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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Here’s my Insta!
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  2. Is that an actual thing? I always thought what time of day you posted was a myth.
  3. No it's not a myth at all, especially now with the new algorithm.
    Show some love for our future Drag Race UK Season 2 Winner @HollyDunnSomething !

    I've notice that popjusticer are a little bit shy with putting like to others post on Insta...
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  4. Sometimes I wonder what you lot look like.
  5. kal


    I love references!
  6. I feel like Insta has kinda jumped the shark in recent months. Literally every third post is now a sponsored one and I just feel any authenticity has been sucked out of it. It’s suffering from oversaturation but also content which feels engineered purely for likes.
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  7. I think I like Instagram more now that the mundane posts have been fractioned in favour of the stories. Shame about the feed ordering of course.
  8. Instagram has been a cesspool for at least a year. Brands really caught onto it like, what, 5 years ago? Since then, essentially the entire platform has been commodified and monetized. Constant bombardment from various brands, sponsored content every three posts, truly wild abuse of FaceTune, what seems like an endless stream of influencers and #ads. The new shopping tag/option is particularly gross. I used to find a lot of interesting content through the Explore page, but it's a complete farce at this point. Literally nothing on there makes sense for who I follow and "engage" with. Honestly, the only thing keeping me on their are memes and dog accounts. But the memes are all stolen from Twitter!

    Nn let me rant a bit, but I was an early adopter, and it's just wild how nasty and banal capitalism is.
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  9. There is a lot of ads, but I think the rest depends on who you follow. I only really follow people I know and some institutions, so it's mostly still pretty chaotic and definitely not chasing likes.

    To be honest though, I mostly use it as a diary,and just a quick and easy way to record where I've been
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  10. All the ads I get nowadays are saying how I can earn a lot of money with just a phone, because I'm currently job hunting, dddd.
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  11. I think it's got about a year left in it before people really get tired of it the way they did with Facebook. I'm not sure what's next though considering Instagram, out of all the social media platforms, seems to be the one that gives people the biggest dopamine hits in terms of either validation or just looking at nice things.
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  12. Pinterest lurking in the shadows, waiting, grinning.

  13. The instastories take up so much time, I barely check my instagram feed. Especially since it's in random order now.
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  14. Time order was much better on the feed!
  15. Once I read that wannabe influencers were causing a ruckus for brands by faking sponsored posts to bolster their status online, I realized we've already fallen off the edge. This is our destiny now.
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  16. Wow I literally want to die.
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  17. I'm getting them for liposuction, I dont need that kind of negativity in my life
  18. This elates me. As a drag queen over 40 who puts a ton of time into her looks and can’t get 800 followers and rarely gets 100 likes after years of caring, I’ve recently realized that it’s sucked up too much of my mental energy for no actual reason except some fleeting dopamine.

    I’ll keep posting to share my art/gigs but I’m determined to restrict the time I spend on it. I hope it explodes into a million fiery pieces. Or that I fully get over myself and the metrics of it all. I’m Whatevra btw lol.

  19. I used to work for a hotel back-office, and we got daily emails from influencers asking for free rooms in exchange for making a post about the hotel. They would always have like a thousand followers like this was a big thing.
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