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Irish Abortion Referendum

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gagapourgaga, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. I forgot to tell ya'll, My old religion teacher knocked at my door a few weeks ago went straight into his spiel about saving babies. It felt so good schooling him and shaking him to the core that I was his ex student. Cheek of this man literally about 70 with no wife or kids trying to police women's bodies whilst dishing out bible quotes. No Ma'am he can piss right off.

    I do think it will pass, The younger generation some of which I know personally and (annoyingly) didn't even register to vote on the marriage referendum have got themselves prepared to vote yes on the 25th.
  2. Claire Byrne Live did a referendum debate last night and it was horrific. The No side were coming out with such lies and bullshit, and there was next to no moderation. There was a large audience and all the No people were literally whooping and cheering whenever one of their people said anything. I wouldn't even recommend watching it because it will probably take a year off your life.

    Despite all that, the Yes side was really great; Mary Lou in particular. I remain confident that we will win. From my experience talking to people, I think most people have accepted that repeal is a necessity even if they're still uncomfortable with it. The No campaign has just riled up the people who were already pro-life; I don't think their tactics are doing them any favours with undecided voters. That could be totally wrong though but I just have to stay positive!
  3. Massive viewing figures for that shitshow on Claire Byrne as well. Stuff like that could really sway undecided voters in the wrong direction.
  4. What modern world do we live in where this can’t easily pass?
  5. Yeah that Irish Times poll makes me very uneasy. This really is going to be extremely close. I still have hope it will pass but I'm feeling very anxious about it.

    The No campaign have gone above and beyond, especially in the rural parts. Here is a famous mountain in Sligo close enough to where I live that was vandalised by the No side this morning:

  6. I filled in my RFA3 form before I headed on holiday last month so I could get it in on time, but I think I was already removed from the register at my old address so I'm worried I won't be included on the register for this. I was really hoping to cancel out my boyfriends parents' votes ddd. Thankfully my own see sense on this and will be voting to repeal. It bothers me seeing middle aged men (and over) campaigning for the No side. It bothers me even more that the No side is being carried by those over the age of 50, for obvious reasons. I'm bracing myself for a bad result.
  7. I’ve seen tonnes of yes posters going up just this week. Better late than never I guess....
  8. Same around where I live, even though I'm not convinced posters make much of a difference.

    Simon Harris was amazing on Prime Time tonight. There were great words from people in the audience, especially the woman from Terminations for Medical Reasons. Cora Sherlock was supposed to appear for the No side, but apparently she was pulled by the campaign mangers. Interesting. The last debates are tomorrow night on TV3, and I just can't help but watch despite the fact that they make my blood boil. Also, apparently over 100,000 people have registered to vote in the past few months, which are presumably mostly young people. I'm feeling positive girlos!
  9. I’m in tears reading all the #hometovote stories on Twitter. People are amazing. It’s all bringing me back to the marriage referendum; hopefully we’ll get the same result.


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  10. Temple Bar and South William Street here in Dublin today was so heartwarming, so many groups of YES campaigners out and about creating a friendly atmosphere so you approach them and talk about the vote tomorrow.

    Temple Bar had a bunch of people encouraging passer-bys to stick their votes using post-its on one of the gallery spaces, with a book filled with stories and experiences from women travelling abroad for abortions.

    Really made me much more hopefully of the result tomorrow.
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  11. I hear so many people saying yes, but I don't know if my family and friends are a bubble. We'll know this time tomorrow I suppose.
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  12. This is my biggest fear. It's anecdotal I know, but my timeline is mostly Yes. And yet the odd No post I see (all of them from my Dunnes days) have an awful lot of supportive comments that make me worry I've just blocked out a massive part of the voter base.

    I'm starting to get a bit nervy about it all, and I can't understand how the odds are so long for a No. It feels way too close for comfort.
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  13. It's great to hear there's such a buzz around a Yes vote in Dublin. I was watching some of the #HometoVote arrivals at Dublin airport and the 'Honk For Yes' videos taken out on the streets and I almost feel emotional.

    The rural areas are where the anxiety lies for me however. I think it's obvious a whole bunch of counties (Cavan, Roscommon, Leitrim, Donegal amongst others) will all return a majority No result. I just hope other places will make up for it.
  14. Today is the day we’ve waited years for. Tomorrow, this country will hopefully be a safer place for women.
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  15. Is there a specific time when the results are released tomorrow?
  16. RTE is releasing an exit poll tonight on the Late Late, which will give a good indication of how the vote went. Counting starts at 9 tomorrow morning so we should know what way it went by the afternoon, but it all depends on how tight it is.
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  17. I got my Yes vote in this morning. There were a worrying number of No campaigners out and about yesterday. I'm trying to stay positive but I think there's a whole cohort of silent No voters that could push things in the wrong direction.
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  18. Just voted. I’m relieved it all over because I am just so exhausted, but I have such a feeling of dread in my stomach. I hope with my entire being that the Irish people now see that the 8th must be repealed. But regardless of the outcome, I think Ireland has been changed by this. Only a short while ago abortion was regarded as a taboo subject and it was seen as an issue of the ‘hard left’. But now it’s a mainstream issue and this campaign has galvanised a women’s movement that isn’t going to disappear after today. I’m very emotional and I have to go to work, but I’ll be back for the exit poll tonight. Any Irishunty reading this who hasn’t voted yet, VOTE NOW AND VOTE YES.
  19. Crossing my fingers for you guys. I really hope the Yes votes win.
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