Interview With The Vampire

Loooooooved season 1. Claudia being recast makes me sad, but let's see what the new actress brings first. Should I bother with the books?

I would say the first three are essential with Queen of the Damned tying it all together. The Vampire Lestat is so rich with Lestat's history, becoming a vampire and his journey through the centuries, Akasha, the story about the red haired twin witches. I think you'd love them! I'm hoping we get these properly adapted.
First episode of the new season was fabulous and a great intro for what’s to come. Also, I loved Bailey Bass, and new Claudia had some major shoes to fill, but I was mostly really happy with her performance in ep 1 (a few British accent moments popping in aside.) I would call it a very successful recast for what is such a pivotal role.
I’m 15 minutes into episode 2 and I’m just not feeling this new season. Lestat being gone, the new Claudia, Armand taking center stage… it’s a bit boring to me.