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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Instagram truly is the epitome of the "A Boring Dystopia" concept.
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  2. That sounds like a chore, tbh.

    I'm all for IG hiding everything.
    Followers? Following? Likes? Comments? Make everything private and let the mystery settle in our lives.
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  4. What they should delete / remove is promoted posts.

  5. Just returned with a new account after a short social media break to show off my new birthday tattoo - so ecstatic!
  6. hey Maluma
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  7. Just a wee bit of subtle promo x

    I haven't really posted in here in a minute so I haven't followed a lot of you, I'll follow everyone back that wants to look at my miserable face though x

  8. Well, I guess I'm back to thirst-following!
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  9. It all really comes down to who you follow, I guess? I will unfollow anyone who posts shit about 'living their best life', has a six pack or flaunts wealth/status/holidays/their kids - i've even unfriended close friends who want to turn their dogs into influencers - these people shit me to tears. I follow a lot of artists, architects/builders/design companies, old cool people (AMY SEDARIS!), mates, funny drag queens (which is mainly Lady Bunny), and friends who have started companies/brands, people who design furniture/rugs.

    I've found if I follow aspirational wankers my satisfaction with my life plummets.
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  11. It literally seemed like one of the women in the article just used it to post more adult content.
  12. Ok but don't act like you don't have more followers than all of PJ members combined ddd
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  13. it’s basically patreon though
  14. Funny drag queens you say...
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  15. Ok tea but some of the PJ girls have unfollowed me recently so I’m filling their spots x

    Looking at you @JMRGBY88 and @LegoLand2.0 hehe
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  16. Spiders are rad. Nice.
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