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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Put some new art up a while ago. If you’d like to see, also, if any of you are from PJ and already follow me, be sure to shoot me a message so I can follow back. I’ve already been hanging with some of you on the regular (although I still don’t know what you guys are called in the forum haha) and it’s been a blast!
  2. K94


    Anyone else get a bug where you post a video (think it's just the IGTV ones) from your feed to your story and it posts the same story another three times?
  3. I think Instagram is down. My feed hasn’t updated since last night ugh. So annoying
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  4. Yeah, it’s been down for me almost all day. But not for everyone it seems, because friends keep sending me things even though I can’t load them.

    edit: Re-installing it fixed it for me.
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  5. Holy fucking HELL I hate whoever makes the product decisions at Instagram. Every single change seems geared around shallow-as-fuck “engagement” metrics. They’re optimising for user behaviour that I’m sure makes them happy, but piss me off in the extreme.

    Latest annoyance: reels that show up in your feed end a few seconds before the actual end of the video, so you have to click into them to see the whole thing. It’s just baiting you into a rabbit hole. Fuck off fuck off fuck off.
  6. Who the hell shops on Instagram? Like there's probably been two instances total where I saw something and just went to amazon to purchase. This update is a whole ass mess.

    also follow me if you want
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  7. Unless you’re interested in flipping through ads I’m not really sure what the purpose of Instagram is anymore. The algorithm is offensive and offensively bad. I suppose they must know I’m a gay male, since all I get in my Explore and Reelz (?) feeds are shirtless influencers. I don’t even follow influencers and I’ve probably blocked around 100, thinking I could train the algorithm to stop suggesting them.

    It’s especially embarrassing compared to Tik Tok’s algorithm which is honestly the best I’ve ever come across. I don’t get any of the popular teens on there, and they’ve somehow identified my specific sense of humor, interests, and politics. I use it religiously as a result.

    I get they have to make these apps profitable but it’s like...provide me with a service I actually want or I’d actually be interested in (ie actually listen to qualitative feedback and vastly improve your algorithm if your gonna shill me shit).
  8. Well... today all the "buttons" on my Instagram disappeared ddd I can only see the stories and scroll my feed. It's just funny at this point.
  9. My usage of the app has gone through the floor since these changes started getting rolled out.
  10. I stopped using the app years ago and instead use Instagram via Google Chrome, unless I'm posting something. Yes, I don't have access to all of the features of the app, but it's a much more preferable scrolling experience.
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  11. Same, I don't use a phone to use IG, just a digital camera and a desktop computer. Don't get any advertising or anything I don't want to see.
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  12. The update is horrendous
  13. Why is it turning into dark mode when you trying to post a photo now?
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  14. Why would a company keep making their app so much worse?! I hate the update.
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  15. Why are these apps obsessed with us being their shite we don't even want?

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  16. Course I’ve got the shit new update but still haven’t got the ‘new’ stories fonts.

    ‘new’ because everyone else has had them about six months.
  17. I have been scrolling through a dozen posts on my feed daily before realizing I don't follow any of these people. What is the point of the discover page if you fucking cram it all onto my feed? Very annoying.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I got a vinyl account here xxx
  19. aaaaaaaaah I was like who tf is this ññ
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