ionnalee - “la la love” + CLOSE YOUR EYES / BLUND (Jun 14)

Ugh, I'm perched. I wonder how different the songs will be in English vs. Swedish? The Swedish title for not your cherry translates as a memory and the end of every song is say it with feeling and I hope the songs are like cousins to one another and not siblings, if that makes any sense...


Still confused about the distinction between ionnalee and iamamiwhoami. It had been established that ionna was for he solo work and iam for work with Claes, but this release throws that out of the window. I guess now it's gonna be that iam is for visual albums but that's kinda... eh, I don't know. I wish they merged it all under one or the other.
I’m glad this thread reminded me of her, loving ‘Innocence’ single. It’s been so long since anything from iamamiwhoami I’d just assumed that was that, very content to be wrong.
I didn't really connect with the track until the switch up at around 2 minutes, then everything falls into place. As ever, I think the visuals usually elevate the songs so I'm hoping I'll warm to it later.

If anyone's seeing her in Brooklyn this weekend, there's been a change of date/venue due to unforeseen circumstances. It will now take place at Baby's All Right (146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, 11211) on Sunday, 19th May. All tickets remain valid. If you're going and still need to get your tickets, the new link is here: