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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. People are still doing the 'will like 50 pics of yours then follow you and unfollow you once you do so too' thing in 2020?


    @Island follow me sis
  3. Ddd this reads like shade even though it’s not

    just followed
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  4. Yeah it was some random 20 year old guy with an influencer account.
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  5. Can't people just talk to you on Grindr instead?
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  6. Sis you’re a mess
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  8. In case you didn't know who I was, I am the

  9. so, uhm, this saga has apparently started itself again:
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  10. It was my turn today today as well...
    They only follow Prue Leith, who the fuck could be that bitter about comments we’ve made in the Bake-Off thread...
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  11. Wait what? @ both of y'all.
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  12. It’s just got more interesting...

  13. Basically, there's a person with some kind of vendetta that likes to crop up every now and then with a new Instagram account and take a few shots at people from here. We kii for a couple days then move on. They always seem oddly fixated on A Star Is Born and the idea of attention seeking for some reason nn
  14. "Operation Destroy Clique" sksksksk SO dramatic, he'd fit in the forum quite well.
  15. I believe they were on it, until they got driven off the forum multiple times ddd
  16. @destroytheclique
  17. kal


    Shit, Gary Barlow’s biggest fan needs to chill.
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  18. “The Reckoning” in their Instagram story too.


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  20. Y'all remember that crazy Italian who got Madame X early, started to put stories on Insta and then popped a vein after RJF shaded the stereo or something
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