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Invincible (Justice League / Teen Titans, but... Not.)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. New superhero animation with Steven Yeun and J.K. Simmons just started airing on Amazon.

    It really lays it on thick with the influences, but is good and violent fun.

    Anybody else checking it out?
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  2. I heard great stuff about it and will watch it, will report back!
  3. Invincible had a fantastic run of comics, maybe the first 50 issues were some of my favourites as a teen, but I did lose interest in some of the later arcs and I never finished the series.

    I enjoyed the first episode, the animation feels a little cheap but it’s very true to the comic influence but the violence was harrowing and true to the comic. I’m excited to see where this goes and I hope it doesn’t completely follow the source material. Kirkman was a bit too flippant with his use of rape and sexual violence in the 00s, which was mostly cut from The Walking Dead, hopefully they see the error of their ways here too.
  4. I quite enjoyed the lesser budget, it took me back to watching Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans when I came home from school.

    I'm not familiar with the comics, but after these first three episodes, I may give it a read.
    The ending of the first episode gave me whiplash.
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  5. Yeah, I believe they pulled that twist forward by a couple of issues, I didn’t quite expect it to be the end of episode one but it worked brilliantly in setting up what comes next.

    They’re very 2000s ‘edgy’ comics but there is a lot of good among some of the less great stuff.
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    Oh, this is so good. Binged the first 3 episodes already and I love it. I love the Justice League: Unlimited animation choice. I’m not familiar with the source material, but there are already so many great characters I enjoy. That fight at the end of episode 1 was brilliant. I already miss most of the original Guardians of the Globe on my screen - I feel like I would’ve loved a full TV series on them alone but I am hoping the new team deliver some fun action.

    I’m ready for Rex to die though.
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  7. I love it! Characters are great, action and plot keeps delivering. It kinda gives me similar vibes as The Boys.
  8. Another vicious episode; honestly, I'm enjoying this more than Falcon & Winter Soldier.
  9. And this trend continues; just finished episode 7 and the show really isn't letting up with the brutality.
  10. This show is incredible.
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  11. I just watched episode 3 and I'm HOOKED. It's so simple but they've managed to make every character so unique and exciting. I've heard episode 4 is the worst episode?
  12. It's definitely the weakest, I'd say watch it to keep the story moving, but don't expect much in the way of replay value.
  13. What a harrowing finale. This has been a really fantastic season, and I hope it gets to continue.

    Also, thanks to this episode for reminding me what a beautiful song this is.
  14. Renewed for two more seasons. Guess I have to watch now.
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  15. Thank GOD it's renewed. This is my current favorite show.
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    This poor kid gets the literal shit beat out of him every single episode, it's horrible.

    I didn't even realize this last episode was the finale - I was hoping there would be a big action scene similar to the opening episode to top everything off, but still was a great episode.

    Also, are they really reviving The Immortal again?
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  17. Episode 5 was kinda confusing but i lived
  18. I just finished it and i loved it. I like how 2000's it feels. I also like how we get actual songs in the show like a teen show but we get epic fights like a marvel movie.
  19. I’m obsessed after bingewatching this yesterday. It balanced humor, violence, drama, and suspense very well. I might even start reading the comics.
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  20. I finished it and I need season 2 immediately.
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