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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. I never know what to fucking post in insta cos I hate smiling for selfies because I look like a lunatic, but if I don't then I just look angry or sad (which I kinda like tbh). And whenever I take a pic with someone else, my clothes always fuck it up.

    Maybe I'll get a few cute pics tonight cos I'm going out.
  2. Instagram pics can contain zero people if you want.
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  3. My life ain’t scenic!
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  4. Small details can be beautiful too! Take it as a visual exercise.
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  5. I get weirdly self-conscious about Instagram. I think about it too much, but sometimes I'll post something and then be like "...why the fuck did I post that? How is it even interesting?"

    It's a weird cycle.
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  7. Just post whatever you like, sis. I rarely post selfies because I feel like a sentient sack of potatoes, but I still use it for random stuff. My last three posts were vinyl and a Golden Girls coloring book.
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  8. I mostly just post pictures of my 8-month Golden Retriever and my 350-month old drunken self, but I definitely need some more pop lovers to froth over new music with each Friday too:

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  9. The content I crave and deserve.
  10. I just saw the most horrific photoshopping a gay has done of his thighs. The body dysmorphia jumped out.
  11. pls do share
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  13. A doctor who travels, hits the gym and likes pop music? On my PJ?

    I followed.
  14. AND he stans LOONA!
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  15. Has anyone ever had content blocked due to copyright? I just posted a dance video for 7 rings (plug here) and immediately got a notification that they’ve blocked it in certain countries. Same thing happened to me last year but in that case it was taken down outright. I just find it strange as people post stuff with music all the time, so wondered if anyone had experienced it.
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  16. no but speaking of videos with music in, i think of @MrMannacroix's party for one video all the time
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  17. Yeah, I’ve had one story taken down because Janet Jackson was playing in the background ddd
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  18. Haha! More memorable than the song? (yikes)

    It's never happened to me @The Holy Spearit on Instagram but did on Facebook once. I guess I don't use music all that much on Social Media. It's just whatever those bots catch.
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  19. I posted a five part story with CLC's Show in it (with performance and all) and no notice of takedown so far. Kpop is the way forward it seems!
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