Inside No. 9

I have two theories for tonight (which aren't entirely mutually exclusive):
  1. The Wise Owl PIFs traumatised Reece's character to the point he has lived a very stunted life and is almost trapped in his childhood (from the trailer the 70s aesthetic, and taxidermy as a metaphor, would both support this IMO).
  2. The Wise Owl is actually a manifestation of another trauma, maybe something that happens in the PIF, and is a warped and overactive critical voice in Reece's head.
In any case I think this is possibly the most hyped I've ever been for an episode?

Inland Empire

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So, The Bones of St. Nicholas, which was on last night if anyone forgot in the Christmas rush.

It was...mid tier for IN9, which is still very enjoyable. It felt way too derivative of Don't Look Now, which is a really ambitious thing to try and emulate especially in a quarter of the runtime and to an audience who need everything explained. The ending would have been so much cooler if they just kinda left it as a dramatic irony for everyone who's seen the movie.

But the character development was really strong, and Simon Callow was perfect as the slightly disquieting vicar. Definitely one I'll enjoy revisiting.