ionnalee - “la la love” + CLOSE YOUR EYES / BLUND (Jun 14)

Finally got the link!

I’m getting more Be Here Soon glossed over Remember the Future than “a sequel to Blue” but all good there because as expected this is sublime albeit feels a bitsy short. That switch up!

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I like this one, but it's not as instant as innocence of sound, and I think it'll take a while to grow on me - much like thin, which others have compared it to. I think the transition between the two halves is a little abrupt and could maybe have built a bit more dramatically with a longer run time, but I've only listened to it two or three times so far. I'm sure it'll be a grower as usual! I really like this video - the dark shots of the flowers are a nice addition to the visuals.
It's not as immediate for me as Innocence of Sound. I think the spring vibes are lovely and I like the emphasis on feeling. The transition from light to dark was a bit jarring mid-way through, and then the switch back to light again. It feels like three different songs in one but I'm sure if I sit with it more it will coalesce into something really divine like her tracks always do.
Hate myself for always being so negative in this thread, but I barely have any desire to click on it. The milquetoast reactions that basically call it weaker than the already forgettable "innocence of sound" don't really fill me with hope either. BLUE is one of my favourite albums of all time, and this being a much lesser sequel just makes the comparison worse. It's hard trying to outcompete oneself, isn't it? I do admit that Be Here Soon really grew on me, and I hope this will turn out to be the same in the end. It was a marked improvement over Remember the Future, which felt like a heap of semi-finished demos, barely bringing anything new to the table.
La la love has grown on me, it was beautiful live and that helped. Innocence of sound has a great chorus but the rest of the song doesn’t do much for me but her songs that don’t hit immediatly for me do tend to have a tendency to grow and her voice is as stunning as normal. Still brilliant live.

I think the first three albums were so bombastic because it was such a change for her and now she’s more settled into her sound.

I honestly don’t even know what I want from her at this point, she had a really flawless run across multiple genres. I think she is just in a better place now in certain aspects and it’s reflecting in the music, as it tends to do.
For some reason I expected the new album to be out today, but it seems like it was put back to September?
Edit: Oh sorry I didn't see the post literally a few posts back about the postponement.
Hope she's OK.