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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gagapourgaga, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Glad you guys got a referendum. Here in Poland I doubt we ever will get anything like that. Currently there's a legistation or whatever at works that could potentially get rid of our right to abort disabled fetuses. I hope someday people in our countries will realise it's better to have women abort in country, legally, safe and whatnot, without shame, rather than have them come to Slovakia, GB or wherever. It's not solving shit. But sometimes looking at society here makes me lose hope.

    Plus the hypocrisy of it all: the man of church was heavily protesting against abortion in our county. Driving places, towns, whatevs. Yelling at women to repent, accusing potential fathers of neglect, you get it. The moment his daughter had a one-night-stand with a guy at the bar, his ass was quietly sending her with his wife to some country to 'get the job done' (everyone knew because it's a small town, you know). He got quiet for some month I think, and was back at his anti-abortion shenaningans in a worse way. But you know, it's different when it's your own daughter getting knocked up!

    I wish I could move out.
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  2. I want the Yes side to win so bad but I have such a bad feeling it won't.

    I was in Dublin yesterday and there were literally 5 'No' signs for every 1 'Yes' sign. I also was greeted with a barrage of 'No' signs in every town I drove through as I travelled back to the North West, while I didn't see even one single 'Yes' sign on the entire 2 hour drive.

    Obviously it's only signs, but stuff like this can really sway the way people vote.
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  3. For every yes poster I see, there must be 20 no posters. Why isn’t the yes campaign putting more up?
    The lies the no campaign are spreading, it’s ridiculous.
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  4. It really is worrying. I find that the Yes posters aren't being spread out evenly. You have No signs in every single commuter town and village, on every busy national route, places where thousands of people are passing by every day. While the Yes posters all seem to be confined to Dublin and the other big towns. What's the point of having them on every single lamppost in one town if other parts of the country are going to be ignored?

    I just hope the facts win the referendum for the Yes side, but I really don't have the same hope for a victory like I did with the marriage equality referendum.
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  5. I'm pretty sure the main reason we see so much more No posters dotted around town's and cities is the fact that the No voters have a much more money flowing into their 'campaigns', such as certain church groups. They even have some American Christian groups flying themselves over here to fund the barrage of lies.

    The Yes side is funded by support groups, fundraisers such as 5km walks, and by those setting up GoFundMes in order to get the posters printed, which costs a ton of money. Of course, it doesn't help that we have people tearing down Yes posters too.

    I'm sure @gagapourgaga knows more solid facts on the above. Fingers crossed most of what we see on a day to day basis doesn't affect the final outcome of the votes.
  6. LPT


    Hopefully all the young 'woke' kids will vote to repeal.

    I too have seen an astounding amount of No posters. I'm shocked at how misleading they are and how they are allowed to be put up.

    I'm an Australian so can't vote but personally my mind is made up and it's a clear Repeal from me. No amount of No posters are going to change that. I hope there are a lot of logical people out there.
  7. I read somewhere there are 150,000 young people unregistered. I really hope a big portion of those people register and vote by May 25th.
    I’ve heard people talking about how the priest at mass had a big speech on why everyone should be voting No. it’s happened in all of my local parishes. Not really surprising but it’s nuts that anyone can still trust what the Catholic Church has to say, after everything they’ve put this country through.
    My local TD, Micheal Collins, had a post on Facebook about him meeting some bus full of No campaigners that stopped in my town this weeks. Said how proud he was of them.....
    Wish I’d never voted for him, definitely won’t be next go around. Was delighted to see that most of the comments were saying how big of a fool he is and that they wouldn’t be voting for him come next election.
    I think the No campaign are few shouting very loudly, while the silent majority will win in the end. I hope anyway.
  8. My friend made this point too and I really hope it turns out to be the case.

    It's easy to forget the sheer volume of women who make the journey to the UK each year to get the procedure done. Unfortunately due to the way many people in our society view this issue, many of these women wouldn't come out publicly and speak about their experience. However when it comes to voting in this referendum, they will hopefully be given a voice and an opportunity to end the stigma. These women will also have partners and family members who might be aware of their procedure, and this might encourage them to also support a Yes vote. My aunt who would otherwise be quite conservative is staunchly pro-choice due to this exact reason.

