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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Utopia album <3
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  4. All insects are iconic outside my apartment.
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  5. Excuse you, spiders are arachnids.

    But yaaaass I love a good arthropod appreciation.
  6. kal


    There are a few Russian accounts that don’t follow me but keep watching my stories. What even.
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  7. @Georgina1515 <3
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    Got a very random like from Little Boots yesterday . This pic was posted like a month ago too. I didn't tag her or anything - very odd. Anyone else get one too ?
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  9. @Rhombus
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  11. Updating this to my new
    Got tons of travel coming up so will be sharing lots of fun stuff and always looking for travel inspiration from others and meeting new people!

    Did LA, Toronto and the Caribbean and had an amazing time! Ended up going to St Bart's while I was down there for a day trip. Didn't see any celebrities but the island is paradise. Added some more travels! Sentiment remains the same.

    New York (June)
    London, Mykonos, Athens, Nice, Monaco and Paris (August/September)
    London, Belgium, Amsterdam, Prague and Canary Islands (December/January)

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  12. If you like adorable misunderstood little things then follow my daughters account:

    Yes I don’t care if this makes me weird I love them and they don’t live long so it’s an archive of love for me too.
  13. I prefer people to make special accounts for their pets (and children, and niche hobbies) than filling up their regular one with pictures of their dogs, tbh. Also it means if I'm interested in said animal/niche hobby I can just get pictures of that, and not random selfies of strangers.
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  14. DM me for my Insta, would be lovely to have more of you guys on there.
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  15. I cleared out my insta the other day and I nearly got rid of so many PJ'ers by accident, I cannot for the life of me remember which names are linked to which between here and there.
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  16. Always good to see new faces.

    Atomic Kitten - Follow me.

  17. Oh well, since we're here:

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