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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DirtyPornStar, Jan 7, 2010.

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    I feel like PopJustice and LiveDaily are the only two places that have really been into all of this...
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    I wouldn't be surprised, I'd venture to say I'd expect it after seeing the men inside the cabin that she lived in (That's not to say I don't also expect a female, because I do).
  3. TM


    Re: IAMAMIWHOAMI - General Discussion

    Its Justin, with his long awaited new album!
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    The meaning of the little factory with the people inside walking around could either be again, the whole Bionic wood-machine thing, or the idea of a female artist (the Huldra) with a producer pulling the strings (Trent Reznor) and doing the music for her.

    I do hope it's coming to an end tomorrow. I'm kinda getting sick of this all.
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    If there was a prelude to these videos I reckon there could be a epilogue and I would bet the reveal would be in that. In the six videos whoever it is can show their story of the Huldra or whatever it is that they're conveying and then do a reveal afterwards.
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    As interesting as it is, I'm very wary that the ChristinaVIP site could just be attention seeking to get fans, knowing full well that there will at some stage be a new album out and hopefully the new fans will keep going to that site.

    Also the baby and 'rebirth' stuff could just refer to him/her renovating the website. (Sorry if this has been said already).
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    I would like an epilogue that explains every little detail.
    I would also like an essay of 10+ pages elaborating every single shot.

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    It's like 'Lost' all over again!
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    If you search "Christina Aguilera Bionic" on the iamamiwhoami YouTube page, the third viral video comes up...
  10. Dag


    Re: IAMAMIWHOAMI - General Discussion

    It couldn't at all be because of the countless comments...
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    but why only the third viral & why doesn't it do it for Goldfrapp or any other artist who has been discussed on YouTube?
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    Actually it did do precisely that for a Goldfrapp track (and none of the other 'candidates') for one of the earlier iamamiwhoami videos before it was deleted and reuploaded due to goat lady. I don't remember which one it was, exactly, but if you care that much, it was definitely mentioned several times in one of the earlier pages of this thread. It was (and this is) a coincidence that people overanalyzed.
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    I love the speculation, but are people ready for the reveal?

    I remember being horrendously excited when NIN were doing the whole "Year Zero" viral campaign, but when it was over and the album was released the whole excitement imploded. Don't get me wrong, loved the album, yet it's a strangely hollow experience detached from the viral campaign compared to a normal album campaign with singles, videos, interviews and such.

    It's hilarious how Christina named her radio station "APE". The coincidences never cease to amaze me.
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    When did Xtina launch a radio station???
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    Some time last year:

    She's got a pretty eclectic taste, you'll find anything on there, from Metallica to Lauryn Hill to Nine Inch Nails. Right now it's playing M.I.A.
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    CharDog1, you said something earlier along the lines of the hype's only on here and over at LiveDaily, which rings true I might say.

    Though I do wonder if a bigger audience will sit up and take notice after it was revealed who the artist in the viral videos is. A lot of people might not have an interest in discussing these videos when there's no context to discuss, but when you can put it into a certain frame it might be more interesting for them to start talking about the visuals and the music, knowing who is responsible for them.

    Not everyone likes puzzles. This viral campaign will probably explode into the mainstream right after the reveal. I do hope we'll get the reveal this week.

    The YouTube channel has crossed the 1 Million views mark, which means approximately 100.000 views per video. (since you gotta add the original 3 videos to the 6 that are online) That does seem like a small number if you think about it. But I guess that's the whole Blogosphere for you, MTV is the only "big" website reporting it.
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    It is proberly a man
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    I think Dumper secretly has inside info.
  20. Re: IAMAMIWHOAMI - General Discussion

    Its Dumper.
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