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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 9, 2012.

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    My sleuthing was correct!
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  2. I just posted this video of me baking onto Instagram but thought I'd share a YouTube version here. Since I just hung out at home with my roommate, I had to kill time somehow. It is 22 minutes long and there is a Marina song involved:
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  3. This app is borderline unusable now.
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  4. I'm so over it that I made my profile private.
  5. Latest rant: Instagram (and every other platform) needs to do more on conspiracy theories. I am sick to my stomach reading nonsense about the US election, 9/11, vaccines, COVID, and anything else. Letting people be dumb fucking idiots is not a protection of free speech.
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  6. I understand there's an element of corporate monopoly/consolidation complicating matters especially because many businesses rely on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to reach their consumers, but it's doubly ridiculous because these are private platforms. The solution isn't whataboutism trying to play both sides of an argument when one side is patently incorrect and misleading. Instead we need regulation to break up these monopolies but capitalism gonna capitalism because these massive social media giants don't want to be broken up.

    If these platforms suddenly decided they wanted to ban foodies or some shit, then it's within their purview to do so as dictated by the terms of service you ignored when you joined their platform.

    Freedom of Speech (exempting hate speech) protects you from retaliation from the government. No Lakynn you're not being oppressed because your personal account was banned for spreading anti-vaxxer bullshit.
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  7. kal


    They're not gonna do anything about it. They know they're literally destroying society by polarizing people and placing them into two camps that hate each other. They are perfectly aware how much they are damaging us, but they don't care because the hate posts get the most engagement, thus making them the most money.

    It's disgusting, but the only way to break off from these bastards is to stop using their services.

    Alternatively, we could launch a coordinated effort to "re-teach" their algorithms. Don't react to, or interact with, any negative posts - they will serve such things to you to get you to engage. Only pay attention to positive things. Sooner or later, with enough people making a conscious effort, things could shift in a better direction. But who am I kidding... most people lack the necessary skills (and probably the will) to do that.
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  8. A good start would be news outlets not allowing comments. The facepalming I go through every time I read the ones under some piece of news (I know I shouldn't) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Information shouldn't be up to discussion.
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  9. What is this Some features not available thingy I see in the DMs? It’s also on Messenger, so it must have to do with the EU/Facebook feud, I guess?
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  10. Probably some tactic to get the public on their side, I don't see anything missing though? Hope the EU fucks them up!
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  11. I actually really like this idea and don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place. I don’t think there’s ever been a time a comments section actually provided anything of value. I’ve really only ever hate-read them anyway ddd.
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  12. Even the reactions on FB should be off for news outlets. The rage that engulfs me whenever I see some dramatic news about a homophobic attack or something and the main emoji is the laughing one. Keep your hate to your own profile, thank you.
  13. If only the feature not available was Drunk Live Videos
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  14. I have a friend in the UK who tried to send me photos through Messenger and it didn't work. He's not sure of what other features aren't available though.
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    Facebook doesn’t outline exactly what features will be missing, but the company does reveal on its support pages that pollson both Messenger and Instagram are currently unavailable in Europe, alongside a lack of stickers in Instagram and no personalized replies on Messenger. Other missing features may include a lack of certain file sends on Messenger, missing nicknames, or the ability to share AR effects in DMs on Instagram.
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  16. Is it just me or has the algorithm got even worse over the past couple of weeks? I always scroll through my feed until I get the up to date tick so it didn't bother me too much before, but now I'm getting shown the same 5-6 older posts mixed in with new ones every single time I open the app.

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  17. I’ve been following a bunch of bakeries,/bakers and cake designers and this one really spoke to me this morning:

    Other honorable examples:

    the bakery that is a 6 minute walk from my cabin house:

    if you need a pick-me-up:
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  18. Here's my profile, it's basically 99% pictures i take when i go for a walk in Rome or Naples:
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  19. Oh, hi concittadino!
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  20. Random question but... do hashtags even matter anymore for """engagement"""? I could put 30 or 0 of them in a picture description and exactly the same amount of people would see the post (95% people who follow me, the other 5% either strangers or bots). I don't really care about the number of followers or cool ratios but I'm just curious teebs.
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