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Inside No. 9

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Inland Empire, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I found the latest episode didn’t really work? It was ok but a bit boring ddd.
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  2. Apart from the Psychoville episode I found this series quite meh.

    Fingers crossed Charlie and Stella from The League of Gentlemen get an episode next year.
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  3. "Tell Him Luigi!"

    They already had their own mini-story in The League Of Gentleman Christmas Special, which is more a precursor to Inside No9 than anything else.
  4. Yeah I’ve not enjoyed this series much. It’s definitely hit a wall.
  5. I think the "guess what, I'm a vampire" twist was a bit... lazy? I mean they could have tacked that onto the end of loads of stories.
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  6. So this is happening.

    Would have hoped for far more diversity in the list of names announced so far but thrilled to see Maxine Peake getting her teeth into a real Talking Heads.

    They're filming at Elstree so I wonder if they might use EastEnders sets.
  7. I’m now into the final season, and Love’s Great Adventure was so, so good. They seem to be able to turn their hand to any style and just get it.

    I’m shook that it took about 6 minutes for me to care so much about all the characters and understand the dynamic at play. Honestly masterful.
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  8. Best trailer EVER!

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  9. This is horrifying.
    I love it
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  10. Absolutely wonderful first episode.
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  11. Tonight's ep didn't do much for me, bring on next week!
  12. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I thought it was a really solid start. The plot wasn't one of their best but I can forgive that in a much more humour-based episode. The fourth wall breaks and self-awareness were utilised really well, and...
    I thought it was some really smart lampshading that the character delivering most of them was a double agent in-universe too.
  13. I loved it, but I think knowledge of commedia dell'arte helped this. I'm not sure what I'd have made of it otherwise.
  14. I loved the episode too, despite not knowing much about it. The tropes were familiar enough to follow. The beef 'rap was so cringe but I'm still laughing at it.
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  15. Wow, now THAT was an amazing episode! One that needs watching again!
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  16. 2 for 2. It's always risky saying this but I feel like the way they have taken critiques of previous episodes and at once been willing to embrace them, troll them, and subvert them makes for a very exciting and promising series.
  17. What a wonderful experience
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  18. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Yeah that was another very solid episode. It's a well-trodden formula for both the show and fiction in general, but the meta-commentary puts a really fresh twist on it. I also thought Lindsay Duncan did a fantastic job with the small role she was given. Now can we get a rewrite of Death Be Not Proud where Jenna Coleman actually gets to do something?

    Also, it was really smart how they made it pretty damn obvious Simon killing Gavin was just a performance, meaning I was busy patting myself on the back for figuring out the twist and totally let my guard down for the scene that followed. It's really smart writing that doesn't underestimate the viewer while it's trying to pull one over on them.
  19. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Got to catch tonight’s episode live for once. It was...pretty good, but after two episodes that really pushed the envelope for the show, it’s a little unexciting to return to straight (literally) mystery-drama. I think I’d have enjoyed it way more if it was in series 1-4.
    The twist also felt totally unearned. It’s not the worst one they’ve ever done, but it totally comes out of nowhere and I don't remember anything that foreshadowed it. Maybe I'd enjoy it better on a rewatch, but as of now it just left me cold.
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  20. I’m only finding this series “ok” so far. Despite guessing how things were going to turn out in a few of these episodes I’m still enjoying the performances.
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