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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Holy Spearit, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Rmx


    Just saw the first 40 minutes or so and I couldn't take it anymore. I now have to watch Mean Girls twice or I'll never be able to sleep again.The last thing I saw was the guy standing behind the cradle, then the doors downstairs being open. Should I bother watching the rest?

    Anyways, terrified. And this is coming from the guy who laughed all the way through Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity.
  2. Well, I'd say that the last 30 minutes or so is not as scary as the first hour or so. There is a certain point in the film where it "jumps the shark", so to speak. But, I loved it (obviously, I bought the Blu-ray). It's a fairly enjoyable movie.
  3. Rmx


    I might watch it fully some day. During the day. When it's sunny. With a friend. Or two. etc.
  4. Awful film.
  5. I loved this movie. My leg was shaking almost the entire time when I saw it in the theater, and I have just about the thickest skin out there.

    I had no problems with the second half, but I guess I'm alone on that.
  6. The turning point for me was the "seance" or whatever they held in the bedroom. Before that, it was absolutely terrifying, but I found things a bit comical afterwards.

    The red-faced man was still pretty creepy, but nothing else in the Further really affected me.

    I liked the twist at the end, though.
  7. The whole thing left me literally cowering in fear throughout - I have never been so absolutely frightened watching a movie...ever!
  8. Well it didn't actually scare me...I thought it was good cause it was different. Loved the whole seance part. It had me hooked to the screen.
  9. Saw this in the cinema and thought it would be terrifying having heard off other people that it was. I agree with most on here that it started off scary (little boy playing the record/man in baby's room) but then when those 2 guys and the old woman got involved it got silly, then returned to being fucking scary about 5 minutes before it ended with the old lady stuff. Still really enjoyed it though.
  10. I hated this so much, it was awful from start to finish. The performances were terrible, the script was shabby and the effects were dire. I don't get the whole fuss over it???
  11. Until the dad went to 'The Further' I was set to give it 10 out of 10 but it just turned into a cross between Poltergeist II and an Elm Street dream sequence. They showed the red demon too much as well.

    Other than that it had some amazingly creepy moments: the man behind the crib, the first time we saw the demon fella and just the tension of the long slow tracking shots where you know something will jump out any moment.
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