually came from.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Amazing episode! Maxine Peake is so phenomenal.
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  7. What. A. TWIST. Did not see that coming. And to think when the American serial killer showed up in Angel's mirror I thought the episode had derailed into ridiculousness.
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  8. I didn't like this episode very much. The idea is interesting but the twist didn't land right, mostly because it was over-explained. Some of the monologues felt a little forced, too.

    I wonder when we'll know if there's a sixth season on the way?
  9. This is one I think might need a rewatch or two for me. I could feel like it was good and very tight in hindsight but it needs that hindsight to fully appreciate.
  10. I'm so slow watching these but I'm watching Loves Great Adventure, and it's fantastic. Almost Mike Leigh in feels.
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  11. She was giving full Julie Walters in The Outside Dog:

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  12. Their minds.
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  13. Misdirection was a masterpiece.

    I expected her head to be in the safe though, just for the kii.

    Also, it’s been commissioned for two more series. I hope we get an extra special or two as well.
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  14. I'm surprised (but happy) it keeps getting recommissioned so far in advance, particularly as it doesn't rate particularly highly. I guess it must be fairly cheap to make.
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  15. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I’m pretty sure it’s also a decent streaming hit in between broadcasts. I mean, I discovered it on Netflix because everyone and their mother was comparing it to Black Mirror.
  16. Loved last night's episode, wonderfully creepy atmosphere and I didn't see the twist coming at all.

    Very much a series of two halves, the first couple of episodes did nothing for me (the football one has to be the worst they've ever done) and then I loved the last three. Glad to hear it has already been recommissioned.
  17. Haven’t seen last night’s yet, but this series has been disappointing for me. Beautifully acted of course, but most of the episodes have cumbersome, weak twists that don’t really hold up. Last week’s Talking Heads style thing was entertaining, but it just made me wish I was watching a new series of Talking Heads! The lumbering, over-written ending did nothing for me at all. There’s been a good deal more smart-arsery this time around too, which I don’t love.

    Agree about the football ep. I did get the point, but didn’t appreciate have to wade through 27 minutes of footy twaddle to reach that particular pay off!

    You can’t write the show off, but expectations are high now and it feels more cobbled together than ever.
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  18. I have to agree, it has been the weakest series but even on a bad day I always enjoy their writing and there still have been 3 good episodes. 4 if only I had got the point of Love's Great Adventure!
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  19. The final episode was superb... it’s car setting was straight out of Ghost Stories, but the twist it took was superb Brit Horror.
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  20. I agree. It was one of the few endings that I didn’t have an issue with. And to be able to understand it as well.... Such joy!
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