    Real life experiences and facts will hopefully triumph over the lies and propaganda of the No side.
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  9. I'm going to be a tense and terse bundle of sizzling nerves for the next month. We need this damn law repealed, it's been a raw wound on our society for far, far too long.

    There's a line from an Edna O'Brien short story that has been ringing in my ears throughout the course of this campaign - "...ours indeed was a land of shame, a land of murder and a land of strange sacrificial women". Broken, shamed women are more Irish than the fucking four leaf clover. I hope we can vote with compassion.
  10. Anti-choice campaigners came to our door this morning. It was very disappointing to see our local Fianna Fail Councillors out with them trying to encourage people to Vote No, but I shouldn't be surprised.

    It gave me the greatest pleasure to answer the door and give them my reasons for voting yes. I didn't however appreciate being told by a 60 year old man that I'm "supporting the campaign to kill children".
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  11. The equivalence to killing children is the single most manipulative view pro-lifers hold in my opinion. It really plays on people's desire to do the right thing - no one wants to put children in harms way - but it's not heartless to view an embryo as what it is, and what it is is not a child. Reading this thread makes me worry that the vote isn't going to lead to progressive change that we want, but I hope the yes voters are a silent majority.
  12. I’m really contemplating voting for Sinn Fein in the next election, it kinda scares me to be honest. Fianna Fáil were where my vote was going, but seeing how so many of their TD’s are pro-lifers, means I won’t be. Labour seems a waste of a vote. Fina Gael are still a possibility but I’m not sure I like them either. My local independent has really shown his true colours with this referendum, so he’s cancelled. Which leaves Sinn Fein, I dunno.
  13. I have nothing but absolute contempt for these people.
    There's no excuse for not getting your sh*t together and ensuring that you're registered to vote.
    Equally, people who don't update the register when they move house which means the polling card goes to the wrong address - complete flakes.

    PS - misleading thread title. The 8th Amendment covers more than abortion.
  14. I got back to Ireland today and seeing the amount of No posters compared to Yes on my journey home has me a bit shook. These millionaire American conservatives must be seriously invested in stopping Irish women having control over their bodies. Despite that, I'm still quietly confident. The No side is relying on scaremongering and shock tactics, and peddling shite which has been proven to be total lies. I think most people will see the reality and realise that a Yes vote is the real compassionate vote.
  15. Fianna Fail are definitely not the tea. Their support for the marriage referendum was half-hearted at best. They would be full on right wing were it not for Micheal Martin keeping their official party policy more centred.

    The referendum concerns whether or not to allow to remove the amendment from the constitution, to allow the Oireachtas to legislate for access to abortion in Ireland. How is the title misleading?
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  16. My local (female) FF TD is firmly pro-choice. And quite effective in her work. My rule of thumb is this: never vote for somebody who hates you.

    It affects every pregnancy included wanted ones.
    Its existence permits obstetricians and hospitals policy to use the 8th Amendment to override informed consent e.g birth preferences.
    Distilling it down to an "abortion referendum" is therefore misleading as it puts off / or disengages people who would never consider having one.

    As Deirbhile Murphy (a midwife) recently said:

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  17. Thats good but the majority of FF TDs are very anti-choice. If they were in government we wouldn't even be having a referendum.

    The whole point of a thread title is to distill a topic down, there isn't really room for that sort of nuance. And the main consequence of the vote is whether we will bring in abortion legislation, so the title is not misleading.
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  18. In Cavan Town there's literally posters babies like 5 months after birth saying "Thou shalt not kill" and "Don't support murder".

    How the no side think it's acceptable to spread such blatant lies is beyond me and what's worse is that people fall for it.
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  19. I want to fly home to vote (yes of course), but I am too broke so I am crossing my fingers for everyone.
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  20. Ya I’m gonna be away.

    It’s really fucking annoying that you can’t do a postal vote easily in this country.
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